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Charter Communications / poor service, missed appointments & idiot service man

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We have had Charter for a little over a year. We signed up for their phone/internet/cable bundle for $99.95 per month. My advice to you: DON'T DO IT!

The entire time we have had their service, both the phone and internet consistently go down. When I call, they tell me to reset the main modem. Then they tell me that they can not get a signal for the modem and that the modem is bad and needs to be replaced. They set up an appointment for a tech to come out; sometimes he shows, mostly he doesn't. I spend the whole day waiting for someone who never shows up! When I call to tell them no one came, they give me the run-around and set a new appointment. Now I have to wait again for someone who may or may not show up.

When the tech gets here, he asks me what he's here for and how to fix it. If I knew how to fix the problem, I wouldn't have called it in!! He's a jerk and rude while he's here. Finally, he tells me there is nothing wrong and that he will NOT replace the modem even though that's one of the reasons he's here!

They sent this idiot to my house more than 4 times! I finally told them to not send him again otherwise I would send him away. Thank goodness they've gotten THAT part right!

As if a year of this wasn't enough, right before Christmas, they disconnected my internet! I called to ask them why and they told me that I haven't been paying my bill. That's funny considering I have the past bills and the cancelled checks to prove it! Not to mention the fact that they told me there was no past due balance! They did not disconnect the cable or the phone; just the internet.

Oh yeah. The bundle was for a year, but they started charging me full price for everything before the year was up. Their response: OH WELL!

Charter is a joke and a big waste of time. If the offer sounds good to you, don't do it!!! You'll be sorry!!!

I can't wait until AT&T has high speed internet in my area...

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  • Mm
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    In the history of my account I have willingly accepted every recommended upgrade and device you have offered to optimize services here. I am a contractor and often my bosses require me to work from home. I have had multiple techs come out and review the set up in my home, at my pole, and see all of my devices.
    To date I am not receiving even half of the offered services. I was notified today that my equipment that I rent from you was not able to support the upgrades you sold me and was never told this at the time of the upgrade offers.
    I have two ongoing and constant issues with services. Charter has ONE MAJOR ISSUE regarding services.
    My issue:
    1. Connections- After it rains, I always have to call in and get someone to help us get back on line. We try resetting things but, it doesn’t work. We have phone with you as well and it also is offline not just the internet.
    2. Speed- I HAVE NEVER received the speed at the level you sell me. I have paid for your installs, for your equipment, for better lines and every concoction you have offered and have come to expect subpar services. Which brings me to the major issue of Charter:
    3. COMMUNICATION- I call in and tell someone about my issues and you can seem to get me connected but, can never seem to get me up to par on speeds. The customer service group and the technicians do not tell the same information or provide a string of understanding for me as a customer.
    I was told TODAY by the customer service tech my current device can provide a guaranteed 16mg speed.
    I told the CSR I am not even getting that speed.
    She tells me that I need to get a modem upgrade.

    I learn from the tech the modem upgrade downgrades me in fact because I will have to be wireless at my own expense.
    I learn from my tech that from the pole hardwired in I can only get up to 14m which is more than I have ever maintained.
    He tells me that the only way to go to 16mg is to maybe go hardwired on that device that I have now.

    The CSR says I will get 16mg and can even get more on the device I have now.
    The CSR says I am to call in every time my speed is a problem.
    The calls last long and just like today, the problem is not resolved.

    I would not recommend Charter, I do not think Charter is a fair company.
    I should have been told every time I was upgraded what I should expect, how to test it, and how to resolve it. That message should be the same regardless of who I talk to.

    I had to find my own speed test and was never told by Charter how to measure the speed.
    I had to wait 3 weeks for a tech from the time I last called.
    The notes listed on my account are often incomplete and then the CSR will say this is all I show. I am held hostage to those records but cannot contribute to them nor am I able to audit them or sign off the requested work.

    I do not know how refunds are calculated.
    I am not given any information that leads to a measurable process.

    MOST OF ALL if I do not red flag a service issue, you do not monitor the services. If I say I have been sluggish I am reprimanded for not calling in. I call in and my time is wasted and issues are not resolved.

    I do not have optimal speed. A tech left my house without my speed issue addressed. The CSR talked over me and did not tell me how the issue would be resolved.

    I see the solution as so very concrete.
    Sell a service. Explain it to the customer. Show them how to monitor and measure it for accuracy. Show them how to post a recorded complaint that they can put into their words so if and when discrepancies arrive it is their own words and writing.

    If you offer a service with new technologies then realize the customer will begin to migrate to those IE: Wireless. If you offer more speed do not offer it unless you offer it WITH the new technologies.
    If it is optional to have wireless, make a customer sign or validate they were aware of it.

    Because Charter can bring high speeds, offer wireless, and bundle services; you should implement steps of agreements so the client validates they understand these services.
    You are cheating so many when you use their service calls as a chance to upgrade and do not make the salesperson accountable. That person who is paid commission to sell that service is not going to blunder the deal by telling the customer the constraints.

    If you sell a service IE speed increases and do not tell a customer how to measure it; how can you place the responsibility on the customer to tell you that it is not up to speed?

    I want a full review of this complaint.
    I feel I deserve a refund for services from the 2009 upgrade to date on services and a refund for the equipment rental fees.
    I feel like you should put it back in your lap to get me the speed and technologies and services I want and do it in a way you can measure it and I can measure it as well.

    I do not find the way Charter is currently operating to be reputable or customer oriented.

  • Fe
      27th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes came and installed Digido so I could use my Ipod with WI-FI whatever that is..Tech was interested other things and very little with the install. The next day when I started my pc I get this Digido is not working and to close the program, which I need to do everytime is I start using my pc. I called to report this and I get that old woman that you haft to shout at to what you want and then you haft to repeat it over to her..I went to chat and told my problem and she gives me a number to call about this. I call and get this fool that you cannot understand and told him about this. His respondence is that it in my pc, not with charter..What a group idiots..I time will be up in Nov. this year and I am for sure going to get rid of them for everything. I wished now that I had not got their service bundle full of lies, but it will not happen again. So now I have a program that does not work and charged a high fee to do it.

  • Mc
      19th of May, 2011
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    Im dealing with the same exact issue - did you ever get resolution??? SAME EXACT STORY HERE!

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