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Charter Communications / charter failed to show up at the agreed upon date to pick up the equipment

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Below is an e-mail I sent to Charter.

Now I am a little upset! I received a call today regarding the equipment charge that is past due and if it wasn't paid immediately my service would be disconnected.

If you read the following e-mail conversation you will find that Charter failed to show up at the agreed upon date to pick up the equipment. I was home the entire day of 7/27/06. The time I was given was between 1pm and 5pm. Today when I asked where I could ship the modem back I was asked if I had a FedEx label. When I responded NO I was told it would be 7 days until I would get the label (How ridiculous!). My question is why wasn't I asked if I needed a FedEx label on 7/26/06 when I called to have the Internet service disconnected? Instead I was told either I could drive 60 miles to return the modem or stay home from work and wait for someone (never to show up) to come and pick the modem up.

Maybe Charter should get their act together before telling people that they will have their service disconnected if the bill isn't paid immediately! Maybe Charter should pay me for the day I stayed home from work waiting for someone to show who never did!

All I can say is that I better be credited the $33.00 I paid today the day Charter receives the returned modem from me. If it isn't I will be canceling all my Charter services. I think Direct TV or Dish Network would be happy to have my business.

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Date: 7/28/2006 9:54:21 PM
Subject: Bill / Other

Subject: Bill / Other


I had an appoinment yesterday to have my leased modem picked up between 1pm and 5pm. No one ever showed up to pick up the modem. I noticed today that there is a $33.00 unreturned modem charge on my bill. I don't understand why I am getting charged for a modem that Charter failed to pick-up on the agreed upon date. I was home all day yesterday and I didn't even receive a call from anyone at Charter.

I need to get this modem returned and I would like the $33.00 charge removed from my statement. Is it possible to ship the modem back instead of setting up an appointment or driving 60 miles to return it?

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      21st of Nov, 2006
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    I would like to formally complain about Charter Communications. I wonder if their CEO Paul Allenhas a clue as to their POOR customer service. I was a longtime customer of Charter until a few years ago when I was really treated poorly by their customer servicewhen I called with questions about my bill. I switched to Direct TV where they actually listen and don't put you on hold forever, or have "online help" that is essentially no help at all because you can't find the silly e-mail address to contact. I hadthought about perhaps going back to Charter but had the opportunity to witness a woman at a hair salon today who had tried SEVEN times to schedule a repair appointment. She had arranged for people to be at her home so the "cable guy" could get in. And for the SEVENTH time they didn't show. When she called to complain, Charter put her on "hold" for at least 30 minutes and even at that never came back to the phone. After witnessing that interaction I will stick with Direct TV. I wonder how long Charter can stay in business with service like that. Fortunately for us consumers, other businesses are coming into areas whereCharter was once all alone, and we now have options to get away from the poor service they provide.

  • Br
      9th of Dec, 2006
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    Dec 9, 2006

    First let me express in words by how very disappointed I am with Charter Communications. I have been deprive of internet service for over a week.

    I started having trouble with my high speed internet on Nov 30, 2006, I called technical support and worked with them on the problem, they analyze that the problem was with the line and they would send out a technician for Dec. the 4th.
    The technician made the appointment and tested the line okay. The problem seem to be worst, so I took my computer to a repair shop which cost me $75.00, they stated the computer was in great working condition... I then went to Comp USA and purchase a new wireless router, at $ 139.00. That didn’t fix the problem either.

    At that point I called Charter Communication and they talked me into Digital TV service and to increase my service from 3 Mag to 5 Mag internet service. The appointment was set up for the serviceman to install the digital equipment on Dec 8; I stayed home all day and never did receive a call from the installation department. I also called technical support about my high speed internet once again, and again they analyze a bad line, and said they would dispatch a repairman for Dec 9. Which I am now waiting on.

    I once again called Charter Communications and talked to a lady named Casey - ID # 32321, she pulled up the work order, the work order stated the no technician needed to trip the resident because the customer has the equipment, just how in the hell did I get the equipment, what really is angering is I stayed home all day long and still not a thing is fixed.

    What should I do about the installer and my digital equipment for my TV service?
    What in the hell would you do? I’ll really contemplating changing over to AT&T.

    Bryan White
    616 Temple Hall hwy
    Granbury, Texas 76049

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