Champion Sunroomsimproper fitting screens

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I purchased a Champion four season, over $35, 000 sunroom a copuple of years ago. I immediatley had bugs entering the screens. Bees and Wasp infiltrated my home. I have lived in the home over 15 years and the only time bees have entered is when I have the a screened window open on the sunroom.

There claim to enjoy the comforts of indoors with the pleasure of being outdoors is false. The only time I can use the room is with either the heat or air on because there is no breeze because I cannot open the windows.

Champion says that bugs coming into a room of a screened room is a natural ocurring event.

Beware of fourseason sunrooms by Champion, they are a ripoff.


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      Jul 17, 2013

    Champion was eager enough to sell me a sunroom with all kinds of promises as to the quality of their work, which I suppose others have found out is not true. First they placed the door in the wrong place but insisted that was what their salesman had drawn up. I did get them to change that. Second they left the dirt from the trench they dug for the foundation poured over a large bare spot in my yard, which would have been fine except for all the gravel, sticks and pieces of concrete that were mixed in with the dirt. Third they failed to notice a concrete angled step was to have led up to the sunroom so when I complained about no step at all they built a wooden step a sixth grader in shop class could have done a better job on. Fourth after the first installation and a second attempt to fix them several of the sliding windows still do not latch. They failed to call the inspector for the second inspection they were to make. In fact even when the sunroom was "supposedly" completed, they never called the inspector, which I had to do. When the inspector came out I was told Champion had not called them for the inspection between the laying of the concrete and the completion of the sunroom. The inspector ordered two electrical outlets installed and I am still waiting for that to be completed before the inspector comes back for the middle inspection that was not done due to Champion not calling them. Sorry to run on so long, it just feels good to vent as I continue to try to get the work, promised by Champion completed.

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