Certegy / declined for no reason

Mason, OH, United States

I wrote a check at Target for $217.95 on a checking account that had $4000 in it at the time and it was DECLINED by there checking service Certegy. I was told to call them to clear it up. I knew that it would take awhile so I just used another bank card so I could complete my purchase. When I got home I called Certergy and waited 20 minutes to talk to someone and then was told I was not declined because of my account or my credit but because the "program" said that my check was a risk. I went round and round about what was the exact reason but they could not tell me. They could only tell me that it was a "Code 2" which is a hard code in the system. I asked "What does Code 2 mean?" answer "Neither myself or boss know it is what the program says". Why can this company decline me and not give me a reason. They cannot even tell me if it will happen again or not. Shouldn't they be required to give you a reason so you can make sure it doesn't happen again? My very favorite part of the situation was this following conversation: me "So you are telling me that after waiting 20 minutes to talk to you, and then wasting another 20 minutes actually talking to you, about why I was declined you cannot tell me anything?" response "Yes". Please help stop this madness.

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