Certegy Check Services / overpayment refund run-around

Tampa, FL, United States

I wrote a check that bounced twice. I called Certegy, who was handling the check. They told me the check would not go through my bank a third time, so I wrote a 2nd check to them. They received and deposited it, and then the original check went through my bank! I have contacted them many times over the last 10 days to get it refunded and get a different story from every person I talk to. I have filed a complaint with our state Attorney General's office. It doesn't seem like it should be this much of a problem for them to just put the money back into my account, but they say they have to send it by mail. The moral of the story is, don't let a check bounce, but if it does and it goes to Certegy, don't send them a new check. They'll just keep running it through your account until it goes through.

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