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CenturyLink / overcharged and bad customer service

1 MO, United States Review updated:

We recently moved and were looking for TV/internet services. There was a billboard on the interstate right outside our town that adverstised a bundle price of $74.95 per month. When I called Centurylink to find out what was involved in that plan, the customer service representative stated that it was a TV packaged through DISH network, internet, and unlimited local and long distance home phone, and if I would like they could throw in an HBO package on the TV for 3 months. This all sounded okay to me, so I went ahead and verbally agreed to this plan. So, DISH network came and set up the TV in the time promised, however the internet and home phone was connected two days later than promised. Once it was set up we had many problems with the internet but the real problems began when the first bill arrived. The bill was for around $150, not the $75 that was quoted. When I called to dispute it, they stated that all of the extra charges were just my installation fees and that they had charged me for the free HBO. I was instructed to subtract $21.28 from my bill, so reluctantly, I sent in the payment of around $125. When the second bill arrived I was shocked again to get yet again another bill for $150. I called again and they stated that my package costs around $90 and no one would have ever quoted me such a price in the first place, that what I was subscribed to. I was charged a late fee for the $21 from the month before but this time had all 3 months credit for the HBO. I was very cordial to the customer services representatives but was getting nowhere. I just wanted my bill adjusted and I wanted the package I was quoted that I agreed to. They informed me I was already recieving the lowest price ant there was nothing they could do for me. When I explained I was not going to pay this bill in its entirety because I didn't agree with the charges I was threatened that they would turn me into collections. That's where I lost it. I have amazing credit, always pay my bills on time and have never had a bill go to collections! I then told them that I was going to have to cancel these services if they couldn't meet me in the middle somehow. I was told by a supervisor that if that would make me happy, I could just go right ahead. When I went to cancel these services, I was met with ridiculous termination fees, $100 for centurylink and $425 for DISH network. Centurylink advised me to cancel and stated that if I canceled one part of the bundle that I had to cancel the whole thing, that I couldn't keep my DISH (which now I know is not the case). I talked to everyone I could and even had a 3 way call between Centurylink and DISH...all of the sudden they are two separate companies and they keep telling me to call the other company to resolve my problems.

My chief complaint is that Centurylink misinformed me from the start and because of their actions, I am in a bad situation with DISH network. Centurylink was rude and told me to cancel my bundle and that they had the authority to handle my DISH problems, which they did not! I had already started a new service agreement with another company and now owe DISH network $425 for early cancelation. I am so frustrated with Centurylink and even after 6 hours on the phone with them/DISH, and many supervisors later, they can't resolve my problem.

I cannot believe how unprofessional their customer service is and that they won't help one of their newest customers...I can only imagine how they treat their old ones.

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  • Ce
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Sorry to read about the trouble you had with our company. I've been helping customers on for awhile and will gladly assist you with this issue. Can you email me the account number (or phone number) referenced in the complaint and I can check into things for you. My email is


    Joey H.
    CenturyLink Customer Outreach

  • Sn
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    We were looking at methods to reduce our monthly costs for
    our phone, internet access and TV service.

    We have had Wildblue satellite internet service for 2 years
    and after the totally rotten service we got from them when
    we were able to use it, we wanted something that worked.
    Wildblue has been so bad that we were never able to drop
    our dialup ISP as we had planned.

    We had to retain our dialup for the entire 2 years of shoddy
    and usually unavailable internet through the Wildblue
    satellite scam.

    We had asked Century link about DSL service for internet
    and were told we lived about 8 miles too far from some
    sort of their system which was required to provide this
    type service.

    Century link is the latest in several companies who have
    had their name on our landline telephone service here at
    our home. We live on the same property where I did when I
    was born and the very first phone company was part owned
    by my grandfather when the phone used a single wire and
    had a hand crank with receiver you held in your hand while
    standing in front of the wall mounted monster. Our service
    had around 20 people on a party line with all phones
    ringing when the crank was turned.

    There was a particular ring pattern for each person, with
    the telephone operator being a single long duration crank.

    Our ring was a short ring, followed by a long ring. Other
    people had their own pattern sequences of ring lengths
    and number of rings to let them know when the call was
    for them. Of course everyone knew who was getting called
    and often lifted the receiver to listen in. Sometimes there
    might be 3 or 4 or more people listening to your call along
    with you.

    Sometimes you could simply say 'Harry, are you on the
    line?' and Harry would say hello. Often it became a real
    telephone 'PARTY', and went on for hours.

    When we needed to call someone who was not on our party
    line, we had to tell the phone operator who we wanted to
    speak to and their address. If the call was to someone outside
    our small area, it was a long distance call that was then
    added to our account bill.

    If we needed to call farther than about 10 miles from home,
    we had to pay long distance charges.

    When my brother was in the Army, we had to give most
    of his information to nearly a dozen successive telephone
    exchange operators in order to reach his military base.
    Then we entered our request to speak to him with base
    operations command and sometimes had to wait 2 or 3
    days for him to call back.

    When we received a long distance call, often the caller
    had to give our mail address to reach our local phone
    exchange so our operator could crank her 'central'
    calling crank in the proper sequence to sound our
    phone ringer.

    Technology has marched forward in leaps and bounds
    since those days, today we enjoy touch tone phones with
    caller id on each handset. We have cordless phones which
    operate well within nearly 1000 feet from our house. We
    have satellite tv with hundreds of channels available to
    watch most anything imaginable. We have internet
    service which connects us to the entire world and also to
    the international space station (If you know the IP address).

    We are able to program our cordless and cell phones to
    sound a certain ring tone which allows us to know if
    friends or family are calling as well as who is calling.

    We have cell phones which work across the United States
    (If you are lucky enough to get a signal recognized by yours).
    We have electricity which comes from our utility company
    now and we no longer have to use oil lamps or candles to
    be able to do things after dark. We were able to scrap my
    Grandfather's 2 Delco light plants which he had installed
    back around 1920 so my Grandmother could enjoy water
    from a spigot over the sink and have an electric iron for
    her use instead of heating her heavy 'IRON' on the coal
    cook stove.

    Yes, we have a great many modern technological gadgets
    to make life easier today. But it is too bad that when our
    youngest son built a small grocery store with carryout
    almost a half mile from our home and had the Ohio lottery
    terminal installed to sell online tickets to his customers
    he had to pay for a DSL line for the lottery terminal.

    He had to do this for his many customers who desired
    their Super lotto or Mega Millions tickets. After about 2
    years he was told by the lottery commission that he
    would have to have a satellite system installed to
    continue to use the state lottery terminal.

    When he learned more about this, he became considerably
    displeased with what he learned. The first thing he learned
    was that they would have a commercial communications
    company install a large dish on the roof of his store. This
    was twice as large as his Wildblue satellite dish he had
    for his internet.

    Next, he learned that this new commercial dish had to be
    installed and tested nearly a year before the Ohio lottery
    would use the new satellite system. He learned that he
    had to pay for the installation and nearly $100.00 per
    month for the satellite service which the Ohio Lottery
    commission was changing over to use.

    He learned that he had to continue to pay around $68.00
    per month for the DSL line that the lottery commission
    had ordered installed for his lottery terminal to use in
    order to sell lottery tickets online. This DSL was the
    'always on' type service that was for the exclusive use of
    the Ohio lottery terminal.

    The last straw on this subject was when he learned that
    the reason for Ohio going to this satellite link for their
    lottery terminals was that there was a change in the
    contractor that handled the Ohio Lottery.

    Ohio had previously contracted with a company based
    in Italy that handled the Ohio Lottery through their
    U.S.A. location in the eastern part of the U.S.A. There
    were no legal restrictions against Ohio doing business
    with companies in another state. There were however
    federal restrictions against doing Lottery business
    with another country.

    In order for Ohio to change to their new contractor
    for the Ohio Lottery business they had to use satellite
    communications methods to get around problems
    with laws preventing this. The new contractor had no
    business locations in the United States and was located
    in Greece.

    This was the last straw and my son ordered the Ohio
    lottery terminal removed from his store and canceled
    all business with the Ohio Lottery. Or should I say
    with the Italian and Greek lotteries!

    Learning this, during the economic situations and
    unemployment problems growing in our country,
    we could not abide patronizing or giving aid to any
    decision reducing employment here in the U.S.A.

    So, this made the DSL line which my son had to install
    for the lottery, now unused and apparently available
    for my use if I transfered it to my name.

    Not so says century link, they say they can not provide
    service to me as it is too far from their system.

    When I tell them that their DSL was provided to the store
    through existing buried cables that are buried on my
    property in order to reach the store, they still say DSL
    is not available in my area.

    Does this mean that my son can demand a refund of
    2 years or more he paid to Embark and century Link
    as it is now called, for service charged and not available
    in his area? My son's area is completely inside my area
    where they say they have no DSL service.

    I hope Century Link can realize they can provide DSL
    service to me and hook me up.

    At this time I am dropping my Wildblue service for
    lack of service and very slow speed when it does work
    at all. Do not try Wildblue because it is a scam.

    I had a 2nd phone line installed by Century Link and
    we are now using my dialup for our internet. We have
    found that we have much better internet service than
    we got from Wildblue. We load pages a little slower than
    with Wildblue when it worked, but we have no more of
    the messages that the internet cannot be found, try again

    We tested our speeds and were amazed that we can upload
    files and pictures many times faster than Wildblue ever
    gave us. We no longer have the system dropouts which
    interrupted our online banking with Wildblue. We learned
    that the Wildblue latency was the online banking problem
    with their 3 second or longer delays when we tested.

    Our $9.95 per month basic dialup which we have had as
    a backup when Wildblue was not available to be found
    actually had a latency of about 1/4 second. Online banking
    works perfectly with dialup.

    Century link is a far better company than Wildblue and
    I hope Century Link gets their act together and learns they
    can give me the DSL which is now unused and runs through
    our property. I hope Century Link is not trying to sell their
    internet services through Wildblue or Hughes or other poor
    satellite services or we will probably have another name on
    our telephone company soon.

    We have Dish Network for our TV and have had no problems
    with them at all. We got Wildblue through them, but they
    can do nothing to help with the Wildblue disaster because
    Wildblue is a different company

    Thanks for reading my story

  • Ma
      28th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I completely agree with you, I Have had century link for about 9 months or so, and I "thought" they put me down for a one year contract like I asked them to... But, Unfortunantly that wasn't the case, after I paid 120 dollars a month for internet and phone service that was supposed to be 60 dollars or so, I called.. They told me my bill was right with all the insane charges for things that I did not ask for, They Informed me that I was not under a contract until September, which was CRAP. So I have to wait til September to cancel my service now... It's completely unnessary to call the "customer Service Representatives" They arue with you for hours and they dont care what you have to say.. I'll just have to hold my breathe until September... UGh..
    This company is HIGHLY not reccomended.
    -Tiffany Gambrel

  • Sy
      31st of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I just received my bill! It also has a $12.95 charge for internet voicemail and fax. I am calling and calling and no one is picking up. This is ridiculous. I put a third party block on my Century Link account months ago when the same thing happened with another third party. This is a scam. I am so tired of having service with someone who allows other companies to attach fake charges to these services. There is no way that I ordered this. I have voicemail with Centurly Link and I have a fax machine at home. They better issue me a refund!!!

  • Ce
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    I'll also be glad to help out with your issue. Just email with your name, account information and reference your post here on Thanks.

    Joey H
    CenturyLink Customer Outreach

  • Mi
      20th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Centurylink took 3 weeks to port my cell line to a landline, which means 3 weeks no phone. Then I realized I was being charged too much because they were charging me for 2 lines. I called and they fixed that issue, but 2 days later my phone line got shut off. Tech came and tols me I had internet/phone lines switched in my splitter, and all I had to do was switch them back. He left in a hurry abd when I checked I found that one of the splitter ports is actually dead, or my line got shut off. Just called custome service again. On phone for half hour, then got a busy signal? Thanks Centurylink you are killing my business. Fix it!

  • As
      4th of Nov, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I agree with everything that was said here.

    I signed up for a $30/mo basic internet plan, no phone, no tv, just plain internet. My first bill was $75 which I was told was because of the setup fees, okay, yeah, whatever, I'll pay that.

    My next bill was also $75 and when I called the customer service they said that it was correct. What the hell? I argued with 4 different members of their support team and realized that I was getting nowhere. I'm not paying that bill and I'm not paying their termination fee either because it's robbery.

    If a business lies about what they are going to charge you then it's robbery, plain and simple. I advise no one to do business with centurylink they are a scam and you'll only get a headache.

  • Ab
      28th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I've sent a link to this site to my state attorney general, since CenturyLink is LYING to them...I was also told one thing and charged another, though they SWEAR that is not what happened. They are committing FRAUD, and something needs to be done about it! They tell you one thing, or advertise one thing, then charge you something else! Unfortunately, I'm in an area where there isn't much else available! I'm wondering if the internet is worth it. Let alone a phone.

  • Tf
      4th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    Expensive. The price keeps going up! I have naked DSL and it's $68/month. This is WAY too much for Internet access. I called them and they just state that there's nothing any lower. As soon as I get my mail moved over, I'm cancelling. Funny thing is, they'll cling to $68/month, but very soon they'll be getting $0.

  • Eo
      23rd of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    4-23-2014 I purchased a bundle in January and still not set up. I see a problem of techs passing the buck. Several tech's have come out but they never come back.

    I rent above a business that has Comcast. The Century LInk phone line from road is on North side of business. The Comcast box is inside the business on the South side of the building. The Century Link tech says they HAVE to connect to the Comcast box on the south end of building. First because it is grounded??????????? When asked why not put new ground on North side. Tech said Regulations say they HAVE to hook up to existing box.???????????

    It's an apartment above the business. Why not treat as new installation? Tech insinuated we should reconsider Comcast.

    Tech wants to wrap the building externally with phone line to hook up. Owner said no. He would install wire through suspended ceiling, after tech said it was too much work and he did not want to do it. He agreed to let the business owner do the wiring through suspended ceiling but he would not let him have any wire to do it. Told owner to purchase his own wiring he couldn't leave company property. He also, did not want to crawl under the crawl space as another option of getting phone line to south end of building to Comcast box.

    They had independent contractor install from road. They installed over head line from road but were supposed to do underground. Tech said he couldn't do anything about it

    He did say that the independant contractor could tear up the asphalt for the Century Link phone line. That's an 80ft asphalt drive way, north to south then run it east 30ft along the asphalt and cement bulkhead on the property line. Then drill under a cement handicap walkway 8 feet to get to the corner of the building and run it out side the building another 30 feet to get to the Comcast box.on the South side.

    What kind of idiots are you?

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