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Trouble, Trouble, Trouble... it never ends with Century Link...
Stayed home all day last Monday, Aug 23, 2010, for 2 repairs, Brad arrived, did repair and service failed
about an hour after he left, second group came in the afternoon, said they ran a line
and we should not have any service issues. Joey from Century Tel read my complaint
on Complaints Board and emailed that we would get a credit on our bill and to let him know
if any other issues. Today, Monday, Aug 30th, and I cannot use the remote to turn the TV
power off or change channels. Phoned tech William [protected]) this afternoon, he said that
I changed the remote from another TV, then told me if, I want the remote reprogrammed, we
would have to be charged. No way did I change out any remotes, my husband has been on a
business trip and I have not taken the remote off the coffee table. I don't think we have ever had
one month with decent service from Century Link ever. The most horrible company, I have ever had
cable, internet or phone service with in 0ver 30 years and many states. Going to have to get a new company,
that can provide cable TV, internet and phone service. Margaret Belcher - [protected]
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  • Wh
      Dec 31, 2010

    iam a cenyury link customer and they charge for services that ithought that comes with apackage deal i have internet and telephone but dont have any tv service and likev long distance ithink that internatioal should come with the deal an d should be able to call anywhere you want to for alow cost thats arip off suppose yoyhad family achild you want to call them at any time qand allthat interest should be caught off they told that they will work with me they dont thay charege us too much money or interedt ona bill but soime of the customer service tell you one and do another they hsve the authority yt

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  • Wh
      Dec 31, 2010

    i am a century link customer ihave internet and telephone no digital and the charges are terrible if you purchase it should come as abundle or one price not two or three prices and add interest and if you purchase long distance international should come with it you might have achild in the military there or live in international country so iknow that customer service charge what they want they have the authority to do so that nt right for people to pay so much

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