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I am extremely dissatisfied with the treatment we received from Mrs. Karough (not sure if I spelled or right). I was back and forth with her and the electric services department trying to explain my situation. My gas services were disconnected without notice and we stayed without gas for a couple of days. I called in and I was told the reason for my disconnected services was because we supposedly owed $65 from a past due account that was opened in July. I tried to explain that I did not move into my new residence until October which would make that debt absurd and inpossinle. After 3 hrs of back and forth calls they finally came to the conclusion that they were associating me with the previous tenant and I was being pressured and manipulated into paying the $65 which I refused to pay. Mrs Karough insistes that The electricity company revealed records of us having electricity since July and therefore supported the fact that we owed those $65 on the gas. I told her there must be a mistake since we weren't even in Houston in July. She insisted I call the electricity company directly and have them call her to validate that info. I did as told and the electricity company spoke to someone else from Center point. They were about to resolve the situation when suddlently the call got disconnected and when I called back Mrs Karough answered again saying things like "don't you remember speaking with me — I told you already you have to pay the overdue balance otherwise you won't get the gas reconnected". She said this about 4 times very rudely and then I stopped her and demanded to be allowed to speak. I told her I did remember speaking but that someone else answered when I called back and was about to resolve issues. She said that agent was New and did not know what she was doing. I then said "how is that my fault?! " to which she responded "it's your fault because you keep calling back and speaking with different agents". I then told her that it was absurd to think that it was my fault. I am simply doing what I am told— I call the number I am told to call and any random agent takes the call and it's supposed to be my fault that their agents are not prepared to handle any case. She then made me call the electricity company again and this time the electricity company informed me they could not call the gas company to provide that info- they said Center point had to call them. So I then call Mrs Karough again for the one millionth time— and someone else answers- says they will leave message for her— she doesn't call back at all-
We had to call her back the next day and ended up paying $47 for same day installation for something that was clearly not our faults. For something that was the company's error and which inconvenienced us so much. We were taking cold showers and without being able to cook for 3 days! This is unacceptable and unethical and I will make sure that justice is served wherever I can- even if it's though social media. I will be heard because even the corporate offices did nothing- they only referred me back to customer service and Mrs Karough.

Nov 22, 2017

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