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Celcom / celcom identity theft

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I was planning to get an iphone 4, and want to keep my current number which is a celcom prepaid.
Never register any postpaid with any telco before.

Previously went to digi to port in my number to digi. Usually this process will take about 24 hours, but for my case 2 days still haven't being port in to digi. I called digi, they explain that the process is pending due to celcom. Digi said most likely I have outstanding bill. What the duck? I'm using prepaid.

So I called celcom, they explain that I have an outstanding bill amounting to about rm240. Allegedly somebody in kelantan has used my ic to register celcom back at 2002 and max it out till they cut it. Now im so damn pissed off.

I ask, "how can you allow somebody which probably have different face to use a stolen identity?". It is so damn simple and doesn't take a college grad to actually spot the difference of a picture. I said somehow celcom must be responsible for this stupid, incompetent staff who actually let this slip and live another day.

I have yelled countless of time during my conversation with the operator. No matter what I said, they will always blame it on the customer. They claimed it is my fault to let my identity card being copied by suspicious person. No wonder this guy became an operator, his intelligence only permits him to have this kind of job.

What is the point of having an identification card if you could not even tell the difference whether that person is the same in the ic? Furthermore it is mycard, probably the most advance id card in the world.

I could keep on blabbering until my throat bleeds, still won't change anything. I ask what I can I do to clear my name? He gives my instruction to make a police report. So I did a police report and went to nearest celcom center which is at menara atlan near klcc. The service is fast and friendly, but that won't be enough. The girl at the counter said the celcom operator did not give sufficient information, you will be needing more than just a police report. Ohh man, I just wasted my time at the police station and going to kl and pay parking for nothing. And it is not even my fault.

In case you're wondering you'll be needing about 6 documents. Fraud complaint form, (Which is only be available at celcom center, so most likely you will need to come twice) , original and copy of ic, birth certificate, police report, declaration of oath and utility bills. Not only I will be wasting my time on this documents but also my money. I ask, if the investigation proves that im innocent and found out that your staff is too stupid to identify people's faces, will there be any compensation on my time and money. Simple answer, no.

I would trade fast and friendly service with slow but intelligent and logical service anytime. There is no point in being friendly and fast, when you provide bad and stupid service like this.

So here I am, still in the midst of preparing the documents and after that wait for the investigation which may take months, years or forever.
I have lost my hope in retaining my old number and will move on to new numbers.

For those who use celcom, I just want to say to you that this corporation is run by idiots that will not be responsible for anything. I don't know about other telco, most likely they are the same. This is the fact of capitalism, the rich will try their best to suck everybody's money till they dry.

They only way we can win is that we spread the word around, and show them the power of the people.

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  • Br
      17th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    Ohh, I am afraid I might facing the case exactly same with you. Totally agree with you, don't know what kind of investigation they have done. But put the blame to customer is the true. Really stupid.

  • Ir
      13th of Aug, 2017
    0 Votes

    bro my girlfriend has the same case with you. celcom as well. the was about rm60. celcom security is so week. i don;t how the hell does this happen, going to make a police report soon.

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