Celcom Axiata Berhad / celcom scam

Hello. I am a student from USM Engineering Campus. Last month, a celcom booth was set up in my University. They were having promotions and they approached my friend and I. They told us that they are giving us free simcards that we dont have to pay any amount. We asked them what if we want to terminate the account and they assured us if we are no longer interested in celcom we can just leave it. But yesterday, both my friend and I got a bill from celcom stating that we have to pay RM46.35 eventhough we never used the simcards. When I called the hotline for celcom yesterday, they told me that my celcom number is not valid. And when my call was received by one of the customer service, he told me that I must pay RM46.35 and if I want to terminate the account, I must pay extra RM80. When I told him about my situation, he asked me about the id of the people who sold me the simcard. But I was unable to identify the person. Then the customer service officer asked me to pay the amount and if i refused, he told me I would be blacklisted even though I haven't even USED the simcard. Personally, I am very disappointed with celcom because I thought that celcom must be a trustworthy company. But it seems that they can just manipulate students into using celcom and finally we are being victimized. I am just a student and now I have to pay more than RM100 for a service that I did not even use. I am writing this to those officer who can take serious action to prevent any cheating from happening. I am going to terminate the celcom line and i am sure to discourage any of my friends and family members if they want to go for celcom. I am disappointed that celcom can't do anything when it can be clearly seen that the sim card is not activated. I cannot digest that celcom will not take any action against the offenders but instead asking the victims to pay for your scams.

Goodbye and hopefully you will be sincere in your service.

Celcom Axiata Berhad

Mar 21, 2017

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