Cebu Pacific / disappointed of my ticket


I Both our Round Trip Ticket From Manila to Cagayan de oro city. Cagayan Lumbia Airport to Manila Airport. when we're boarding at Cebu Pacific Airport. I've been told the our flight from Cagayan to Manila the time will be change. I Went off because I can't be late for our flight going to Singapore as we getting a connecting flight back to Australia. Nothing been said before we booked our TICKET. checked our ticket when I've been told that night I was stress out Cebu Pacific always had delay flights. anyway I believe of what I heard. So, I did not bother to call them or do something. 10:10 AM 20 MARCH 2013 Our flight going back to Manila. We we're outside at the airport because I thought our flight was delay of one hour. I Saw the Cebu PACIFIC Aircraft . I went inside inquire about our flight what's going on. the crew said to me the door is close for boarding. the aircraft ready to go. when I'm trying to explain no, one want to listen they very busy talking and eating on the corner. us customer we always value every cent we spend for our ticket. I know is a cheap ticket but, it doesn't mean we get treat like ###! . In my consideration I did not make a mistake the people who work in the system is the issue. I Would like to get my money back for our ticket from CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY TO MANILA.

Mar 24, 2013

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