Cebu Pacific Air / I am complaining about refusal for a refund

Butuan, Philippines

Date of purchase: 04-May-17
Flight: Butuan to Manila (06-May-17) QYJGRP
Passengers: 2

My brother purchased the ticket yesterday and just on the same day an emergency occur that they no longer need to come to manila. They have asked for a refund but was refused. We are a frequent traveler and we know the terms and condition. Your ticketing staff in Butuan should have been very discreet and flexible. How is it not possible to get a refund, when we had it on the same date. And also most airlines can do a refund why can't you, we are not asking for a full refund I understand that there's always a reasonable amount deducted of course the service charge. It's a well a shame when your staff responded that they can only refund the amount when the passenger got an accident, is that a right word to say do we have to wish that in order to get it. They are pushing as well to just use next time or by another person, come on if we knew when would that be we will not waste our energy explaining. We need the refund and the money back for now because of an emergency.

We hope that this will be action as soon as possible.

You can contact me anytime in behalf of my brother Wendell Guerrero

Earnestly Waiting,

May 5, 2017

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