Cebu Pacific Airan employee's unethical behavior

This employee is Maria Roxanne Enriquez. Working at cebu pacific assigned in naia terminal 3. She used my husband's name as revenge. Now my family is having problems because of what she has done. If you want me to appear personally on your office i will. Just please give me the right actions for the unethical behaviour of this employee. By the way my husband's name is Gian Raphael working also at terminal 3. He is assigned in AGOD. The girl said that he has done it because my husband gave them violation and she said that she is nearly terminated with that violation. That's why she wants to ruin the name of my husband. She is ruining our relationship which put me and my husband in this situation right now. We have one son. And she's destroying our family.

May 15, 2017

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