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this company makes it seem that you are getting free software cds. The small print does say that this is a trial and you will be charged if you dont return cds but:
*the checkout page looks like you are paying only the 2$ postage
*you are not clearly informed you are signing up for a billing agreement and will be receiving additional set of cds with software every fee weeks
*the software is just free stuff which can be downloaded online at various websites but they charge you $15 for each cd if you dont return them
*it does say then you can return 2 out of 4 and wont be charged but the way it's worded, you are not sure which ones you can keep and it does not sound like it doesnt matter. It migh be that even if you return 2, they will turn around to tell you that you kept the ones that you need to pay for

If you paid through PayPal, make sureto cancell your billing agreement (irrespectively of cancelling the membership with the wensite). If you dont they still might be able to charge you!

To cancell the billing agreement in PayPal, find the first payment in your account history and click the link 'Details'. On the next page find another link that says 'billing agreement' or something similar.When you click that you will see on the next page that your agreement is still active but you can now choose to cancell it by clicking the 'Cancel' link. This will ensure that your account will not be charged in the future.

Also, do report this to PayPal - the more complaints they get, the more likely it is that thay will investigate the crooks!

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  • Te
      Mar 26, 2011
    Cdearth - Free software
    United States

    Okay, like this kinda thing is nothing new.
    It's been done with music cds, cassettes, LPs, 8tracks,
    Pots and pans, household cleaners, etc etc. and either you are in or you are out. This is merely a business model that in all likelyhood was also practised in ancient times. As a wise king once wrote, " There is nothing new under the sun-all is vanity". There is really no need to use words like rip off and scam. Do your homework first and get off the consumerist instant gratification bandwagon. Buy only what you need in life to fulfill your dream and help others out who are less fortunate. There is great need of that in this world. Knowledge comes from learning from our mistakes, so if you feel you have errored, at least you can take comfort in knowing you are wiser. Be prepared for the future as this business model will not go away. Hologram of the month club anyone?

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  • To
      Apr 04, 2011
    Cdearth - continued billing after cancellation
    4/83 Hayward Street Cairns 4870 Australia

    I ordered promotional cd's (4) from cd earth in about July - August 2017. I received these cd's and after listening to them I decided I did not want any more so I sent cdearth an email advising them i was agreeing to pay them for the 4 cd's I had received, I was billed for these 4 cd's which was fine but I never received any confirmation of my cancellation, I sent another email cancelling any further cd's from cdearth, they notified me that they had cancelled my subscription and I would not be sent any further cd's. I was sent more cd's and I notified them again and duly received confirmation of my cancellation. I received nothing from them for 2 months then received more cd's and was charged for them . I returned these to cdearth but have not been credited for them so I sent another email to them and never received a reply. Now in March 2017 Ihave been sent another 4 cd's which i never ordered and don't want but if I return them I feel I will not be credited again I have been charged aud $59.95 plus a fee. I have now notified my bankand disputed these transactions with cdearth and stopped any further payments to them..

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  • Ne
      May 07, 2011
    Cdearth - unathourised deductions
    United States

    They told me on the wbside that i getrting CD'S for free I will only pay the mail-order, and that was once off. Now they are deducting my money continuously and never allowed them to do so . They take advantage of the fact that i gave them my bank details, Please i need my Money and stop furthr deducting my Money,

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