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unauthorised transaction purchase - r1120.14 from savings account; ref cd earth [protected] txus; 01-dec

I received notification of Unauthorized transaction Capitec: Purchase -R1120.14 from SAVINGS ACCOUNT; Ref CD EARTH [protected] TXUS; 01-Dec. Call [protected]. I did not make this transaction and request it to be reversed immediately. My contact number is [protected]. DC Geldenhuys I'd [protected]
I have never received anything from your company CD Earth so how can you say you sent me more CD's. I will be filing a criminal law suite against you for harm done as I am now unable to pay my sons day care and have no money to get to work so I will be fired from my job.

They are just a pack of thieves

I ordered free CDs from C D Earth only have to pay the postage I find the company is very devious in it their...

Melbourne Metro Area Unauthorized Charges


Hi, . I obtained a CD pack from CD Earth about a couple of months ago and now they have been taking numerou...

Bloemfontein Unauthorized Charges

cancellation of product

the company said in its advertisement that I was to pay a one time fee for $39.95 and would receive no futher billing unless I wanted to order more products, but then they fraudulently extracted another $39.95 from my account today I want my money back

Please stop charging & refund my money

To whom it may be. I checked my statement of account from postepay & i realized that your company have been...

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I'm a victim (amongst many) of CD Earths dubious advertising, they claim to provide free software for computers but ask you to choose additional CDs you might be interested in, however when the confirmation for the postage payment is is presented it tells you that you've just submitted to a trial and the delivery of further CDs. I tried to cancel but they said they already been dispatched, all I could do was cancel the subscription and future deliveries and wait. What a con. I've just returned the CDs they sent at great expense to myself but I think it's worth every penny and hope this is an end to it...hmmmm why do I have that nagging doubt?
I've also instructed Paypal to refuse all future requests for payment.


I have had the complete 4 CD software set sent to me and they have automatically taken $58.99 from my account...


I saw an advertisement in Facebook few months ago about CD earth and stated it's " Free CD". I was so amazed aside it's free, there is a CD of bibles study which i am interested. That is why i signed up. But a month later i found out they got money on my debit cards more than £19.00, nearly £20.00 which is very expensive and too much money they got. This week i received another CDs from CD Earth which i did not order. I don't want this and i want to stop them sending a CD on me because i'm sure they will take money into my account and i want to cancel my information to them.They are deceiving..I want them to stop to deceive people.

  • Ma
    Maria offemaria Apr 18, 2012

    For more than a year now my account 's been deducted £38.00 every month by CD earth, CD's that I have not order. I want this to stop and get all the payments they took from my account.

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  • Ko
    kobus pieterse Mar 22, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    cd earth is apparently offering free cd's! There is no such thing as i did not even order but a huge amount of R579.54 has bee deducted from my bank account! how the got account of my banking details! they are sly for i once agreed to pay for the "postal fee" for sending the c'd to me! My efforts to retrieve my money seems to be fruitless. How do you stop this kind of practice?

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un authorised money taken from my bank

i ordered these cds on line they said they were free but i have checked my bank account and they have taken 2 lots of money from it one £39 95 and second one is £5 95 i did not request these cds and you had no right to take the money from my account i just signed up for the shippng costs which was £2 95 and now ive found out you have taken 5 x more than was stated I would like all my monies refunded back to me asap the cds didnt even work on my computer what a scam this is i have had to cancel my card at the bank to stop you taking any more money so PLEASE PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY

Unreasonable reply from CD earth

I had received a reply from CD earth, which was totally damn unreasonable

"Dear Jack,

Thank you for contacting us. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience. I have personally been reviewing your account today.

First, your account has been cancelled. You will not receive any more software CDs from the CD Earth Software Library Club.

Second, I want you to be a satisfied customer. Therefore, I will be happy to give you 2 more Software CDs of your choice from our online catalog for FREE. I'll even waive the S&P charges for them. This is a $36 value. It's our way of keeping you a happy customer. So, take a look at our website - - and let me know which 2 Software CDs you want me to send you. Again, these 2 CDs are absolutely FREE to make up for any inconvenience.

When you placed the order, you checked a box stating that you read and agreed with the Terms & Conditions listed to the right of the order form. We put that there to make sure all our customers review, understand and agree to all the Terms of the CD Earth Software Library Club before proceeding with the order. The Terms & Conditions of the Software Library Club were also listed on the right side of the confirmation page you probably printed after finishing your order. To reread the information, you can also find all the details on our Terms & Conditions page. Just go to our main website - - and look for the Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of the page.

There is additional information on the packing slip you received with your CDs.

Due to the nature of this trial offer, we do not have a refund policy and cannot accept returns after the trial ends. Since you decided to keep the trial Software CDs past the trial period, we conveniently billed your card as you per the Terms & Conditions. The good news is there is nothing to return and the Software CDs are all yours to keep and enjoy.

I hope that helps. Enjoy the software CDs!

Have a great day!

CD Earth Customer Service
[protected] (US/Canada)
[protected] (United Kingdom)
[protected] (Australia)
[protected] (Global)"

  • Th
    That__Guy Mar 16, 2011

    In what way was that at all unreasonable? They pointed out 4 separate instances that you had the opportunity to read the terms & conditions that you agreed to and even included the information on the packing slip when they sent the first CDs. And then explained to you that since you agreed to them, you had to honor them. What grounds do you have to file a complaint? Are you filing a complaint against your own inability to read what you are agreeing to before giving someone your credit card information? Because that's the only complaint-worthy thing I see.

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  • Br
    Brianjohn123 Oct 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I sent a discontinue E Mail & they are still taking money out of my account & I am not receiving any product.
    B.Pilgrim [email protected]

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small print charges, unwated subscription

this company makes it seem that you are getting free software cds. The small print does say that this is a trial and you will be charged if you dont return cds but:
*the checkout page looks like you are paying only the 2$ postage
*you are not clearly informed you are signing up for a billing agreement and will be receiving additional set of cds with software every fee weeks
*the software is just free stuff which can be downloaded online at various websites but they charge you $15 for each cd if you dont return them
*it does say then you can return 2 out of 4 and wont be charged but the way it's worded, you are not sure which ones you can keep and it does not sound like it doesnt matter. It migh be that even if you return 2, they will turn around to tell you that you kept the ones that you need to pay for

If you paid through PayPal, make sureto cancell your billing agreement (irrespectively of cancelling the membership with the wensite). If you dont they still might be able to charge you!

To cancell the billing agreement in PayPal, find the first payment in your account history and click the link 'Details'. On the next page find another link that says 'billing agreement' or something similar.When you click that you will see on the next page that your agreement is still active but you can now choose to cancell it by clicking the 'Cancel' link. This will ensure that your account will not be charged in the future.

Also, do report this to PayPal - the more complaints they get, the more likely it is that thay will investigate the crooks!

  • Te
    Teo22 Mar 26, 2011

    Okay, like this kinda thing is nothing new.
    It's been done with music cds, cassettes, LPs, 8tracks,
    Pots and pans, household cleaners, etc etc. and either you are in or you are out. This is merely a business model that in all likelyhood was also practised in ancient times. As a wise king once wrote, " There is nothing new under the sun-all is vanity". There is really no need to use words like rip off and scam. Do your homework first and get off the consumerist instant gratification bandwagon. Buy only what you need in life to fulfill your dream and help others out who are less fortunate. There is great need of that in this world. Knowledge comes from learning from our mistakes, so if you feel you have errored, at least you can take comfort in knowing you are wiser. Be prepared for the future as this business model will not go away. Hologram of the month club anyone?

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  • To
    Tony Byrne Apr 04, 2011

    I ordered promotional cd's (4) from cd earth in about July - August 2017. I received these cd's and after listening to them I decided I did not want any more so I sent cdearth an email advising them i was agreeing to pay them for the 4 cd's I had received, I was billed for these 4 cd's which was fine but I never received any confirmation of my cancellation, I sent another email cancelling any further cd's from cdearth, they notified me that they had cancelled my subscription and I would not be sent any further cd's. I was sent more cd's and I notified them again and duly received confirmation of my cancellation. I received nothing from them for 2 months then received more cd's and was charged for them . I returned these to cdearth but have not been credited for them so I sent another email to them and never received a reply. Now in March 2017 Ihave been sent another 4 cd's which i never ordered and don't want but if I return them I feel I will not be credited again I have been charged aud $59.95 plus a fee. I have now notified my bankand disputed these transactions with cdearth and stopped any further payments to them..

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  • Ne
    netfraser May 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They told me on the wbside that i getrting CD'S for free I will only pay the mail-order, and that was once off. Now they are deducting my money continuously and never allowed them to do so . They take advantage of the fact that i gave them my bank details, Please i need my Money and stop furthr deducting my Money,

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Unauthorised deductions


I am sending back the last “order” I received without asking for the CD’s or giving my permission for this to be deducted from my bank account. PLEASE refund all moneys due to me immediately and STOP sending me CD’s. I am unemployed at present and can really NOT afford these enormous amounts to be deducted from my account, that I NEVER agreed to in the 1st place.

I NEVER ordered any more CD’s after the first batch I received! Yet they keep coming and amounts are being deducted from my bank account. If one more amount is deducted and I am not credited for the CD’s sent back to you I will take LEGAL ACTION immediately, that is not a threat but a promise!

The ONLY amount I ever agreed to was R 44, 71. CD Earth owes me R 927.04, to be refunded to me ASAP.

  • Ca
    Carmine Cafasso Dec 01, 2009

    I showed some interest a few months back in a software product which was advertised as being free, apart from the postal costs. After having provided my credit card number for postal delivery I have been sent the same product three times and am being charged almost $60 each time. I appear to have no control over this transaction continuing and need some advice.

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  • Do
    DONNA ROWLAND May 19, 2011

    supposdly someone ordered cds from them sent them to my address, and they are to be free! then they took money out of my paypal account when asking money back they refuse and said they did not recieve cds back i sent to them. hug scam because nothing is free obviously. and i was billed. and inturn my checking account was taken money for something i didnt want. so what was free? when i looked into it i didn't order because it didn't seem on the up and up to me.

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i paid for postage of 3cds from cd earth about two months ago, to my surprise, yesterday the 30th of april 2010, the debited my master card, 22euro, 68cent. for nothing. i did not subscribe to any contract with them . this is a scam and want them to refund my money asap.and remove my name from all their books.


  • Li
    Litetia Wolmarans Dec 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I really don't know where CD Earth got my banking details because I did not purchase anything from them on the following dates money was taken out of my bank account:
    16 August 2010 : 5.96 CD Earth 866-7 and the amount was R44.79
    19 August 2010 : #Fee Declined Purch Trans and I had to pay R5.50
    1 October 2010 : 59.96 CD Earth 866- and the amount was R430.52
    16 October 2010 : 5.96 CD Earth 866-7 and the amount was R41.97
    20 October 2010 : #Fee Declined Purch Tran and I had to pay R5.50
    29 November 2010 : 5.96 CD Earth 866-7 and the amount was R441.07
    It all adds up to R969.35
    I am going to take legal action against this company because I never gave them permission to take money out of my bank account.

    Litetia Wolmarans

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Extra payment taken out

I ordered Open Office - Office Suite - that's all I wanted. Then to my surprise anyother CD arrived which I did not request.
An amount of £39.62 appeared on my credit card - which today I found out was from you.
I am from a pensioner household and cannot afford these large amounts going through my credit card.
Will you refund the payment and give me an address to return this unwanted CD.
Also will you cancel my account with you - I would appreciate an email from you at my email address [protected] Thank you


I ordered & received 4 free CDs during October 2009 & paid the postage with my credit card .
I never requested more CDs.
During December 2009, I received more CDs to "test", but I immediately send it back, before I even took it home.
Then I received a message from my credit card to inform me that CD Earth requested a payment of over R450.00.
I immediately requested the credit card devision not to pay CD Earth, because I already send the CDs back to them & I do not want any money to be paid out to them or any CDs from them.
Please, request them to pay my money back & take my name off their address list & never ever send me any CDs again.
Thank you
Mrs M Badenhorst

Unaurthorised billing

Dear Complaints Dept

I took up an offer for free antivirus and firewall security including three additional CDs for the cost of free postage and packaging of $2.96, charged to my card 6th May 2009. These arrived with no covering note and packaged in a green card disc holder. At no time did I read or receive any literature or email informing me that I would be receiving an later dated charges. You can imagine my shock when I check this month card statement and noted you have charged $29.98 to, dated 7th July 2009.

I would appreciate an explanation and a refund of $29.98 to my account. Please accept this as cancellation of any subscription that I am not aware of having with you. If I had been aware of subscribing to a subscription, I would not have taken up the offer of the free software. I have contacted my card company and they inform me that I have to contact you and request a refund.
Jeanie Fitch

  • Ba
    barriep9 Nov 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just found out through paypal that I have been charged £29.98 for CDs that I didn't ask for but judging by the comments left on this page I signed up for the free CDs and obviously didn't read the small print. These people should be shut down and reported. I have alerted paypal about this and I am waiting to see what will happen. Maybe they should be reported to the ASA.
    B. Pennycooke
    Redditch, Worcestershire

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  • Lo
    LORNA1947 May 10, 2012


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  • Al
    Alan Liz Short Jan 16, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ring paypal stop any payments to cd earth .

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Software on CD

CD earth package software onto CD and sell on. Not a bad idea, you'd think but my experience of them i...


I never received the CD's (ok technicaly I did) The fine print on the web site read 6. Software...

credit card

I ordered computer software from this company and found out a few minutes later that they were allegedly fraudulent, so within a few minutes I cancelled my order and the sent me an e-mail cofirming my order cancellation but still procede to charge my credit card. I called my credit card company and the charges are being removed as I write this complaint. People do not go for this scam!!!

  • Tn
    tnyjua Dec 26, 2010

    Thank you for your comment about the CDearth, I just Cancelled the order, and I hope not get any problems.
    Tank you again

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Unauthorized billing

In early October of this year I purchased a CD from to help me get set up on the internet. The...

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