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CD-Earth Complaints & Reviews

CD-Earth / unauthorised transaction purchase - r1120.14 from savings account; ref cd earth 6472588318 txus; 01-dec

TheaGeldenhuys on Dec 2, 2016

I received notification of Unauthorized transaction Capitec: Purchase -R1120.14 from SAVINGS ACCOUNT; Ref CD EARTH 6472588318 TXUS; 01-Dec. Call 0860102043. I did not make this transaction and request it to be reversed immediately. My contact number is 0742837082. DC Geldenhuys I'd 7810140050084 I...

CD Earth / They are just a pack of thieves

Reviewer52123 on Nov 12, 2015

I ordered free CDs from C D Earth only have to pay the postage I find the company is very devious in it their method of conning you to try their products they are just a pack of thieves, taking peoples money with out their consent yet the authorities still do not prosecute these people...

CD Earth / Fraud

Jurieloo on May 27, 2015

Hi, . I obtained a CD pack from CD Earth about a couple of months ago and now they have been taking numerous amounts of money out of my bank. CD Earth advertised free software and when I indicated that I am interested they said all that I had to do is to pay R73.89 for the postage and...

CD Earth / cancellation of product

tone gran on May 26, 2015

the company said in its advertisement that I was to pay a one time fee for $39.95 and would receive no futher billing unless I wanted to order more products, but then they fraudulently extracted another $39.95 from my account today I want my money back

CD Earth / Please stop charging & refund my money

FELIX EGBON on Jul 5, 2014

To whom it may be. I checked my statement of account from postepay & i realized that your company have been charging me on CD Earth software. I had downloaded for free charge for trial and paid for freight costs. The charge details i have paid 44.38+21.87+4.34+1.45 a total of 72.04 euro...

CD Earth / Misleading

dagibeale on Dec 15, 2012

I'm a victim (amongst many) of CD Earths dubious advertising, they claim to provide free software for computers but ask you to choose additional CDs you might be interested in, however when the confirmation for the postage payment is is presented it tells you that you've just...

CD Earth Software Library Club / Money

Cynthia Neame on Aug 26, 2011

I have had the complete 4 CD software set sent to me and they have automatically taken $58.99 from my account without any notification to me, nothing to check if I wanted these CD's. I will keep them now but I DO NOT WANT any more sent to me or money taken out of my account. Please take...

CD Earth / Cancellation

gagaivs on Aug 11, 2011

I saw an advertisement in Facebook few months ago about CD earth and stated it's " Free CD". I was so amazed aside it's free, there is a CD of bibles study which i am interested. That is why i signed up. But a month later i found out they got money on my debit cards more than...

CD Earth / un authorised money taken from my bank

mrs c palfreyman on Apr 12, 2011

i ordered these cds on line they said they were free but i have checked my bank account and they have taken 2 lots of money from it one £39 95 and second one is £5 95 i did not request these cds and you had no right to take the money from my account i just signed up for the...

CD Earth / Unreasonable reply from CD earth

Jack Chua on Mar 16, 2011

I had received a reply from CD earth, which was totally damn unreasonable "Dear Jack, Thank you for contacting us. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience. I have personally been reviewing your account today. First, your account has been cancelled. You will not receive any more software...

Cdearth / small print charges, unwated subscription

this company makes it seem that you are getting free software cds. The small print does say that this is a trial and you will be charged if you dont return cds but: *the checkout page looks like you are paying only the 2$ postage *you are not clearly informed you are signing up for a...

Cd Earth LLC / Unauthorised deductions


PLEASE CANCELL ALL FUTURE “ORDERS”!! I am sending back the last “order” I received without asking for the CD’s or giving my permission for this to be deducted from my bank account. PLEASE refund all moneys due to me immediately and STOP sending me CD’...

CD Earth / refund

i paid for postage of 3cds from cd earth about two months ago, to my surprise, yesterday the 30th of april 2010, the debited my master card, 22euro, 68cent. for nothing. i did not subscribe to any contract with them . this is a scam and want them to refund my money asap.and remove my name from all their books. TONY :FROM CORK IRELAND.

CD Earth Software 4CD set / Extra payment taken out

I ordered Open Office - Office Suite - that's all I wanted. Then to my surprise anyother CD arrived which I did not request. An amount of £39.62 appeared on my credit card - which today I found out was from you. I am from a pensioner household and cannot afford these large...


I ordered & received 4 free CDs during October 2009 & paid the postage with my credit card . I never requested more CDs. During December 2009, I received more CDs to "test", but I immediately send it back, before I even took it home. Then I received a message from my credit card to inform me...

Cdearth / Unaurthorised billing

Dear Complaints Dept I took up an offer for free antivirus and firewall security including three additional CDs for the cost of free postage and packaging of $2.96, charged to my card 6th May 2009. These arrived with no covering note and packaged in a green card disc holder. At no time did...

CD Earth Software Set / Software on CD

CD earth package software onto CD and sell on. Not a bad idea, you'd think but my experience of them is that they supply Freeware programs (which can easily be downloaded), they imply it's at 80% discount and suggest you're getting a bargain! Avoid them, they're charging you...

CD Earth / SCAM

I never received the CD's (ok technicaly I did) The fine print on the web site read 6. Software Library Club Membership and Billing. CD EARTH provides numerous products, services, and software in connection with its business. With respect to software provided hereunder, there is a...

Cdearth / credit card

I ordered computer software from this company and found out a few minutes later that they were allegedly fraudulent, so within a few minutes I cancelled my order and the sent me an e-mail cofirming my order cancellation but still procede to charge my credit card. I called my credit card... / Unauthorized billing


In early October of this year I purchased a CD from to help me get set up on the internet. The total including postage was £3.03 this was taken from my account but I did not receive any packages from this company. Then this month Cdearth have debited my account for the...