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CCBILL / ccbill scam

United States Review updated:
My debit card was recently frozen by my bank after they noticed suspicious charges on my card. apparently, the company ccbill, which I had never heard of but discovered was some type of adult content payment company, had attempted to charge my debit account more than $200. I have never been on any adult content web sites, and the only web sites I have given my debit card information to are amazon and itunes. I still can't figure out how ccbill hijacked my account. what a scam!


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  1st of Dec, 2008
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did you bother calling the employees there. I had the same issue and it was a fraud transaction and they had taken care of it before i even called. Was to some stupid poker website.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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I called Chase bank as soon as the fraudulent charges appeared, and they said they would put the money back into my account until the charges had been cleared up and a dispute form had been filed. A week later, I am still trying to get Chase to reverse the charges and they now claim that the charges weren't reported within 60 days (which makes absolutely no sense since I reported the fraud the day it happened). I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with CCBill since it seemed like such an obvious scam that the bank would easily recognize, but now I have no choice but to call them and attempt to get my money back from them. Hopefully this will be straightened out soon!
  4th of Dec, 2008
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Me too on 12/1/08 for $39.95. When I gave CC Bill the transaction number that appeared on my bank statement they told me they couldn't search by that number and needed more information...like my account number. Right! Like I'm going to give them that.

I instituted a fraud claim, my bank credited my account the $39.95 and within 90 days if they find it was fraud it will be done with. I did have to cancel my bank card and get a new one issued.
  18th of Feb, 2009
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I agree with the other reviews. I canceled an account of mine on Feb 3 and still billed on Feb 5th. I contacted them after I received my credit card statement on Feb 18th and they refused to do anything. AVOID CCBILL, they will rip you off! Plus, I read on another review site, "This company is a total scam. Don’t believe me? Check out their Better Business Bureau complaints or those on Ripoff-dot-com. "
  11th of Jul, 2009
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I have also been ripped off by ccbill cc bill They refuse to refund my money even though i have provided all evidence.

All they reply with is: i fully understood there terms and conditions agreement and confirmed them on there site, therefore i am to blame

"how did i know of there terms and conditions if i have never used them or there site before!!!".

Ripped off and extremly angry
  18th of Jul, 2009
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To the contrary of what most are reporting here, my experience with ccBill was very positive. Recently I encountered a charge on my credit card which I did not make, much less authorize. I contacted ccBill and was met with a very receptive and helpful customer service representative. Having researched the company somewhat, I was a bit skeptical about the responses that I would receive. However, I found the representative to be very helpful and informative. Further, I would characterize the phone conversation as quite informative. Not only was the person I spoke with understanding of the situation--by removing the charge (to be reflected on my credit card in 7 - 10 days) and blocking any further charges from being made--but by also giving me the e-mail account, the IP address, and the name of the person that made the fraudulent charge. What more could you ask for?

I checked my credit card account daily and found the charge removed on the 6th day after the contacting ccBill. Obviously, I did not rely on them to block future charges--I had already cancelled the account and opened a new one as soon as I learned of the fraud. But they did indeed remove the charge as agreed.

Now, there is a question of how my credit card was comprised and subsequently accepted by ccBill. However, since this was a second fraudulent charge in a several week period (the first charge being much different in nature and quite disrelated to the charge to ccBill, I do not believe ccBill is directly involved with either charge. Perhaps they could tighten their security, but according to the information I received from their representative, the person making the charges had the security code, so obviously who ever promoted my credit card number must have either gained access to the data of some earlier purchase elsewhere (I’ve never used ccBill) or acquired physical access to my card somewhere prior to the charges appearing. If the former is true, then one of the following must be the case: the secure mode of HTTP (https) is not as secure as we believe, the companies with which I’ve done business retain data on un-secure servers, or an employee of one of these companies is involved with fraudulent activity. At this time I do not suspect anyone at ccBill.
  10th of Dec, 2017
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@l21 I was thinking to myself..."How long has this person been employed at CCBill" BUT when I finished reading my experience was similar, but not... I called them for a refund for a fraudulent site(check the last site update people) and was informed that I was not the first to request. They would refund my money in seven(7) days, fourteen(14) days later nothing. I called and started a circus act of jumping through hoops, some with fire, and had to get my bank (Regions) involved. They(CCBill) requested a copy of my bank statement showing no refund was given, claimed their info should it had. I had my bank fax it to them, still nothing. A month later I finally got my refund after dealing with them for over two months, and Regions investigating a fraud allegation. But there is an upside, CCBill was serious about their backlist policy, I am on it and they refuse to process my card. This has not affected purchases anywhere else online though. Seems their blacklist threat only applies to there business only. Good for me... I always inform a site, whether I want to subscribe or not, that CCBill is a problem waiting to happen for their customers, but it occurred to me that these fraudulent sites might be behind the CCBill company themselves...
  23rd of Jan, 2010
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39.99 was takin out my account for no reason, im pissed
  23rd of Jan, 2010
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this company should be sued
  3rd of Mar, 2010
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CCbill are a very sus outfit and I also have a refusal to refund story re them after subscribing to an adult site which I never gained access to. Producing the evidence of my lack of access - communications with the site owner- produced nothing but rude dismissive behaviour from CCbill and after reading some of the above I am wondering whether they will in fact go ahead and cancel this subscription as I have demanded and they rudely acknowledge they will do.
everyone should complain to the sites that use CCBILL and insist that they use some responsible honest payment service
  3rd of Mar, 2010
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CCBill have just ripped us off .no access to a subscribed site and no refund and no help or sympathy
I just hope they don't use our information to rip us off for more money.
Tell the sites who use these thieves to start using honest and reliable payment agents.
  30th of Apr, 2010
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I used CCbill to process an order but after the process went through I discovered the product was not what it claimed to be and I within minutes contacted CCbill and told them I wanted to cancel the charge. I was told I should have read the terms and conditions because there are no refunds once an order has been placed. If they don't issue refunds, that should be the first thing a person should see before ordering anything through them. But no, it's listed as number 7 on their terms and conditions. They take advantage of the fact people just order without reading the terms and conditions. With all the complaints, they should be put out of business. They are located in Tempe, Arizona. Write to the Arizona Attorney General and also write to the U.S. Attorney General. These people should be exposed as soon as possible. I intend to be diligent with my efforts until I don't see them online anymore.
  27th of May, 2010
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I agree completely with gottagonow. CCBill makes it very easy to "click and buy", but it appears that they do not screen the services they sell at all. I could set up a site offering, for example, job search assistance that was nothing more than a one page website with no content, and hire CCBill to collect payments. If people paid through CCBill to join my site and found out that there was nothing there, they would not be able to get a refund through CCBill. Period. No exceptions. They hide behind the "terms" of their service, which is a many page document of extremely fine print that you would have to scroll through to read and interpret a lot of legalese-speak. Granted, when you buy online it should be "buyer beware", but for a company to basically let anyone use their billing service for internet sales, and then telling the customers who get ripped off that they should have read the fine print, and that CCBill cannot be liable for the services they sell is outrageous. I get the feeling that CCBill sells on shear volume, and recognizes they will have a certain percentage of ripoffs, but they don't care because they have built this into their business model. Hopefully there will be some emerging reputable online charge services that will come along to knock CCBill out of their ripoff monopoly. Should be called CCBill ripoff or CCBill scam.
  10th of Dec, 2017
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@jacklondon I have researched ccBill before - when I had problems - I discovered that some webcam girls claim they never got paid by ccBill after payment was received from the customer...
  30th of Jul, 2010
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While I've never had an actual fraudulent experience with CCBill, many of the sites & services they support are not, shall we say, "advertised as billed". Their customer service portal, interestingly enough, is designed with static fields which give the impression to any consumer that they would need every iota of information from any transaction or account they ever set up (no matter how far in the past, or irrespective of being able to look up easily through CCBill) to cancel said transaction or account. All in all a demoralizing experience...
  3rd of Aug, 2010
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These yahoos ripped me for $39.95. I canceled but evidently not in the right amount of time. Pissed is an understatement!!!
  9th of Aug, 2010
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i think MOST of you should be worried HOW they got your cc info.
yeah, they may suck at refunding, but they are not the ones who put in your information and card info.

was your identity stolen?
virus on your computer stealing CC info?
someone you know using your card without telling you??

CCBILLING does the processing, someone had to do the buying...

im not covering for this company, just trying to educate that you have a deeper problem at hand.
  19th of Feb, 2011
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Has anyone pursued any lawyers against CC BULL? If so, whom and/or what type of lawyer should be used?
  6th of Sep, 2012
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I was gotten for $16.95 3 times plus and over draft. I didnt see the charges till the day before one pay day and I couldnt buy coffee.
I was really pissed. I called Chase they said to call CCBILL I did. they gave me some BS about no refunds and that it was for an adult web site I have never heard of. Even more pissed I called chase back and have filed claims.
  20th of May, 2015
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They are completely fraud, they even don't credit your refund to your account saying that the payment has been voided and has never been taken out of your account. But they have taken out the payment from my account.
The found out this way of cheating the customers by not giving their funds.
  1st of Mar, 2017
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CCBill tried to charge my Chase account $89 and Chase immediately contacted me. These ### are most definitely on their radar now. Unfortunately, it sounds like Chase account holders are the primary victims.
  9th of Jul, 2017
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CCbill is a payment processor, like paypal. There is almost no chance that they're the ones who committed the fraud. As an analogy, if someone stole my credit card and bought a bunch of stuff from Amazon, my credit card bill would show charges to Amazon even though Amazon had no involvement whatsoever in the crime. What this likely means is that someone broke into some other business you've made a credit card order from or got your payment details in some other way, and then used it to make a purchase from a site that uses CCbill.

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