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fraudulent chargers

Hello, I had three charges all dated 5/17/2010 for $29.95EU, $29.95EU and $39.95EU as well as three currancy...

unauthorized withdraws

There has been unauthorized charges and withdraws from my bank acct. I have no idea what these charges are for or how they got into my acct. to take money that had nothing to do with anything that Iv boughten. I see that this is happening to a lot of people but I dont see any ways of fixing it or even stopping it other than taking my money and closing out all accts.

chkcardccbilleu.com +1valetta

I just checked my Visa statement and there is charge to this site for $5.00. I wish to cancel any further charges to or by this site. Please help make this happen. Your prompt response is appreciated. Rich Killian

credit card misuse

I see an entry in my credit card statement CCBILLEU.COM +[protected] and USD 29.95 is charge to me (transaction date 19-02-2010; posting date 24-02-2010). I am being charged unjustly without my request. During the previous month also I was charged by the same company and I had posted a complaint. Again I am charged by the same company though I did not at all use my credit card for more than a month. <br />
I request the company concerned not to charge me unjustly like this.<br />
Pradeep Roy

  • Fr
    franciscolumiar Nov 05, 2010

    Não aquento mais ficar pagando isso no meu cartão de credito, todo mes, , é isso ( ccbilleu.com+ 18885969279 TODO MES FICAM DISCOTANDO $ 29, 92 DOLARES DA MINHA CONTA, , que historia é essa não quero mais isso preciso de uma informação, , processo judicias vão ocorrer pelo esses fato, , aquardem

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fraud charges deducted from my acount

I, Pradeep Roy, herby complain that USD 29.95 is being deducted from my Axis Bank credit card No. [protected] and the entry shows Description / Merchant Name as CCBILLEU.COM +[protected] . I do not know who is behind this. I have not ordered for anything in the last three months and I do not owe anything to anyone. So Please stop deducting this from my credit card. <br />
<br />
Thanking you<br />
<br />
Pradeep Roy

  • Ra
    raffi5000 Dec 14, 2010

    i have the same !! I have not idea what is for this payment. ?? How to stop this ?

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  • Ma
    manshu jaiswal Dec 29, 2014

    I, manshu jaiswal, herby complain that USD 29.95 is being deducted from my debit card and the entry shows Description / Merchant Name as CCBILLEU.COM +18885969279 . I do not know who is behind this. I have not ordered for anything in the last three months and I do not owe anything to anyone. So Please stop deducting this from my credit card.

    Thanking you

    manshu jaiswal

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fradulent charges

I just received my new Visa card and didn't even use it yet. However there were two new charges on my statement. They were both identical and both from CCBILLEU. COM in Valetta MH; in addition there was a foreign transaction fee as well, both charges added up to $50.50. Obviously I did not order anything and certainly not from out of the country. Upon googling the website I found that there are numerous accounts of others that have been fradulently charged from this company. Apparently there is a porn site that uses CCBILLEU.COM's services to do their billing from Valetta MH (Malta). Heads up, check your statements!

  • Ch
    ch vramaiah Oct 07, 2009

    I find wrong withdrawel from my credit card account how i will solve the problem.

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unauthorised transaction

This company has drawn £20 from my bank account by debit card - this was not authorised by me.

CCBillEU is an online billing company, processing transactions for third parties, so the fault lies with whoever made a purchase using my details.

  • Mi
    Mike Fuller Oct 05, 2009

    Follow up to complaint:

    I have contacted CCBillEU by email: [email protected] with details of the transaction, primarily my name, address and the last four digits of the affected card

    They have replied that they are refunding and have given limited details of the origin of the fraud, which I have passed onto the Police.

    They seem keen to resolve the matter quickly. Hopefully, the cash will soon be back in my account.

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  • Mi
    Mike Fuller Oct 13, 2009


    The £20 taken from my account on the 5th of October 2009 was returned to my account on 12th October 2009.

    It pays to get up and complain for yourself.

    The documentation my bank said would be sent to me, when I raised this issue on 5th October, has just arrived - 13th October. It was dated 7th October and has spent five or more days in the post.

    CCBillEU has behaved entirely, in a responsible and fair manner. and has demonstrated a far greater regard for the urgency of my situation than has my bank, LLoyds TSB. Through CCBillEU, I was able to provide enough information to my local Police to prompt an immediate investigation that has a fair chance of resulting in an arrest.

    CCBillEU, Thank you for your understanding, your diligence and your help.

    Mike Fuller.

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money taken from credit card

I want to cancel the operation of credit card.
I want my money put back in my account.
In 5 days starting today the 24. 06. 11

  • Ga
    gary earl Apr 21, 2011

    i cancelled my service with valetta.malt and want my money put back in my account

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don't know yet

There is a debit on my Wells Fargo cd in the amt of $29.95 debited as of 8-31-09 from
CHKCARDCCBILLeu.com +1Valetta MTDE. I don't recognise this. Who is the mercant? What is contact info?

  • Ba
    badger70 Sep 01, 2009

    try ccbill.com. They are a porn website merchant.

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  • 12
    123robinson Dec 08, 2010

    Please take this charge off my account, I no longer want these unasked for charges

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  • 12
    123robinson Dec 08, 2010

    I do not want this charge to bank account anymore . Please take me off the list

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  • Co
    Codyshinkle Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Take me off the list I don't want these charges anymore.

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  • To
    tonyweinand Mar 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please take me off your list immediately. I did not sign up for a random $29.95 charges.

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  • Jo
    JoonI'm Mar 17, 2012

    Take me off of this list

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  • Jo
    JoonI'm Mar 17, 2012

    I do not want to be charged random $100 or more charges on my bank so please take me off the list

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  • Jh
    Jhelbert Apr 26, 2012

    Take me off the list !!! Don't want unauthorized charges

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  • Ki
    kinkyjap Dec 07, 2012

    its from an adult pornsite called "www.kickassgirlz.com". It's a phantom porn site that says it has 100's of womens sexy wrestling vids and pics but when you become a member ($29.95/mo), and enter the site, nothing works (no pics video anything). They left a note from 2009 saying it only works on Windows XP and Vista and to download a codex file to watch, well f*** that are they serious? Haven't they heard of JAVA? How stuupid do they think the average semi tech individual is. Trying to get out of their site is also a joke, if you try to shut down your browser, a site storefront popup for "Cali Logan.com" (looks like underage jailbait chick) flashes. She's cute, but no way I'm even peeking out the corner of my eye at a 16 yr old looking teen who hasn't had her 1st period yet. And I'm single but still know I don't want 50 to life.
    If you're really pressed for pay porn that is secure really. AEBN and Hotmovies are the 2 benchmarks today. They do everything by the book and no surprises. If you're completely beat up by any more pay porn expereinces, try Tube8.com. I pesonally have watched 1000's of clips and the only irritating thing is when you do first search, "live Jasmin" (a ppv live go go girl show) popup appears but just "hit the little red X". Hope this helps. and never trust sites that can't at the very least point you somewhere else to cancel or complain.

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money keeps being taken when I have stopped a membership

I joined a personals website and having left the uk I cancelled my membership but 6 months later they are...

retrait d'argent

chaque mois on me débite 22'95 usd de mon compte
pour quelque chose dont je n'ai pas l'usage et je désire que cela cesse

  • Bo
    bourgade Sep 11, 2009


    tous les mois ccbilleu.com me preleve 14.95 € sur mon compte j'ignore quel est ce site et je voudrais savoir comment faire pour qu'il me rembourse car cela fait quelque mois que ca dure est j'en ais ras le bol peut on les attaquer ?

    merci de me renseigner
    [email protected]

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  • Fo
    focman974 Apr 07, 2010

    moi en prend 25.89€ par moi alors que je n'ai pas fais d'achat non plus !! je vais porter plainte a la police et voir la poste c'est pas normale

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  • Tu
    Tuturator Mar 07, 2011

    On m'a plélevé 24, 03 € en fevrier 2011 sans aucun achat ?!!! et je ne sais même pas d'ou cela vient!

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credit card fraud

I joined a web site that used cc bill to collect the credit card information and charge my account. this was the first time I have used the credit card in months. just got called from my bank fraud department asking about charges today. it was not me that placed any orders today. I have not used the card since the cc bill charge. I do not even carry the credit card with me. the only way someone could get that number and use it would be by cc bill giving out that information. they either gave it out or somebody that works there stole it. I called them and of course they say they didn't do anything wrong. how else could someone get my card number when I never use it except this one time. it did not happen by itself. I used the card for a cc bill charge and now I am dealing with fraudulent charges from other places online. cc bill is the only place someone could have gotten that credit card number to use.

Do not sign up at any web site that uses cc bill.com!!!

unauthorized billing

I signed up for a trial membership from foreclosure listings.com for $3.95. after 5 days, they charged me $39.95 even though I canceled the membership. they would not refund my money until I emailed the ceo of the company. the ceo is ronald cadwell.

His email address is [protected]@cwie.net he may not respond but I know this email address is valid because I got a read receipt on the message. if you have tried everything to get your money back, you may want to consider emailing him.

unauthorized charges

I subscribed risk free for foreclosure property search for $3.95 risk free trial in august 2008. that time I...

fraudulent chargs to my bank account

My bank account has been charged monthly by ccbill.com from july 2008 to dec. 2008 for 39.95 per month. these charges are fraund charges. I am reporting ccbill to the indiana attorney general's office and to the better business bureau of louisville, ky and to indiana, and to the chase bank fraud department.

I am trying to get my money back. I have never authorized this company to charge my account and I do not know how they obtained my bank information.

C smith

  • Li
    Linda Payton Oct 09, 2009

    Just this month I was charged $59.95 to my bank account. I have never been in this web site for anything. So how did this web site even get information to charge my account for something I knew nothing about? I am a little outraged on how this company can continue to rip innocent people off like this. I am reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau of Iowa. Linda Payton

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  • Da
    DavidWK Dec 12, 2018

    I loged in on my bank and discovered a unknown charge from ccbill.com *HENTA 888-596-9279. The charge amount was 29.95.

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  • An
    Andria D Jan 22, 2019

    On 12/17/2018, I was trying to get a SSN card replacement for my son and they charged me $25.00 and I received a call from my bank indicating this charge was going to the UK and I said it was okay to charge because I made the purchase, well it is now almost a month later and I have not received my son's SSN card. I want my money back.

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  • Br
    Brad Toner Jul 31, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi I like a refund or money back please for this why am I charged Bradley toner I want this back please

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  • Ro
    Roland Dollinger Apr 18, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was charged 89 dollars from this company with who I had never had any contact.

    0 Votes

ccbill scam

My debit card was recently frozen by my bank after they noticed suspicious charges on my card. apparently...

unauthorized charges

I now have a different perspective about ccbilleu that may be helpful to some of you who have also been...

I dont use that (never did)

Every month they take 27.26 from my creditcard!! I wrote several letters (email) to make them stop, but it...

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