CCavenueUnauthorisedly holding customers money

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Customer made payment through credit cards and CC Avenue holding that money from many days not releasing to either marchant or refunding to customer.

When reached their head office in Mumbai, an incompetant lady was put to investigate our case and her attitude and behaviour is unprofessional towards the customer as well as marchant.

She is ###.Manager and there was nobody to attend customer's issue and no other point of contact apart from her to listen to her. In email she admitted that she will be the only person to deal our case and compelling to surrender her. She neither understands what we say, nor escalates to her heirarchy. Other people in Mumbai office or people from her dept. will say she was on leave or not at her desk or in another call and disconnects the call. It's been Frustrating to talk to this lady and get things done.

Mumbai office is CC Avenue's corporate head office in India. CC Avenue in India don't have an escalation point when one marchant is suffering with their internal resources. When one incompetent asst.manager is controlling entire system without leaving a check point, it never be a choice for me to do the next transaction and don't make my customers to suffer and loose business.

Apr 07, 2016
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  • R0
      Apr 10, 2016

    don't pay the fees.

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  • Cs
      Apr 11, 2016

    i haves the same problem. I paid one line Rs.699/- on 25/3/16 at 16hrs
    Is cc vesnue is avasti"scompany rep. or bogus one. where is kthe money collected are the cheating public like this. should we keep quiet and watch thesm misuse the moneycollected. what is a asti company doing

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