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Customer Support Phone Numbers

+91 981 945 4549(India) 20 10
+1 760 678 1780(International) 11 6
+1 949 464 5941(United States) 4 0
+1 581 705 4535(Canada) 1 0
+44 121 461 4192(United Kingdom) 1 1

Mirraw Online Services Complaints & Reviews

Mirraw Online Services — m252095906

I think I don't know what I order but you are sending me message this is wrong cancel my order I have not done any...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Dec 09, 2019

Mirraw Online Services — all products were poor quality, defective and some were missing

I ordered a few clothes and fashion jewellery on When I received the order, first I noticed 1 jewellery item...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Dec 08, 2019

Mirraw Online Services — hope this is a free service - never received my order from mirraw

A company in India sell Indian clothes online and I placed an order in May 2019 spend around £150.00 and...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Nov 10, 2019

Mirraw Online Services — my refund

Mirraw Online ServicesI ordered the sari online but unfortunately I was told that the blouse couldnt be stitched according to my size. Minute...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Oct 09, 2019

Mirraw Online Services — lack of response about issues pertaining to purchases.

Mirraw Online ServicesHi there, I have followed the process and completed online inquiries on two separate occasions about two separate purchase...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 15, 2019

Mirraw Online Services — clothing

I ordered for a dress on 27th March 2019. A week back status changed dress is stitched. After that there is no change in...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Apr 12, 2019

Mirraw Online Services — unethical behavior and exceptionally bad customer service

I've had a very bad experiences with recently. Their customer service is awful. We have had few $$ in "My...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Mar 22, 2019

Mirraw Online Services — product never received

I paid for an outfit including delivery...then I'm asked to pay another £20 Because it's stuck at custom depot...then I'm...

1 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Dec 05, 2018

Mirraw Online Services — m714240525 white net embroidered lehenga choli with dupatta

I placed subjected order on September 23rd and at that time delivery date of this order was October 10th . Today i...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Oct 17, 2018

Mirraw — several products missing in the order

I had spent more $800 during the orders. I found out that few of the items were missing and provided them a clean and...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 27, 2018

Mirraw — jewelry

MirrawThis is very disappointing that the way you have packaged the products have damaged both of the earings. 3 sets jewelry...

1 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Aug 17, 2018 — negligent employees resulting in a horrible experience

We would like to share our horrible experience about ordering from from the USA to save the trouble for other...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 30, 2018

Mirraw — product

I placed an order with Mirraw and was delayed too long hence requested to cancel it and refund the money but refused to...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 22, 2018

Mirraw — refund - order no: m345865665

Here are the series of incidents that happened: 1. When I ordered the dress, I got an email saying the dress cost r...

Online Shopping  · Jan 15, 2018

Mirraw — online order cancellation

Can you please help resolve my issue? These guys have taken my money and I cancelled they order and they are not...

Online Shopping  · Dec 15, 2017

Mirraw — don't buy anything from them

It's a terrible place for shopping online. Out of 7 items, I got only 2. That's simply unbelievable. Where are...

Online Shopping  · Nov 06, 2017

Mirraw — saree

ordered 2 sarees on Oct 28th.I am from Toronto. but changed my mind and needed to cancel order within 2 hours of placing...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Nov 01, 2017

Mirraw — sari order

I ordered a sari from on Sept 20 2017 and it was scheduled to be delivered on Oct 7th 2017, They were 1 month...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Oct 16, 2017

Mirraw — a sari and a lengha suit

Ordered these on the 1st of September, got an email to say delivery would be the 18th of September which was fine as i...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Oct 06, 2017

Mirraw — order m672511236

I placed an order at mirraw on 8 th of September . I was supposed to get it on 20th of September. It's already 19th...

Online Shopping  · Sep 19, 2017

Mirraw — worst service

Bad, very bad. I'm very unsatisfied. This company gave me a runaround regarding my issue, they couldn't define which...

Online Shopping  · Sep 14, 2017

Mirraw — orders not received even after 2 months

Hello Mirraw, I have ordered goods for about £700 to India after I liked number of days Mirraw took items to be...

2 comments Online Shopping  · Jun 30, 2017

Mirraw — garments

My Nightmare experience with Mirraw began in April when I ordered several garments. The items were weeks delayed before...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jun 29, 2017

Mirraw — haven't received my products and I have purchased 4 items

Greetings I have purchased 4 items, I was suppose to receive delivery on the 15 May 2017 and to date I haven't received...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 19, 2017

Mirraw — mirraw should be out of business!

For all who is planning to buy from Mirraw - don't do that, I guarantee that you will regret that. Pictures on their site...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 18, 2017

Mirraw — fraud company... let file legal suit

We ordered two complete set of Sharees from this website and after a long wait we received two piece of cloths which...

Mirraw — don't believe mirraw!

I accidentally found Mirraw website and I was amazed with all the beautiful designs and prices were also reasonable. I...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Mar 31, 2017

Mirraw online shopping — dress (order #m704372242)

Mirraw online shoppingJanuary, 2017. I ordered 2 dresses, stitched to my measurements. Their company policy is not to accept returns on...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jan 17, 2017

Mirraw Online Shopping Site — refund amount not received

Hello Sir, I had order product Ghagra from the Mirraw site -- number M216746451, I wa...

1 comments Online Shopping  · Oct 27, 2016

Mirraw — never received my order

I was travelling and spent a month in India. Since I was there I decided to order some Indian clothing for myself and...

1 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Apr 13, 2016

Mirraw — very unprofessional

I have purchased five items from and when my order finally arrived two items were missing. And of the...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Mar 31, 2016

Mirraw — no product / won't refund

Hi I ordered a carpet priced 100+ $, they did not have the color so they emailed me saying that, do you want another color...

1 comments Other  · Mar 19, 2016

Mirraw — awful

Few months ago I ordered some items from Mirraw and was very excited about my purchase. Weeks passed and nothing arrived...