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This company keeps calling me every single day at 9:30 AM. I have spoken to them a few times and told them I do not owe this bill for whatever they are calling for. I am 73 years old and physically unwell and they keep harassing me and waking me from sleep every single day. Beause I am ill I don't sleeep well at night and they disturb me every single day. I want them to stop calling me as it is very upsetting. My blood pressure rises and I get very upset. This has got to stop.

Apr 12, 2013
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  • Vi
      Feb 02, 2010
    CBE Group - Harassment
    CBE Group
    United States

    I am being harassed by the CBE Group, Inc. everyday for the last few months. They start calling my house at 8am and I pick up the phone, they hang up. I have tried calling the number that appears on my caller id and I can never get a person. I don't have any outstanding debts.

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  • Ch
      Jul 01, 2010
    CBE Group - This company needs to retrain their employees on proper customer service and work ethics
    CBE Group
    United States

    This company needs to retrain their employees on proper customer service and work ethics. One representative handling my account particularly named Jordan is unprofessional. Somebody else can do a better job than this guy, since there are many unemployed people out there.

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  • Di
      Jul 07, 2010
    CBE Group - CBE keeps calling the company cell-phone that I carry
    CBE Group
    United States

    CBE keeps calling the company cell-phone that I carry. I know they aren't looking for me so it must be a previous owner of the number. I turned the ringer off for their phone number and they've become invisible.

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  • Mo
      May 04, 2011

    I've been receiving 10 calls a day on my Cell phone from the CBE Group. To me they are harassing me by calling me that many times a day, it's way past ridiculous. I have no idea who these people even are. They say they are attempting to collect a debt. I have never had any debts. They just called me again about 5 minutes ago and insisted they want their money, etc. I told the guy to take me off their calling list. He was like sorry we can't do that.
    Jen Hendrix

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  • Je
      Aug 14, 2012

    Multiple calls from 678 331 7272 to my cell phone

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  •   Apr 24, 2013

    These debt collectors have the responsibility to prove you owe the 'debt' they claim you owe...There is something you can do, but, you must be the one to do it...If the debt is not yours, send them a Cease and Desist letter telling them the 'debt' they claim you owe is not valid and to immediately cease any further communication with you regarding this 'debt'. It must be sent in writing, using certified mail and with return receipt requested. They MUST, by federal law, stop contacting you. I hope this helps...

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  • Ma
      Dec 26, 2014

    They've been robo-dialing my cell phone, trying to get me to "verify information" like last 4 of my SSN, etc. I say the same thing every time - I don't verify that kind of information with anyone over the phone. They teel me "they can't help me then", and I tell them to stop calling then. I expect it will take a formal complaint to the CFPB to get them to stop.

    Let me save you guys some time and aggravation. Anyone who depends on violating the TPA (robo-dialing a cell phone repeatedly, for instance) or making threats, claiming to be representing someone they are not (violation of FDCPA) are generally trying to scam people to pay debts that are the vast majority of the time noncollectable. They resort to these illegal tactics because they bought old debt for pennies or fabricated it outright, so if they can get even 10 percent of the people they harass to pay them something they make a profit. They will say/do whatever they can to fight back. If you give in and pay, they will tag you as an easy mark and it will continue until some state sues them and makes them move on. A year later they start all over again. Until the CFPB shuts them down for good, the only thing you can do is refuse to give any information, send a C&D letter instructing them to stop calling, and wait them out.

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  • Lo
      Oct 06, 2015

    We have just started to get these phone calls, this has been going on now everyday, any time of the day, early morning before 9a.m. and after 10 p.m., which is against the law in our state, any way.We answered one of their calls, they just sat on the line and said nothing, I told them, we are going to turn them in to FTC, AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, AND BBB. I was told a long time ago, not to answer these calls, because if you owe a bill, then that just renews it and tells them you agree that you owe the bill. They are calling my husbands work number and my work number, they have not found out our home numbers yet. They have called now for 2 weeks straight over 5 times a day. We know the number and don't answer. Their number is 855-459-1112. Something does have to be done about them. They are breaking most all the laws for collecting debts and their, I guess, getting away with it, SO FAR.

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