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CBCS / terrible scam

1 Columbus, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 888-413-0093

I received a letter stating I owed $81.99 for a bill from 1997 from AT&T broadband. They were willing to settle for $41.00. Imagine my surprise! All of our bills have always been under my husbands name. I did some research and found this site. I am glad I did. I wrote CBCS a letter telling them this was fraud at my expense, and would not tolerate it. I told them to cease and desist their criminal harassment, and if they did not I would contact the Attorney General. I sent the letter today by certified mail, so we will see what happens. I feel that a class action civil suit is in order!

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  • Ch
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    We should all get together and start a class action law suit against these guys. They are completely unethical and has to be reported. We could build a database and send all the complaints in simultaneously so that they get attention.

    I had a very bad experience with them today. They harassing me to collect on a hospital bill that I'm already paying through another collection agency.

    They record calls but I'm not allowed to. Furthermore Florida laws prohibits them from recording calls without my permission. They don't ask for permission they simply state that they are recording the calls.

    Also they are not prepared to put any of that on paper. They claim they sent letters. I personally check my mail and never received a letter.

    My wife is in tears because of their abusive nature and the skid the law by not swearing.

    If anything we should at least stop using companies who use CBCS as a collection agency.

    First of all the bill got handed over because they never sent me one and I had no idea what I owed the hospital. As soon as I found out I made arrangements to pay the bill and has done so every month without default.

    We will also not support the Wellington Regional Medical center again because they use CBCS and because their billing department is a disaster.

  • An
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    Chris Waldick-

    The problem with 99% of the population is the fact they don't realize that it is NOT the hospital's responsibility to bill your insurance. They do this as a courtesy! You, as an adult, have a responsibility to follow up on your business.

  • Pa
      10th of Apr, 2009
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    i do agree with the poster about the Hospital bills being your own responsibility. I have no problem with collection agencies that go after LEGITIMATE debt.

    However, CBCS sent me a letter today as well. This is approx. 1 year after I filed complaints with the Attorney General and called several attorney's - They sent me a "settlement offer" to pay 1/2 of my debt for an AT&T Broadband account.

    There is so much more to this story but I will "TRY" to keep it short -

    First, they say the bill is from 1997 - This happens to be at a time when I first moved to seattle. I was living on a friends couch and NOTHING was in my name.

    This doesn't even get into the fact that I have bought 2 houses and refinanced a mortgage 4 times now over the past 9 years. Each and every time my credit had to be SPOTLESS - and it was -

    Next - after I figured out that this debt was completely bogus, I checked a few sites and found NUMEROUS complaints filed with the BBB AGAINST this company! Examples being things like collection letters sent to people who would have been 14 years old at the time of the alleged debt. Did you have any credit or phone bills in your name when you were 14?

    I then went to my fantasy league (yes, i'm a fantasy nerd, but there IS a point here) and asked some of my friends. Mind you, this is 10 people I'm talking to - of those 10, 1 of my close friends was just getting ready to pay 1/2 of a $660 bill from the SAME agency, and 2 more had friends who had paid these bills as well! 1 of them said that his mom got a call threatening to GARNISH her wages if she didn't pay the bill right away!

    I filed a case with the Attorney General of Washington State - Not 1 thing ever came back.

    I called various attorneys - Not 1 of them wanted to touch it. I was in fact told to "be happy I figured out that it was a scam, and go on about my life" by 1 person -

    And here is why - Did you know that if you go through ALL the trouble of actually fighting a collection agency, you can sue for NO MORE than $1, 000 in damages!!!

    No matter what they do or say, whether it's fraud or threatening or harrasing, you can get no more than $1, 000 in damages IF YOU WIN -

    It's NO WONDER that nobody wants to ever actually DO ANYTHING about this kind of garbage!

    I understand that collection agencies need to have certain power - I would venture to guess that they have one of the toughest jobs around - Getting money out of deadbeats cannot be easy, and I have no problem with collection agencies having a "little leeway" with bending the rules. Yes, I think there are a ton of deadbeats and those people need more than a friendly phone call.

    But when I find complaint after complaint filed with the BBB, about the exact same kind of Fraudulent bills being sent to everyone in america, it seems like at SOME POINT, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

    For me, I tried - I filed complaints with the BBB, the Attorney General and even tried to take legal action. Nobody would even touch it - And that is sad. Actually, it's not sad so much as it is just Plain WRONG -

    They are flat out preying on people and their desire to be a "good citizen". And what do we do? We post message after message on forums saying things like "don't fall for this scam" and "I'm glad I figured it out"

    But what good is that REALLY doing? Can you guess the % of people who even take the time to find message boards? I would venture to say it's pretty low - And what % of people do you think even go to investigate the thing in the first place? I'm guessing that % would be damn low as well. And what about the rest? I'm guessing the highest % of people that receive these just go and pay the bill.

    It's sick - It's sickening that we have MOUNTAINS of evidence posted on websites all over the place. If you just type CBCS Scam into google you get PAGES of complaints filed -

    Yet here they are, sending out even MORE letters.

    I am doing what I can - Tonight I'm sending out an email to over 800 people on my personal mailing list - This isn't a "friends & family list" - This is actually my online marketing newsletter - I hope and pray that someone in that group knows someone who can actually DO SOMETHING about this -

    Cause it's beyond ridiculous - I understand there are much greater problems in the world, believe me I do. But this is plain fraud - and it's allowed to go on and on, with ZERO repurcussions to these collection agencies who are raking in money with nothing but fake phone bills from 12+ years ago -

    And there is nothing that can be done?

    Paul Burnette

  • Fr
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    I am going through the same think with this company. They called me up with a supposed debt from over 4 years ago. I decided to set up payment arrangements since I am trying to pull up my credit score. Well, after doing some research, this company does not even do the collections for the hospital that I owed the bill for. Then I found out that I owe nothing at all. After attempting to call them to question them about it I was trasnferred to 5 different numbers. It was stupid of me to give them my account information before I even verified the payment. Now I am scrambling to stop these transactions from hitting my account.

  • Dl
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Most states have a statue of limitations on how long a debt can be collected. (I may not be wording this correctly, but I hope you get the idea). Once the time has expired, as long as you do not agree to pay or negotiate with the collection services, you do not reopen the time limit. Check with your state to find out what the time frame is. Then you'll know your rights.

  • Af
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    See again, the whole point is that something on a LARGE SCALE needs to be done.

    This has nothing to do with legitimate bills (like hospital bills of 4 years ago) and it has nothing to do with statute of limitations

    It has to do with PAGES upon PAGES of complaints filed against fraudulent collection activities, and nobody doing anything about it -

    We can all say "i'm glad it didn't happen to me" but that isn't changing anything.

    These activities are illegal and immoral - The collection agencies must have some INCREDIBLE lobbyists to get away with this.

    What we need is someone political, who needs a "cause" - Someone who will take this on and really go after it...

    These are everyday folks who are getting ROBBED by these fraudulent collection practices -

  • Dl
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree with you, affiliatecurve, and all the others who are victims of all the scams that are rampant.
    I've been bombarded with calls from "Debt reduction" companies, with rude and persistent Mid-Eastern accents who will not listen to a thing I say, such as, "Take me off your calling list!" or, "I don't want or need your help!" So, what I've started doing is going along with them, getting transferred to a person who will actually send me information so that I now have what I need for legal action, reporting them to the FCC, etc.

    What I've also found out is that somehow these solicitors use non-working numbers or personal numbers of unsuspecting people. How they do that, I'll never know, probably because I don't have unlawful reasons and scams motivating me to use such tactics.

  • Lc
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    CBCS - Won't tell me what the account is
    90 box 69
    United States
    Phone: 18778089098

    Sent me (86 year old) a bill to settle on a capital one account. I never had a captial one account and I don't owe any money. When I called them the telephone number was disconnected. I found another number on the internet and they wouldn't tell me anything. I don't know who to complane to?

  • Ca
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    Received a letter today com CBCS for an AT& T bill that i have already paid off on an account that has been dead for seven years.

    I called their number and lo and behold it was disconnected or improperly dialed.What sort of collections agency has a disconnected number? I rechecked the number I dialed from caller ID and compared to the one provided on my letter- same number.

    Regardless I am going to call At& T (ha! like they will help) on Monday (their offices are conveniently closed on Saturdays...) to straighten out this account. I would think that if there were any remaining debt that after seven years the company would charge it off as unpaid and get their money back in taxes.

    My debt was owed when Cingular merged with At& T and technically my debt was owed to Cingular, as that was my carrier at the time of merger.

    The best we can do as consumers are first ALERT OUR PEERS. Tell them about CBCS, tell them how to confirm their alleged debt owed to companies, encourage them to report CBCS to BBB agencies, Federal Credit Bureau, Consumer Credit Commission, agencies that are there to help folks with credit and debt issues. AS much public outing as possible- it may not stop CBCS and it may not bring punishment but hopefully we can help to hurt their bottom line and run em out of business.

    Tweet it, post in on Facebook, LinkedIn, you business & personal netowrks. No one likes spam and mass forwards, but hey our offices & schools still have watercooler gossip groups and cork message boards- post there.

    Grass roots efforts are required and needed in this situation.

    Remember- DONT PAY CBCS, talk to the alleged company with whom you allegedly owe the debt with. Settle through them.

  • Gu
      15th of Jul, 2010
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    I got a collections notice for these guys earlyer, i sent them a letter stateing provide me proof of the bill and stop contacting me by phone, under the faire collections act, ever since i sent the letter haven't heard from them BE carefull becasue i sent the letter 3 months ago haven't heard anything since, and BE carefull scammers get personal info easy on the web or your trash can, make sure you get anti malware software like malwarebytes, and a good antvirus software even your e-mail account can get spoofed, (steal your e-mial or screen name on aol or hot mail)

  • Ha
      12th of Oct, 2010
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    These "people" are the rudest A-Holes in the business. I used to work there and they are abusive to the employees too. especially the MGR who hits on the female subordinates. What a disgrace!


  • In
      25th of Dec, 2012
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    I just received a bill dated 12/20/2012 for two separate charges of $16.85 from Date of Service 8/23/12. I am very ANAL and keep all my Insurance Companies Explanation of Benefits. Low and behold I OWE NOTHING!!! A total scam. On your Explanation of Benefits at the bottom of the last page you can find a Claims Fraud Number to report issues like this. Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Number is 1-800-378-8024. I will be calling them tomorrow. Please also be advised that Companies will try and bill you for the amount of money they are suppose to write off, which is illegal and a violation of their contract with the Insurance Company. My Sister is a Medical Officer Manager for over 18 years. This is NOT legal, however most people do not keep the proper paperwork!!!
    Hope this help, Allen in NY

  • Ks
      10th of Jan, 2014
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    I received a phone call from CBCS this morning, which I am extremely suspicious of. I was asked to verify my home address and employer, but the information they asked me to verify was incorrect. I have not lived at the address or worked for the employer that they have on record for almost 10 years. They said that I owe $180 to a doctor that I have never heard of, for services I supposedly received in September 2012, and that the claim had been denied by my insurance company. I did not have insurance in 2012, and I have never had insurance through the company that supposedly denied the claim. The representative asked that I pay the bill by credit card over the phone, which I refused to do. I did give my current address so that CBCS can send me an itemized bill. I suppose I will have to get a copy of my credit report and spend time (and possibly money) that I don't have to resolve this.

  • Ma
      12th of Nov, 2015
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    My hospital bill was $1000.00 and being on a fixed income I agreed to pay $10.00 per month. Now I am getting a bill for over $2, 000.00 with a different account number, company name, and same basic billing address. First it was Mich Healthcare Collections Inc, now it's CBCS. The phone rep said it's the same business, different name, different phone# but with a different account for the same bill! WTF? Does anyone think I'm not pissed? BTW, I am a senior (68yrs) and I feel that might be the basis of their thinking they can pull this off.

  • Ca
      5th of Jan, 2019
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    Credit Bureau Collection Services [CBCS] - Harassing my husband over zombie debt
    P.O. Box 1810 Columbus, OH 43215
    United States

    I received mail from this company trying to collect on zombie debt long fallen off my credit report, now they're calling my husband.

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