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Castle Windows
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We purchased our 26 windows and one sliding glass door from Castle Windows four and a half years ago. We couldn't be happier with that purchase. We researched the market and Castle was the best fit for our needs. We liked that Castle had a reputation for quality and service.

The salesman was friendly and courteous and we believe we got the best value for our money. We had a service rep come out once in the first year to make a minor adjustment and have had no problems since.

I think that some of the negative comments toward Castle Windows on this site are are exaggerated somewhat. We would recommend Castle Windows to anyone considering having replacement windows installed by a company with a reputation for quality and service and the best warranty in the industry.
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D  15th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
A  23rd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
When we had our windows and doors replaced by Castle we couldn't be happier with the instal. Price was a bit higher than I wanted to pay, but the products seemed sound and of the quality we were looking for at the time. However, when we had to have someone over for service the problems began. First off, the office people, including the managers are nothing but rude. You call for an appointment and lay out exactly what you need done only to get a call back on another day stating that they are calling to set up another appointment for you. When you take your day off to wait for their one service person to arrive he doesn't even have the correct work order so you then have to make ANOTHER appointment. This has now gone on for two years. We had recommended these guys in the past, but I will now make it my goal to make sure none of our friends ever use Castle Windows again.
D  10th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
My husband and I signed up to get 13 windows done at our house, the very nxt day we decided to cancel due to other monetary circumstances. We confirmed that we had done everything right to cancel and that the deposit check we gave would NOT be deposited and yet now 8 days later the check was just taken out of our account. I called to figured out what happened and they just tossed me around for over an hour from one person to another with no one having any answer. They finally had a very rude woman basically just tell me that it was too bad for me and they would send a check back to us but it would take a week. So now due to financial issues which caused us to cancel they are putting us in a situation where we will be overdrawn in our account because they lied and said the money would not be take out. If they lie about something as simple as that then I wouldn't trust them with anything - Castle Windows actual windows may be OK, but they have really bad people working for them!!
N  15th of Dec, 2011 by    +1 Votes
The windows are realy nice looking. They are well made.The problem is the installation. They did not put weather stripping around the windows.Someone came to look at them and said they wold take them out and redue them.They came over and just put insulation where they could and cork them.My large window was not what i expected.I though it would three windows that open.It was only two and solid glass in the middle.Idid not get an itemize bill. I paid the instular the balance.I spent $4, 100 windows that were not instaled correct.They said if i get a breeze alet them know.They did not do what the sales person said.Think i will call local company nex time. Castle Windows are realy nice.But the work is not ideal.
N  13th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
This was a first for me. Had the salesman over and he went through his "used car" sell, if I buy today its one price, if I buy tomorrow it will cost more. OK, I have seen every company to that. He then asked me if someone else occupied the house and I said my girlfriend but the house was bought long before I knew her. His reply was that she still had to be here even though I stated that I am buying the windows, not her. He would not accept that so I told him that we cant do business. That was 1/2 hr of my life I can't get back. That should have been the first question.
A  19th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I had Castle put 19 windows and three sliders in my home four years ago and it has proven to be the biggest mistake I have ever made as a home owner! I have to have service calls performed on my windows an average for four times a year, the sad part is about 50% of these have been for the same sliding door, and it still is not working properly.

Overall the staff is just plan rude, and generally shows little care or concern for a customer and their problems. When you call for service, it is generally between six to eight weeks before they can have a technician come out to the house, usually you will be given a choice of one or two appointments that fit their schedule, or have to wait longer for the service call (like 10 to 12 weeks).
Over the four years I have dealt with Castle I have had five no shows on service calls, to add to it, they never contact you to cancel, and when you call about it they don’t even offer an apology, the closet you will get is something along the lines of “you have to understand we are busy”. They don’t care about your time, or the fact you may have to do things like take a day off from work, for nothing.

Service calls are a joke, despite telling the operator what is wrong when I call for the service appointment the technician has never once had the needed pieces or equipment with him. Some calls have been for simple things like a lock that will not work, but they do not carry them on the trucks or stock them at their local office. So then I have to wait another six to eight weeks for them to order the part, and come out and replace it (Generally they will not process the order and you have to call them). I have also on a few occasions had the technician come out with the part to be replaced, only to not have the needed tools with him, and ask to barrow things from me. This is not specialized equipment we are talking about things like screw drivers and pry bars.

The slider I mentioned that has never worked correct developed a leak in the frame, this caused water to seep in and damage the laminate flooring in my dining room. To make the problem worst the floor I have is out of production and the manufacture has changed the locking system. Castle has admitted that the damage was caused by them, and replaced the door frame, however will not fix the floor. We are now going on four months of Castle admitting it is their fault, but refusing to fix it. They have offered to make some alterations to the floor by adding a small riser to cover up the area. Basically they want to put a one inch high piece of wood and extend it out over my floor about 12 inches to cover the damage, and don’t think it would be an issue even though it will not match the rest of the room.

If you have an issue like my floor they send you to PAT, he is by far one of the rudest, most inconsiderate people I have ever dealt with. over two months of telephone calls and emails he only responded to me twice, once to set up a telephone conference call, in which he failed to keep, never bothered to contact me and let me know, and when I contact Castle a little while later was told he was not scheduled to be in that day! When I finally had contact with Pat it is just sad, he flat out said things like “I don’t check my messages and read my email”, yet he is responsible for handling damage claims. Pat seems to only want to brag about Castle, tell the customer they are wrong, claim to handle problems, but really just give a lot of lip service and run around. Pat makes going to the DMV and the Dentist in the same day seem like a treat!

My issues are still not resulted and we are approaching five months.


When asked about windows I tell everyone, contact anyone but Castle!
D  27th of Apr, 2012 by    +1 Votes
American Consumer be aware!! Castle windows takes advantage of construction workers due to the economy promises the world, & after you make a customer happy by all means, the company does NOT pay there workers!! I have filled a bbb report & did not accomplish much, these sales men will say, lie & do anything to get your job! I have yet to get paid as a certified window installer on over 4 satified customer istalled jobs for over 20 windows for castle CROOKS!!!

The American hard worker who was stiffed by the fat dishonest cats at castle.
D  25th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I purchased Castle Windows 2 years ago and I am very happy... Service was never an issue. I had a problem with one of the windows and a service tech came out 2 days later. I asked the service department why is there so many complaints on line, they said there was a supervisor there not doing a good job. They let him go a year ago and now there service department is being run much better. I think they are a great company 100 % of the windows made in America that creates jobs for Americans...
N  13th of Jul, 2012 by    +1 Votes
They have the worst customer service! When we first decided to get our windows done with Castle windows, the sales person we had was really friendly, his name was mike. He told us that our windows would all be installed and finished in one day and there would be a team of 6 people coming to finish it., which he kept guaranteeing us because we didn't want our house to be in a mess. On the day of the installation, there were only 2 men that came to install our windows. They worked all day and was only half done. We were told we had to make another appointment for the installation people to come and finish. We could't get another appointment for 2 weeks.. after waiting all that time, we were only sent one man to do our windows, so it was going to take yet another day. I called the sales person that I had talked to when we first decided to do our windows, and he basically told me it wasn't his problem and that if i was smarter, i should have known it would take more than one day and just hung up on me mid sentence of me asking him a question... I decided to call him back right after and he told me to stop bothering him because he was in the middle of driving and hung up again..The salesperson mike is quite possibly the rudest person I have ever met.. He also talked down to my parents because he didn't think we knew english.. Overall, It took over a month for our windows to get completely installed even though it should have only taken 1 day. If i had the choice, I would go a different route for window services. The windows that are shown when they are trying to get you to sign the contract is different from the ones that are actually installed. The ones that are installed are ridiculously hard to lock and you have to struggle to get the window to stay down while the top stays up, its basically become a two person job while trying to do a simple task like locking your windows. So avoid castle windows at ALL COSTS! after your windows are installed they will never get back to you about your complaints even if you call them everyday. Also the lady that helps schedule appointments has the biggest attitude! When i was telling her my dilemma, she said I should be happy the installation people had at least came the first time because the business is extremely busy. SERIOUSLY? If I'm spending 10K+ on your company's windows, I believe that I should at least get some kind of respect! I don't understand how this company can still be running this way.

So after this whole rant, my advice is avoid this company at all costs!
N  16th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
The sales man today asked me if I would like to pay $50 per window to have the replacements installed correctly. I asked him to leave my house and he called me an idiot. Why would anyone hire this company?
A  19th of Jul, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Castle Windows have been nothing but a nightmare. High pressure sales. Was told I had 72 hours to change my mind. All I had to do was call within that time. They as advertise having as having 24 hours personal assistance, which is a flat out lie. I called at night and got an answer service that simply said they would pass on my request. Come to find out they want a letter sent to them within 72 hours. Luckily I picked that up on my own. I called and sent them a letter and they still sent someone out to my house to measure my windows. Next they sent me a letter disputing my cancellation and threatening litigation. Perhaps it was because I had enough sense to immediately cancel the check, which took away their upper hand. I was told they wouldn't try to deposit it, another lie, sucks to be them. Why would a reputable company fight so hard to keep one from cancelling a contract within them, when it's clear that the person doesn't want to do business with them? They were rude and deceitful. They have you sign a deformation clause. Guess the answer is their really not reputable, just a bunch of bullies preying on the hard working men and women. Shame on you Castle Windows!
N  30th of Aug, 2012 by    +1 Votes
aia had Castle window rep come over, they said it would take about one hour.The salesman got to my house, complained about his personal medical problems at 1st.He then came in to go over his used car speech, how castle was better than others, ect.He then proceeded to talk about oall his "books" he brought in, catalogs ect show other company complaints.I told him lets get the measuring completed.He did so.He than proceeded to lug in breif caes after breif case of window parts, glass, ect.He was very annoying, becuase I thought he was moving in! The hour was up, he then said he had to remeasure again.I told him I had appts, ect.He asked me what time I would be back, he wanted to spend another hour with his USED CAR SPEECH.
There sales people are HIGH PRESSURE who want you to sign that day, kept saying what do you need for me to do to buy our windows.Then the next day proceeded a nasty email, which I did not give them the pleasure for a response
I suugest you be very cautious with this company
D  3rd of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
A  18th of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I had a salesman come in to give me a price on a bay window, he measured then asked for a glass of water, as I got closer to him when he spoke, I could smell that he was either working on a hang over, or had a liquid lunch, his hair was messy and so were his clothes. And not once could he actually look at me when speaking, he actually was rambling, and repeating things. I let him finish his speech, then he gave me a price and I said I had to think it over. He left thank god without a problem. When I reported him to his boss his boss was loud and rude to me on the phone. I since then have gone with Sears for my window what a difference salesman was wonderful. I would recommend Sears any day, and they have a great warranty. Yeah Sears, BOOO Castle and shame on you !!
N  23rd of Oct, 2012 by    +1 Votes
My mother purchased windows 1 month prior to her passing away. We decided to maintain the contact and install the 13 windows. After several months of installation, we went to check on the house and 8 of the large windows had leaked cause a great deal of damage. The house smelled like mold and the paneling was peeling off the walls. We were down for two weeks in August (for vacation) and our time was ruined. We spent days with installers coming in and out to assess the damage and check the windows. First, it was they were not caulked enough. They recaulked and that night, we had a storm and the windows leaked all over. the next day, another installer came and they rechecked them again. All the windows were removed and reinstalled and drip caps placed over the windows. Unfortunately, they leaked again. We have video of the windows leaking and so do they, but they tried to blame the roof. But the top of the windows and ceiling were dry. Good try. Then, they said water was coming in from the floor. Good try but water does not rise. (unless poured into a glass or a flood comes through the house). Neither of those happened. The water leaked from the window sill and ran down the paneling until it was so wet it peeled and buckled. Needless to say, it is 3 months later and I have windows that leak, no wall, and no insulation. They removed all the damaged materials. An employee from Ohio, the manufacturing location, came out to the house and saw the windows leaking as well. He was telling me it was the grade of the yard. I showed him how it was dripping from the sill down. I am a nurse, not a window installer, but I am not stupid. I have taken off from work, driven to my mother's home several times for repairs. Spent time, money, gas, and energy with no success. I am getting frustrated. I spend hours on the phone and get the run around. They can't replace the paneling and won't look for a contractor who will. They want to sheet rock it, and replace the windows. It upsets me to know that this room will never be the same. Hopefully, next week they will replace the windows and then we will see about the wall. If they leak again, they can remove all 13 and give me my money back. I also have mold in the carpet which they are not sure they can replace. What go are they. They try to blame it on everything but the windows. Should have kept the old ones, they never leaked. I would never ever ever recommend the company to anyone and I will not finish the last 8 windows in my house with them. Little Egg Harbor
N  25th of Dec, 2012 by    -1 Votes
I hope my windows are of good quality but I'm upset with the company because I'm trying to pay the second half of my cost and they are giving me the run around. I gave them the information and they say they don't have it. They called and said I would be a delinquent account. I called two to three times trying to put it on my credit card. I'm worried about my credit card now. They are making me worried over my holiday. I asked to leave a message with my sales rep. And even the lady that took the message confused me and didn't listen right. I probably won't get another window from them even if I have to get a window.
D  25th of Feb, 2013 by    -1 Votes
I purchased castle windows few months ago and i am completely happy with my choice. The people on the phone were very professional and sweet when setting the appointment for estimate. The installers were so friendly and did very well work upon completing the installation. i referred a friend and they as well purchased windows from them. I havnt had any problems so far, and i believe it will stay that way. Way to go castle. You guys are awesome!! I plan on getting lots more done next year.
N  11th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
we had Castle windows installed several years ago, the windows themselves are fairly good windows, except for the plastic catches at the top of bottom window, they break all the time, so much so that the techs gave me extra ones so they wouldn't have to come out. Now one of the windows on the north side of house has rusted out on the pivot part of the window and it fell out on my feet when I opened it. and I have a window that the seal has gone bad. so I tried to contact Castle, just so happens I live in NC where they don't do business any longer. I called Castle and they told me they would transfer my warrany for a fee. word of advice to everyone, don't buy Castle windows, they don't stand behind the product. Always choose someone local not out of town. BEWARE OF CASTLE Unsatisfied customer in North Carolina
N  18th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Just had castle out to give me an estimate on the 18 windows i am looking to replace. Walked into my home liked he owned it. First thing out of his mouth was who is (my wife's name). I said she was my wife but was not at home. He immediately said he couldn't finish the appointment because he needs both husband and wife present. I said I am more than capable to decide what windows we need and at
what price we feel comfortable paying. He said in his experience it just causes them trouble.I know why he wants both of us there. He left
the house but not before telling me when he comes back he will give me a price that would knock my socks off if I signed that day. His other price would be good for thirty days. He finished by saying that I would not be able to discuss his special price with any of my neighbors. Boy am I glad my wife was not home. After reading all these complaints I do not htink I will be calling for another appointment.
D  23rd of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
After having to kick out a Castle salesmen for being very pushy, rude and vastly over-aggressive my wife and I layed down in bed. "She turned to me and said I hope that man doesn't come back." If the man hadn't walked through my house and noticed that I am very equipped for self defense, I may have been concerned as well. I could go on with a story exactly like the ones above but I feel this pretty much sums it up. I do not recommend letting Castle employees in your home.

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