ACRE Replacement Windows Complaints & Reviews

Acre Replacement Windows / door installations

Oct 19, 2018

This email I sent to them on Oct 19, 2018 recaps the issues: I have tried unsuccessfully since the installation of the 3 doors and 1 screen door on 9-24-18 to get you to come back to do repairs to the scratches on kitchen door, repairs to squeeky kitchen screen door that has no traction...

Acre Replacement Windows / Acre anderson windows

Mar 09, 2017

Film on every window that when they came out took a hour to scrap off of just one. Then said it was makers fault maker said it was installers fault. Bing going back and forth for over a year and nothing is being done. I paid 15000 dollars for these windows and its rediclou s. I can not get...

Acre Replacement Windows / Replacement Windows

Mar 20, 2016

Our experience with ACRE windows has been very negative. Our expert salesman gained our trust and talked a great game but the reality has been very different. First, he misrepresented ACRE’s relationship with Anderson Windows. Next, he sold us conversion kits for our bay windows and promised...

Acre Replacement Windows / They did a good job - very happy. Check all reviews

Dec 08, 2015

We had ACRE install 12 windows and 2 doors in September 2015. Eventhough the project was delayed by a week, they did a great job and and treated our home wonderfully. I'm writing this review because I think the negative reviews here are not fair to this Company. We did a lot of research on...

Acre Replacement Windows / The company uses unfair tactics and fake reviews for their website and sales

Nov 30, 2015

The bad experience with ACRE windows begins from the beginning. We had a member of the ACRE team come to our house on July 29, 2015 to give us an estimate on 10 windows. At the time, the representative, Nick, informed us that we indeed did have faulty windows that needed to be replaced...

[Resolved] ACRE Windows / Stealing money without services done

Oct 21, 2015

The salesman was very nice, but we felt like when he came to our house on October 5th, he wouldn't leave until we signed a contract. He was at our home for a free estimate for close to 3 hours at night and would not tell us the estimate until hours of pretty much telling us that we...

Acre Replacement Windows / Failure to replace cracked window, wrong windows, failure to communicate, bad business practices

Oct 13, 2015

Here is our story. In May 2015 we signed and purchased 23 windows for a home remolding job. The property is on a corner lot and so we wanted noise reduction and went with triple pane windows. Extremely expensive windows. The day of installation 3 windows were smashed. One was cracked and...

ACRE Windows / Can't complete work they agreed too and won't refund deposit

Sep 04, 2015

Back in April we receive a quote from ACRE to remove a large window do some resizing and install a door (Anderson). We signed the contract and the salesperson was very nice and helpful. We gave a deposit at the time we signed the contract and were very excited to get the project started...

[Resolved] Acre Replacement Windows / Don't pay their employees

Apr 20, 2015

If you get a call from this company or see a job posted then BEWARE. I worked for them for about 5 weeks. You are a contracted employee so you get no money until you make sales. They set up the appointments for you for in home demos. I experienced times where I was driving to NJ only to...

[Resolved] Acre Replacement Windows / They steal your money!

Jun 16, 2013

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND YOU WILL NEVER HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN !!! This is an e-mail sent to the supposed manager/ owner- MATT MANFRED It spells it out how horrible they have been. SERIOUSLY- DO NOT EVEN CALL THEM! To Matt Manfred, I guess you must think I...

ACRE Windows / Pressure sales with no way out

Apr 15, 2013

Was quoted a price for White French doors ($7900) on 10/20/12 but told I would not receive discount ($1500) unless I ordered that day which was significant . The next day was too late to change my mind since my credit card was already charged 1/3 of the price so I thought that I would at...

Acre Replacement Windows / Misrepresentation of relationship with Andersen Windows

Jul 17, 2012

Message that I sent the owners sums up my experience: Hello, Matt Mansford left me a message to discuss the order that my husband and I put in last night (and canceled today); however, I was disconnected when I tried to call him back. I was also disconnected twice when I called today for...

Acre Replacement Windows / Inability to deliver what was contracted and poor project management

Sep 13, 2011

ACRE's salesperson was really great but the Project Management and follow-through was horrible. After signing a contract on June 6, 2011 I was left to chase ACRE for status updates on my project. I live in a historical home and finally on September 13, 2011 I was told by the ACRE...

Acre Replacement Windows / changed contract after signed


We contacted Acre Replacement Windows in June 2010, along with other window contractors. They underbid the rest of the contractors for the same service and we signed a contract. The product was to be delivered in a few weeks. Turns out, they decided that they couldn't do what they...