Barrier Window Systems, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Barrier Window Systems, Inc. / bay window

Jan 23, 2019

Salesman met with me & wife @ our home. It sounded as if it was very good with triple glass, gas, insulation all around so we purchased. Installers came & they were not even co. men, but contractors. When they finished there was a gap all around the window. I called the co they sent a man...

Barrier Window Systems, Inc. / windows

Sep 02, 2018

They installed windows crooked. The windows they installed are not the same ones that were demonstrated in home. They were here several times to "fix" windows .. took 2 sliders apart and made problem worse. Now the black seal is shrinking away from the glass of all 9 and the 2 sliders they...

Barrier Windows / Harassment

Dec 06, 2011

A salesman has called the house nearly daily and sometime more than twice a day stating that a request for a window quote was made when it has not. The salesman was rude and insists that they are right and then he further berates and belittles any suggestion other than what they report to...