Casio Watch MTP1246D-1AV / New Casio Watch- not functioning

Selangor, Malaysia

bougt a new casio watch (model name: MTP1246-1AV) from a watch shop named “Watch Engine” in One Utama Shopping Mall, Selangor, Malaysia on 25.12.2014 as a Christmas present to my husband.
But, I felt very disappointed when I noticed that the watch is not functioning when I reach home. What type of watch is this, before use already not functions.
Immediately, I made a complaints call to Watch Engine and the sales personnel informed me that I need to send back the watch as they need to send it back to the casio service centre.I had actually requested them to exchange a new watch to me, but they had refused to do that.
I feel very bad because I am unable to give this present to my husband on the Christmas day and I had to incur additional travelling cost and time to send back this watch to that shop .
What if the parts is not covered under the warranty? Then I would need to incur additional repair cost and the warranty may become void.
Finally, I decided to keep the watch and lodge a complaints to CASIO to hope for a better conclusion.
Looking forward for your immediate reply.

Casio Watch MTP1246D-1AV
Casio Watch MTP1246D-1AV

Jan 10, 2015

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