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Casio / Casio product as their service stinks!

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I sent my new camera, 5 weeks old to CASIO for repair on May 21.07, Price at Brandsmart $ 390.00 plus memory card of $45.00

Today is June 25.07 over one month later!

I have phoned several times and nobody could give me an answer what happened to my camera. Then, three weeks ago, I received a camera from another customer, I called and they said they would send me a UPS label to ship the camera back. That label I received on. June 20. and I sent the camera from the other customer out the next day. But, so far no response. If you like to have the names of the persons working for CASIO, I have them all with the date when I contacted them.

I would not recommend any person to buy a CASIO product as their service stinks.

They don't care, they don't want to help and the most popular answer from there service department is: "I don't know".

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  • Vf
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    I had a similar problem. After 6 weeks my $300 Casio camera stopped working. I sent it in and the circuit board had to be replaced. Two days later it stopped working again, circuit board again. I demanded a replacement and I was told that it had to happen at least 3 times first! It was repaired and I got it back again and 2 days later it stopped again, same problem. Now I can't even get an intelligent response as to what I should do next or what they are going to do. Each time you call support you talk to a different person and you get a completely different response to your questions. Without a doubt the worst service I have ever received. I will never buy another Casio product.

  • Ca
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Pictures on the Ex z77 started all showing horizontal lines. Sent it in to Casio to be repaired. Was emailed a bill to repair it with no explanation why or what was going on, it is 2 months old. I called and they said it has a small ding on the front so it obviously has been dropped so we won't warranty fix it. I bought an extended warranty through Officemax so I took it to them to find out my options. The extended warranty starts on day 1 of year 2 so I asked "do I have to hold it for 8 months then bring it back?" They said accidental damage(they saw nothing beyond normal wear on it) was covered from day one. I called to arrange a return. The wonderful(pathetic) Customer Service rep said accidental damage starts on day 1 of year 2 so now that I have reported the problem they consider it a pre existing condition and won't accept a return. Rock and hard place. So I went to the store I purchased it at, explained what happened, got a little heated, then walked out with a new Nikon. I will never deal with Casio again. Too many forums like this saying they denied repairs for bogus reasons. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!! Even the Customer Service person was pretty rude.

  • Ma
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    casio customer service is the worst. you get a different story every time you call. i was promised a call back by the customer service manager, andrea. well that never happened. called to reach her several times and was told she was at meetings.

    my exs880 camera's lens got stuck and would not go back in. casio claims i broke the camera and would not repair it. sent me a bill.

    horrible service. they do not stand behind their products. manager, andrea, hides behind a cubicle or office. useless. stay away from casio.

  • Gr
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    I can't beleive on what I am reading, wow! I have been in the same scenario with casio for over 5 months now. The same names I keep seeing over and over, from blog to blog on complaints with casio's repair department.

    I sent my camera z-9 in back in september to an authorized repair shop on the west coast. The lens would not retract. I was told to send it in under warrenty and it would take 10 - 14 days to repair. well it took 6 weeks. and it came back inoperable. Adrienne then instructed me to send it to the NJ main office of repairs. They now have had it over 4 months. I am getting the run around with now fee's and or "it looks like is been dropped" The customer service people are very rude when you try to get an answer.

    I have sent in a few complaint letters and still no one will return the call. Can a company of this magnitude get away with bad practices like this? If anyone has any suggestions, please post them, I have ran out of optins with this company. Horrible, horrible protocol.

  • Wi
      10th of May, 2009
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    i have been cheated for a scientific calculator claiming to be fx-991ES model with natural neither had this display nor had many of the functions it had toactually at the time of the purchase i was ignorant of the fact what natural display meant.ignorance aid off

  • Se
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    I would like to make you aware of a problem I have encountered. I bought a Exilim camera and while using it the spring came loose on the zoom switch. I have always kept it in a case and have never dropped it. I had kept my receipt, so I decided I would take it in to Walmart to see if they would exchange it. They sent me to electronics to have it inspected and everything was fine. I told them what wasn't working because there were no physical defects. They were going to do an exchange and saw that it was more than 30 days since purchase...which it was, I did not know the policy. Anyway, I was told I could send it in to Casio for a replacement spring and that it would be covered under the warranty. I sent it in and received a letter back, saying I need to pay $84.53 (the price to buy that camera is $99 now), or I could upgrade to reconditioned product, or I could pay $10 to have it shipped back. I thought for sure the letter was a mistake because it was still under warranty. I called Monday June 15th. I was told by "Shirley" that my camera was cracked and dented and that the warranty was void. I said there must be a mistake, my camera was cosmetically perfect when I sent it in. It has never been dropped and it has always been kept in a case (I am a molecular lab tech, I know how to be careful). Shirley said those were my options, that's it. I asked to speak with a supervisor and I was given "Adrianne" a team leader. She was extremely rude and if I had to guess her age I would say early 20's based off of the "what" and "excuse me" remarks. I told her I would like photos and for the video tape upon which my package was received to be reviewed along with the person's name who reviewed it stating that the camera was not dropped upon receipt. She said she would get the pictures to me the by the next day (June 16th) because she might run out of time that day. I said that would be fine. I never received the email. So on June 17th I called back, I spoke with "Andrew". I expected another rude person, but he was actually very nice and understood my concerns. He said he would have the manager call me, and that he was not available right now. He said he would try and find out what had happened to the pictures as well. So for the rest of the week I waited patiently to hear back or receive an email, I got nothing. I called back on June 22 and spoke with "Israel" who was also very polite. He said he would have the manager get back with me that day, I said great. I didn't hear back again nor did I receive an email. So today I called back and spoke with"Aundrea" who seemed nice but transferred me to the person I requested not to speak with, Adrianne. Adrianne said that she checked on the photos and didn't have them, I complained that it had been over 1.5 weeks and that she said I would have them in a day (last week). She then said that I didn't let her finish and that she did have them. She emailed them to me, below you will see. I lost it when I saw them! I was so upset I had tears in my eyes and I called back. I spoke with Israel again, if it is recorded then you can her my voice cracking as I started to cry. I said I needed to speak with a manager because my camera was not sent like that. He transferred me right away to "Andria Heights". It took me a second to pull it together, I was crying when I began to speak with her. I told her that I did not send the camera like that, why would has obviously been smacked around. Walmart never would have considered taking it back had it looked like that...I can more than likely get the names of the people at Walmart that saw the condition of the camera, heck they have cameras that can zoom in and show that it was not destroyed the way the pictures show. She started to tell me that because I dropped it, this is what happened. I told her I never dropped it, she told me I was confused. At one point she told me I could look it up in a dictionary, I told her I have a college degree, in chemistry and have served my country in USMC, I don't like to be talked down to. I asked to speak with her manager and she said I don't have one. I told her I was told the the manager was a male, she said no, she is in charge. I asked her again for her supervisor, she said she does not have one and that she was the only one that I could talk too. I said really, you are the CEO, she said no you'd have to call Tokyo, I said fine but she would not give me the number. She said I can't call Tokyo it is the middle of the night. She said she would ship my broken banged up camera back to me at no charge and then hung up. I can not believe the way I was treated! It seems like they have a pretty good scam set up, send in the camera and one way or another they get your money. I have been on the Internet seen the reviews on using the warranty...they are not good. I was told by a co-worker that this was going to happen prior to even getting the letter. I almost did not even send the camera because I knew it was a spring, and the camera still worked but it would either zoom all the way in or out, no in between. Now I am get a destroyed version of what I sent in. I am disappointed in the customer service (with the exception of Andrew, Israel, and Aundrea) and the way I was treated and what they did to my camera, saying I dropped it. I would like to think that you would agree this is not acceptable customer service, not once was my call returned. I would like a replacement of my camera or my camera to be fixed or a refund of my money. I don't feel my request is unreasonable. Please get back with me asap.

  • Ka
      8th of Oct, 2009
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  • Th
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    My problems with Casio!!

    Casio really sucks!! .. I am still waiting for Mandy or Gus to call me back about my refund ... I had a problem with my Exilim ~EX-S10 camera which I loved ... the camera was not even a year old. Since I lived close to the office I took it in myself and they said they fixed the problem, when I got the camera back it had the same problem, so I took it back again. They replaced it with a reconditioned camera !!! Guess what 3 weeks later there was no image... sent the camera back of course it was now out of warranty, according to them~ lucky me !! They said the camera must have been dropped which it did not happen at all ~~ They offered to fix it or I could do an upgrade~~~ ohhh but I have to pay for it ~~~ I said no. I feel I was given a defective camera. They insisted no. Ok I decided to pay for the replacement camera. Now they no longer have the EX-S10~~ WOW what does that tell you ... problems with this camera ... HMMMMMMM makes you wonder. I am a fair person so I went for the upgrade ohhhhhhh what a night mare. I put out $298.53 ~~I got the camera December 23 2009, the EX fh 20 ~ utter crap the camera never worked it had problems .. Yes!! you guessed it, it was RECONDITIONED~~~ I drove to the office on December 30th 2009 TO EXCHANGE IT ... Now they said they could not do an exchange ... " Leave it for repair " I told them NO WAY ~I was very disappointed and I wanted a refund I did not want the camera I have just had it with Casio, I really wanted nothing more to do with them or their product, I had just had enough.
    I have a lot of patience~ I sat in the lobby for about an hour .. Spoke to 2 people in management names mentioned above and was told the person who approves refunds was out of the office and I would get a call January 2nd 2010. Never got the call.. I called January 7th 2010 was told I would get my refund by January 12th 2010 … called again Jan 21st 2010, call again February 2nd 2010 still no refund ... I have no camera Casio has my money and they are not working with me. I am about to loose it and Casio will be sorry. They have no Idea. I was told Gus would call me Thursday 4th or Friday 5th of last week, of course I got no call. Something has to be done about how Casio treats their customers. I would not recommend Casio cameras to anyone.

  • Mi
      22nd of Jun, 2010
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    I bought a Casio camera and it was in for repair. They told me i had to pay to fix it. After several (15) telephone calls they agreed to fix it under warantee which it should have been done in the first place. I called the director of repairs a Mr. Smith, He never returns calls nor does he take calls . He doesnt care as he is swamped with all the repair problems with their products. . Weeks and many calls later I still did not have my camera back. More calls were made to Casio without them doing anything. They then would not answer the calls as they have caller Id and would say on the rare occasio, "Hello Mike, " when they picked up the call. Thats how i know they were screaning the calls. I called the Chairman Mr. Okimuro at 973 361 5400 Ext 1309. He is just as bad. Wants nothing to do with it. Finally after months of promices they said they would overnight it to me.. Im STILL WAITING. As my friend said "Why would you buy a Casio product in the first place"!!! I will never buy another Casio product again>

  • Su
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I too bought a Casio camera, liked it and bought a watach. Both broke. The camera was sent back under warantee. They said it was dammaged (Dented) and not covered. When I sent it to them, it was not damaged and I packed it real well. This is a scam. The watch works but the case discolored after a few months. NOT COVERED as the watch works. Their repair dept is very bad. never return calls. They make up stories, hang up on you and yes they know when you call a they also told me after I called severeal times. Hello Sue, How can I help you!" I am waiting for them to return my items.

  • Gu
      13th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    they performed bad customer services, i sent my watch to be repaired. for months they didnt let me know the status of my watch. almost 3 months dealing with them, finally they sent me my replacement which i paid for $ 52 for that. i sent them emails regarding my situation, they didnt reply. they gave empty promises.. sad a big company like casio treats their customer with bad treatment, well i hope they will learn a BIG lesson one day

  • Is
      16th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I bought a Casio Edifice watch model EF-554 on 11/11/2012.

    I bought a Casio watch because of good product quality and prior experiences, but this time it was different. The watch when used in chronograph mode, the “pendulum” action stops on its own.

    The manual in the box is for different watch (with 3 dials while the one that I bought has 4). I requested to be given a fresh piece and not the one used for display but again was disappointed.

    The issue is not that I can get it repaired free of cost but the issue is a new watch bought with an expectation of good quality and craftsmanship from the brand so well established, what would be the difference between a local manufacture and Casio if in both I don’t get a good product.

    The guarantee is offered when the product is beyond doubt in terms of quality and is expected to perform as per expectations but as I said this was not. On top of that they want me to visit their center by taking a day off from work (as they too work from Mon-Fri) and then get a new watch, which I haven't even worn for a day, REPAIRED.

  • Na
      26th of Oct, 2013
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    I bought my Casio Exilim-H5 camera almost 3 years ago from J&R for $150; a long-time SLR user, this was my first digital camera, and I have loved it, it never gave me a moment's trouble. Two weeks into a recent trip to France a blur appeared on the right side of my pictures; when I inspected the lens, expecting to find a smudge, what should I see but a winged bug squeezed behind the lens! Many times larger than a gnat, smaller than a house fly. How did it get in there? how to get it out? Mystery. The camera is obviously out of warranty, but I sent it to Casio repair service hoping (actually, assuming) that in such a bizarrely unique case they would either repair the camera at a nominal charge or even replace it with a refurbished model.
    I received a repair estimate from them by e-mail within 24 hours of their receiving the camera: $147 including S&H. Add to that what I already paid to ship it to them and I would be paying more than I did originally, and as much as or more than I would need to spend on a new, well-rated, compact digital camera. I don't think so.
    I am surprised and disappointed that Casio repair service has neither the imagination nor the good business sense to honor the spirit, if not the letter, of their warranty: surely they would not be creating a precedent and opening the floodgates to bug-behind-the-lens claims? Or does this in fact happen frequently? surely one is entitled to assume that a camera's lens assembly is designed in such a way as to keep out dust particles, much less flying bugs? As a result of this experience I will not buy another Casio product and will tell my story to anyone who's interested.

  • Ji
      9th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have been using CASIO fx-991ES since last 2 these 2 yrs i have send the calculator to the customer care 6 times...still i hv problm...they say that it has some internal problem or battery problem. I am fed up off going to customer care again n again...i want a new calculator in replace of can i get

  • Di
      5th of Apr, 2014
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    I have hand over my Casio Key Board to Service Centre Guwahati (Assam) ..After two months it is not repaired..and I fade up with them, so it is better not to purchase product from this co

  • Di
      5th of Apr, 2014
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    I have handed over my Casio Key board to Service Centre Guwahati almost two months ago for repair. But it is not repaired till date. It is under warranty period. what a bad after sale service. It harass me a lot. please help

  • Ga
      25th of Nov, 2014
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    We have recently purchased a CASIO watch (MTD.1065, Model A-499, 5058), Item Desc No: 4971850473176 from Lifestyle store, Inorbit mall, Madhapur, Hyd. It started malfunctioning(running 2 hours behind) from day1.I have registered a complaint with Casio store in Lifestyle, Inorbit mall on 04Nov'2014 and asked for a replacement.The store in-charge assured us stating, "we will confirm with the service department and in case of any mechanical issue, the company will replace the watch within 7 days".We have submitted the warranty card along with the watch.After a couple of days, the service centre executive had informed us that the watch had a mechanical issue and would need to be investigated further by the head office guys. I told them clearly that I was looking for a replacement not to repair.He told me that the watch would get replaced by the head office guys. On 14th Nov, the store room guys from CASIO, called us and told that your watch got repaired and asked us to collect the watch without even bothering about what the customer is looking for. They didn't have a clear status about what went wrong? I told them clearly I'm not going to take it back at any cost. I don't want to spend my money on a repaired watch which started malfunctioning on day1. Please help us in resolving this issue.

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