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CashNetUSA / fraud and scam

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I took out a payday loan from here in 2005. They were taking money out of my account and everything was fine. Now in 2009 I get a call from a Mr. Reilly [protected] stating that I have committed a Internet Fraud. That Cash Net is taking me to court because I closed my bank account and they never got their money. Well my account has never been closed and I don't owe them any money. He threatened me that I would have to pay all the court costs and fee that would run me thousands of dollars if I did not give them $200.00 right away. I said I want this in writing before I did anything. That was this morning, 03/05/09 and he was going to email me. Never got an email but once I got home I found the same story online from 2006 with the same name and the same rip off. Now I am finding more. Please beware of this rip off.

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  • Ji
      21st of May, 2009
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    I wouldn't worry about it. If you have your bank information and paid them...keep the proof and remember to back yourself up.

    I will say that CASH NET USA has the worst and most disagreeable people on their customer service line. It's like their doing you a big favor by talking to you and giving you an overpriced rip off of a loan. Pay them off and get rid of them. Get a second job so you never have to use this type of evil lending that goes after people with no money and puts them in worse shape.

    I will say that although borrowing money from payday loans isn't a good practice, PAYDAY one is so much nicer and they work with you. I paid them off in two quick installments when I closed my checking account and they were really pleasant. Also, when I did this...they charged me $30 (not 100-200 like cashnetusa) and let me just give them my account number and they were human and decent. I hate CASHNETUSA.

  • To
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I received this phone call yesterday May 2, 2009 and they threatening me with the same thing. I disagreed to everything. They even said that they will notify my work place. I decided to notify my bank and maybe open another bank account because of the fact that they have my account number.

  • To
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I forgot to mention that I NEVER took out a loan under

  • Tr
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    Everyone PLEASE BEWARE!!! That phone call that you're getting is NOT from! There is a scam artist using the company name CashNet.comwith a very thick accent that's calling people claiming that they're going to send someone to your workplace to arrest you for fraud unless you make a payment to him RIGHT AWAY!!! I ended up harrassing HIM trying to find out what the hell was he talking about. He would place me on hold for extended amounts of time in the hopes that I would hang up in frustration. I finally contacted CAshNetUSA to find out why they had someone from their company harrassing me, especially since my account had been paid off a long time ago. They said that there is a scam that is going on at this moment and that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I to make ANY payments to whomever this person is. They are investigating through legal channels, but until they can catch this fraudulent company, unless they can provide you with LEGAL DOCUMENTATION as to when the loan was originally taken out, or any legal proceding that are being placed against you (which would be hand delivered by your local authorities, ANYWAY), do NOT make the mistake of thinking that this jerk is from CashNet USA or any other loan companies with similar names. IF HE CAN'T PROVE IT, DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

  • Ja
      13th of Sep, 2009
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    We recently received a similar phone call, the name changed each time. I never took an internet loan from anyone. They had all my information including my social security number and I am going to be filing a police report. He claimed he was a lawyer from Cashnet, he couldn't say the law firm's name. The phone number was 951-616-6884. I argued with them and was late to work. Then they called and argued with my husband, our dog was barking in the background and my husband was asked to quiet the dog down. When that didn't happen the man claiming to be named Jacob Morris(when he talked to me it was Robert) told my husband to have the dog [censored] him in the a$%. And he told that to my husband twice. I knew the minute he called that something wasn't right, I just wasn't sure what the problem was. This is the second time this year that [redacted] has helped me out. Thanks and beware out there.

  • Ca
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    I received this call today from, 951-616-6884, and the man was of Eastern decent with a very thick accent making him hard to understand. He was threatening on the machine message he left. I didn't think any of it was legit, but wanted to chew someones ### out for calling me on a number that a) isn't listed, and b) on the DO NOT CALL list.

    After finally getting through (had to redial numerous times due to it being busy, real professional) I get some lady who gives me a mans name. Again, heavy accent and hard to hear. I hear numerous people in what sounded like a very small room making calls and harrassing people. She begins to give my name and address to some man and then hangs up on me for no apparent reason. I called back 5 times and every time I began to question who they were and the validity of their cause I was hung up on, told to shut up and other colorful things. After finally getting to tell one of the men that if he was in front of me right now I would allow him to taste my toe nails from the inside out of his body (of course not how I put it to him, but I think you get the point) I was hung up on again. Called back and each time was told, stop calling me! and another hang up. Soooo... I am thinking, not really a lawyers office, huh? lol

    I traced the number from caller ID and it came back to a cell phone out of Moreno, CA. I contacted Moreno Police Department to make them aware of what had occurred and give them the phone number so they would have it to pursue. Didn't want to file criminal charges, etc because of the long distance and time constraint. Moreno refused to take any information unless I went through Albuquerque P.D. Now being a former cop I found this odd. I understand the procedure, but all I was trying to do was pass on information that may coincide with an ongoing investigation they may have on these ###s.

    Anyways, trust your instincts people!

  • Ca
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    I received a phone call this morning around 8:30am. Phone number that appeared on my caller ID was 875-820-6274 and number given to me to call back was 714-845-0766. Same thing he had a very think accent and he used the name Jesus Santana. Now he didn't sound Spanish at all. More of East Indian. I couldn't understand what he was taking about because the connection was horrible. He would then say that he would call me back on another line. He claimed that he was calling on the behalf on Cash Net Express. I never had a loan with that company. I called Cash Net USA and they said that they are not part of that company "Cash net Express". I tried looking for a number for "Cash Net Express" but haven't found one. They had my information but never gave me a case number t verify that there is a court hearing scheduled. Thing being said that I think about now doesn't add up. He said that I would be served with papers at my work. Ok I'll give him that. The thing that didn't add up is that I would have already been served before the court hearing a long time ago. I wouldn't just be finding out about it now. So my next step is getting online to look up case files to see if my name appears anywhere.
    This guy was demanding me to give him my bankcard information saying that I need to pay $1095.45. I told him that I didn't have my card with me. He said that he would give me an hour to get it before he can't help me from not going to court. He called me back not too long ago saying that I was suppose to call him back. I told him that I was no longer talking to him that I know of his scam. He was trying to talk but I didn't allow him to speak. Told him that I don't authorize anything. I don't authorize them to have my information that they need to destroy my information they have and delete my number from their system.

    Another thing was that normally calls like that, that company will tell you that the call is being recorded for such and such purposes. They normally won't give you their name but an ID#. They should also tell you a case number

  • Kc
      25th of Nov, 2009
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    I got one of these phone calls on my cell phone today. Same scenario. They said I owed money and if I did not pay I would be arrested for fraud if I did not pay right away. I asked if I could have the information about this transaction or when it took place and he said I could have it after I made the payment. I looked up the phone number to cash net usa and called them on my work phone at the same time these scammers were on my cell phone. I explained that I had cash net's collections department on the line and they said I never had any sort of account with them. They then questioned me asking, " Are you refusing? Because if so then good luck with the police." My husband called them back on the number they left on the cell phone. My husband told them he wanted them to stop harassing me and that we know its a scam and we are contacting our police department. When they began to argue, my husband used some choice words with them, again stating that we were aware its a scam and we had a police officer on the way to take our report. At that time the man on the phone stopped and told my husband, "You cant [censored] with me, no one can catch me." We were totally blown away by this. My husband then told him again never to call my phone. The man then said "I will [censored] your wife over the phone." I cannot beleive these type of people have so much of all of our information. I am totally disgusted. We did have a police officer that came by and took the report and the phone number.

  • To
      5th of Dec, 2009
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    Add me to the list of complaints. I received my call on my cellphone at 510pmET on Friday, December 4. Same crap. You're going to jail on Monday etc. The number the used to call me was from a spoofed area code. I couldn't call them back. The number they gave me, after I demanded more information, for the supervisor was constantly busy. But that's a good thing because I went on line while I was trying to get through to them @ 559-473-4670 I found all of this scam information. I have already reported them to AT&T and to the Federal Trade Commission. The FBI, the CA and NY Attorneys General, the US Attorney for the Western District of New York are next on my list. OH, btw, like Toya, I never took money out from Cashnetusa.

  • Le
      21st of Jan, 2010
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  • Ab
      12th of Apr, 2010
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    I am going through the same thing. These sounds like Indian people(one who's name is Richard Simpson, Jason Anderson and James Wilson) have been calling me at work as saying that unless I gave them $675 they were going to take me to court and arrest me. I wanted to know all the inforamtion about the company and the name of the law firm but all they kept giving me was that their name is The department of Law and Investiagation. I tried to reverse lookup all the numbers and each number that i looked up was from a different part of the US.The parent company name is Cash Advance Mutual. These people have all my information SSN, banking account info, address, phone numbers, drivers license info, EVERYTHING. I plan on closing my checking account out this week and changing my number, because of the harring calls. Any advice any one has for me about what addtional steps I can take I would be greatful. Anyone else beware of these phone numbers 1-914-595-7417 (jason Anderson-with a thick indian accent) 1-504-402-8910 (James Wilson- with a thick indian accent) and Richard Simpson 1-386-597-1386( also with a thick indian accent)

  • Pe
      7th of May, 2010
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    This is a known scam, see the below link for more information. Whatever you do, DONT PAY. If you have more information such as any online loan company you even filled an application out, please post. We are trying to determine the common denominator in the breach. There is a company that has your information and that information is being stolen or sold. So far, in a year, we have not been able to find the common link...There are numerous state Attorney Generals aware. We need your help with more information!!!

  • Ph
      11th of May, 2010
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    I wish there was more information about this scam. My situation started identically to every post Ive read above. For 3 weeks however, I have received about 100 calls a day from these people. Ive contacted the police dept, the FBI (for impersonating an officer), the FTC and the Attorney General. Ive had the phone company put the Anonymous Call Reject on my phone, only to find out that they call now from "cloned" phone numbers... usually ones that are not in service. Has anyone had any luck at all in finding out how to stop these harassing phone calls? The calls are originating from India. I understand the scam and trying to swindle money from unsuspecting people (which I am completely against of course), but now its totally ridiculous. They have all of my information AND now can monopolize my phone line?! Its been such a violation. These people call saying I'm going to jail, and then asked me if I'm "satisfied" by my husband. Its insane! I would LOVE to see these idiots found. Ive read that other people have had similar instances, but have they continued for weeks like mine? Please let me know how you discouraged them from calling. I need advice ASAP!

  • Me
      28th of May, 2010
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    I have been going throught the same situation, I have filed a complaint with the attorney generals office and I have now hired an attorney. These people are very rude and use very abusive language. My attorneys office is reaserching the phone #'s to try to find out who the #'s are registered to. I called cashnet when the phone calls first started and they did nothing, I filed a complaint with their complinace dept and have yet to here anything from cashnet. I hold cashnet responsible because the people that are calling have access to all my info which was given to cashnet.

  • He
      2nd of Jun, 2010
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    I to received a phone call saying I owed $532.00 on my Cash Net USA account. They told me to fax the information for payment arrangements. I also contacted CNU and they informed me of the scam. I tried to send them a fax proving my account was paid, but the fax number was no longer in service. I personaly would love to see these people get put away for a LONG TIME!!!

  • Ca
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    I recieved my original cashnetusa loan in april and emailed to tell them that my checking account had been closed and to give them the new account #, in the mean time they had taken my 150.00 payment and the day before I had sent them a mone gram. Well the bank covered the withdraw and I got a 30.00 NSF charge. It took untill about the end of May, several calls, several emails, some of the phone calls came from a bank assistant manager to help straightn this out they assured me, after the first call that I would get the 150.00 put back in my account well that didn't happen, so it took a second phone call from him before it got straightened out. Never did get my 30.00 NSF back.
    During this period I had applied for a $400.00 loan, of course I was approved and did get the $400.00 into my account. Now I'm getting more problems with my new loan, ie they took payments from my savings account, I never gave out that INFO to anyone! How does this happen?. Besidezs the money charged against my account I was also asseesed two more NFC charges total oF $60.00 that I probably will never see. So besides all of the time I've spent the $600.00 loans total will cost me close to $1, 00.00. This company is definatly a rip off either intentionally or they have some of the dumbest people working there.

  • Sa
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    I have been receiving these calls as well almost daily for the past two weeks. The first time, when I heard their threatening message, I flipped out and panicked because I couldn't believe someone could be suing me. I called them back at 206-384-4060 and asked for Investigator Mark Brown, which was the name I was left with. (BTW Mark Brown is one of the most American names I just about ever heard of and this man was totally Indian). He told me he was calling from The United Nations Legal Department and gave me the same story as the rest of those posted above: CashNetUSA had given me a loan, which I didn't repay and I was being sued for check fraud and court was in 5 days. At this point, I am taken aback because I cannot believe that this is happening but it all seems so shady, especially since I HAVE NEVER TAKEN OUT A LOAN WITH CASHNETUSA. I immediately hung up on the man and called my attorney who tells me to calm down and call them back to find out what proof they have and demand that proof. He also told me to find out what lawyer's office this was because we could file a complaint against the Better Business Bureau and file charges for harassment if the calls persist. When I called back, the man asks me if I am going to pay the fee or go to court. I demanded to have the proof that they had of my supposed fraud and he said he would send it to me but needed to know what my decision was: I said: "Take me to court." When I asked for their company info, they said never mind, you'll find out when the papers are sent. That was two weeks ago, my supposed court date should have been last Tuesday (6/1), and today (6/10) I receive another call. I'm fed up and I'm filing a complaint with anyone and everyone. I am tired of being harassed and bothered. The latest number they called from is 717-862-4230 and his name is Jack Fernandez (again, an Indian accent).

  • Jc
      21st of Jun, 2010
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    Received about the 4th call today. Every call says the same thing that everyone says above. I've got calls from Officer Mark Brown, Officer John Smith...etc all heavy Indian accent and all claimed they were officers. The first call I received they had my address, social security number, bank information...etc. so I took it serious. They said I owed $350 and my payment was returned NSF in September 2009. I listened wrote everything down and told them they would receive a phone call back from me within 1 hour. I logged on to internet banking and confirmed that I never had an NSF in September nor anytime for that amount of money. I then contacted Cash Net USA and confirmed the only loan I received from them was paid in full and that by no means should I make a payment to these folks.

    I called them back and informed them that as I promised I would return their call but I was not going to be giving them any money. He questioned me as to why I would not want to settle my debt. I informed him I spoke with Cash Net USA and they said I didn’t not owe any money. He then informed me it was the parent company that did business under 26 names. I said well that may be true but I check with my bank and I have never had an NCF in September for $350. After he stumbled on his words for a few seconds he said "I must of misspoke it was actually March" I said so you are telling me you have proof that I have an NSF from my PNC Bank account XXXXXXXXX in March of 2009 in the amount of $350 - He said yes. I then told him he was a lying piece of [censor] that I didn’t even open my account with PNC until May of 2009. He said so are you refusing to resolve this matter and you want the cops to show up to you home? I said if that’s what it takes. He said I will call the police and have you arrested, starting getting more hostile in threats and cursing. I then informed him in my calmest voice possible that he should have 911 on speed dial because if I ever found out who he was or what 3rd world country he lived that he would need it.

    I thought the issue was over and received a call about a month later from Officer Mark Brown when I told him to talk to "Officer John Smith" I have already told him all I have to say. Then its was the famous line "are you refusing to cooperate" I said yes kiss my a$$. Then last week received a call from someone who I couldn’t even understand the name but I told him I had nothing say and again it was "are you refusing to settle this matter" To which all I said was yes. Then today received my 4th call from "Tyler a Fraud Investigator", I told him I wasn’t giving them any money I don’t care how many times they call and then I hung up.

    I don’t know what else to do, they use pre-paid or cloned phone numbers. I am sure they are scamming people out of money and getting away with it.

    Stop these guys

  • Jc
      28th of Jun, 2010
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    i love your statement about them needing the 911 number to call for help... I too have had several similar calls threatening me to be picked up and taken to a detention center. They too had all my inof and I Never have had a cashnet loan ever. I told them to understand my English very well and dont call my phone again and that my lawyer would call them as well, which they have, and they were rude with them also. I reported this to FBI as well... please stop these probable illegals and get them OUT of our country.

  • Ci
      2nd of Jul, 2010
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    This is a major scam by some foreigners trying to take advantage of struggling Americans. These people have no affiliation with and NEED to be stopped! Do NOT pay these people anything!! They CAN NOT and WILL NOT take you to jail. If you could go to jail for owing a company money, the streets of America would be empty and there would NEVER EVER be any traffic!! Cashnetusa may be more expensive than I would like but they are a professional company backed by the Better Business Bureau with good customer service. Their process is super easy and they are dependable when you need them.

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