Cash Generatorstaff and my account

I would like to make a complaint as I went into cash generator Hartlepool and I use this slot I went to put my daughter's Christmas present in her fire tablet to enable me some extra cash until my pay day.. then I got told I was not allowed to use the service buy or sell in the shop no more by one of the staff who apparently said that when I took a gold bracelet in over a year ago and since then still used the service a lot aparently when he sent the bracelet off it was not real gold.. which I then said excuse me how long ago and as for that they tested the bracelet in the shop to see if it was real gold and it was baring in mind I new it was at it was my nannas.. now a year later and agin still continued to use the service I use buy back a lot.. this bracelet has been tested by the staff in the shop so if they haven't don't there job properly I don't know but I'm quiet shocked and the cheeky attitude I got off the guy and how demoralised I was in the shop as he then turned me away and embarrassed me and said I am not allowed to use buy back service no more.. now this bracelet was a year ago I've used the service since plenty of time and the guy in the shop done his job and tested the bracelet so how dose this affect me now to aparently the guy said I'm not allowed to use service no more.. I have nothing in writing got totally demoralised and I would like to take this further as I have done nothing wrong and use the service a lot and apparently so the bracelet is not gold which he had tested and accepted and was a year ago how do I not know he's put another cheap bracelet in a pocketed the original one I put in for extra cash and now someone how a year later and carried on using the service I was not allowed to my baby girls tablet in to get me some extra cash until pay day due to this and due to this guy in Hartlepool cash generator who just laughed and smuggerd now I don't have anything to say I am not allowed to go there or anything there was another staff serving me and went to give me the money for the tablet on buy back then this guy comes out and says all this.. which I think it's him who hasn't done his job properly if it was not real gold when he sent it off.. which it was as he tested in the shop and now a year later it now affects me. I would like somebody to get back to me I asked to speak to his manager I got told I have to go online and got laughed at I'm not happy with this at all and I want this resolving so I can still use the service this all should be on CCTV also. My contact number is [protected] my email is [protected] and hopefully somebody can help me as I am not letting staff treat and con people clearly and then try and discriminate me from not using the service just off his own word of mouth who is this guy he's no manager there was no manager there and like I said he told me to make a complaint online I really want this dealing with please someone help thanks Chelsea

Dec 12, 2017

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