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Cash Advance America / Unpaid PAYDAY loan

1 NV, United States Review updated:

I had been receiving calls from an "unknown" number on my cell phone for a week or so, with someone with a heavy East Indian accent, who said he was Officer Neil Thomas. He was intelligible, so I told him I wasn't interested and hung up. He called back and left a message that he was Officer Neil Thomas, and that he would take my hanging up in his mouth (his words), as proof that I was refusing to take care of this serious financial matter, and that I had better hire an attorney because I was going to need one soon.

Today I received a call, again from 'Neil', this time from [protected], which looks like a cell or magic jack number. He stated that he was with American Law Division, a Texas law firm, and that he was processing court papers for a lawsuit they were filing against me for an unpaid PAYDAY loan from Cash Advance America, unless I wanted to pay it off today, they would be having me served tomorrow. I told him I was unaware of any such loan, and that I needed more details. He said he couldn't give them to me, and then transferred me to his case worker, Alex DeCosta. Alex gave me the same dog and pony. I asked him for the details of the loan. He told me it was from October of 2009, for $500.00, and that the amount, with interest and expenses, was $1, 857.00 . He then told me, that if they filed the case as planned, that the cost was going to be over $9, 000, and that the only way I could avoid this, plus my attorney's fees, would be to make arrangements to wire the money directly to Cash Advance America today. I told him that I needed to check my records, and asked for a number that I could return the call too. He told me I had one hour, and gave me the number, [protected]. I told I would check and call back. I went back to my bank statements for the months of September, October, and November of 2009, to see if I had and cash advances for that amount, and/or from that company (I had gotten an advance in September from East Side Lenders for a lessor amount in September, which was paid in September). There were none. I called him back at the number provided. After several attempts, with the calls getting disconnect recordings and circuit busy signals, I got back to 'Alex', and told him I was not able to verify his claim and that I needed exact details. He then told me it was on October 13th, 2009, and gave me the last 4 digits of the checking number it went to. I asked him, if it was deposited, why had they not withdrawn the payment on the designated payday. He said that the eft was returned as worthless, probably because of insufficient funds. I told him I would have to go and check again with the bank to determine if I received the money, and whether ti had been debited back out or not, but that if I was correct, I would certainly want to pay. I told him that I would not be able to pay until my next payday. He told me that he was not trying to collect on the debt, merely making a courtesy call in case I wanted to settle it before they file. I told him if I owed it, I would want to settle, but not today, as I still needed to check my bank records. He told me that was fine with him, but that unless I was prepared to wire the money immediately, he would have to file the papers and I would have to deal with it in court. I told him since I could not settle it now, to go ahead and file. He told me to go hire an attorney because they had all the technical documentation they needed to prove their case, and that it was all on me to prove otherwise, and then hung up. I verified my bank statements again for the account that he gave me, for the date he said it occurred, and again there is nothing. It occurred to me after the last call, that in no time during any of the previous discussions, had they ever used my full ssn or bank account number. Sounds like a scam to me.

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  • Ca
      8th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Loan shop called me to verify info for a loan I supposivly applied for. I didnt apply, I just browsed info online about a loan. I never called them back and now that I read everyone's complaints, THANK GOD...Im just hoping that nothing else happens. I never called them to verify anything, so I hope thats it and they dont put money in my account, nor try to take anything...thanks to all of you for the info!!

  • Ca
      8th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    PLEASE, I want to post this because its Christmas time and all the scammers are coming out of the woodwork!!! 2 years ago I applied online for a few loans. A few days later I got a phone call from a Beacon Financial group, saying I was approved for a 5000.00 loan. She gave me the interest rate plus the monthly payments and told me the loan would be for 5yrs. She said I was already approved, but since my credit wasnt too good, they needed collateral. She asked if I had anything I could put up. I said no, so she then said since I didnt, I would need to pay the first 6 monthly payments, which came out to about 720.00. I talked it over with my husband to see if we could come up with it, since it was so close to Christmas. We came up with a way to scrape it up, so I called her back. 1st sign I should have known it was a scam was, before they even connected me to the lady working on my application, I had to state my name. Well, we talked to her and said we can scrape it up and asked how we pay this. She said the quickest and easiest way was Moneygram. I asked if I can send a check, she said I could but it would take over a month to get the loan, so we decided to send it Moneygram. 2nd sign I should have known this was a scam was, the Moneygram was addressed to a a man in Canada. We asked why Canada and she told us this was a "private lender" who was willing to finance our loan, and this 720.00 we were sending was money we were paying this guy to assure this guy we would make good on our payments, that and this 720.00 meant we wouldnt have to pay the monthly installments until June of the following year. Well, we ended up sending the money, faxing back our loan agreement, along with a voided check, ID, SSN, etc. After we sent the Moneygram we called the lady and she assured us the money would be in our account the next day. Well, the next day instead of getting money, we get a phone call saying they re-reviewed our application and the money we sent wasnt suffecient enough to cover the loan, they wanted us to send another 6 mos worth of payments. We told them to forget about it and give us a refund. They said they would and we'd get it in January, we said we wanted it wired back to our checking account, which they said they couldnt do, since they needed to void my application, etc. Well, lets just say we NEVER got a refund, and when we went to call them back, the number was no longer in service!!!
    I since got similar phone calls around November/December, same situation, except they use another name. I just got called twice this year. The name used this time was Datsun Financial, also Weston and Weber Financial. They wont patch you through unless you state your name, and same thing, they say you're approved for a loan, ranging from 5-10 thousand dollars, in which they need the first 6 months worth of payments due to your credit.
    NEVER, EVER, EVERRRR send money to get a loan. If you get a call and they say you're approved for a loan and they want any kind of payment, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY, also write down the name of the company calling so you can report it. ALSO, if you do get a call and you call them back, and before you can even talk to someone, you have to state your name, HANG UP, and again, get the name of the company...DONT EVER FALL FOR THIS like I stupidly did. Im ashamed and embarassed at myself for falling for such nonsense. Thats how they get the scam, they call people around the holidays, who have tarnished credit, and try to get any money they can. PLEASE dont fall for this.
    ONE, if you cant talk to someone unless you give your name and TWO, they ask for any money, especially money they want you to wire them IS A SCAM!!!

  • Bo
      7th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    So is this whole thing fake because I got a call about me not paying back a loan and thing is I never took out a loan and it is from cash advance america. If anyone can comment it would help a lot.

  • Pa
      7th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    WOW!! Thank you kind sir for posting this! Lol. I just recieved a call, with the exact details of the above, and I was freaking out. I have never recieved a cash advance or payday loan, yet in the very recent past, I'd made a few inquiries, that I never committed to, due to my lack of experience in this area, and fear that something screwy would happen. When the person (Male with Thick Indian accent) called and began to spew out the details, along with my personal information, I did not know what to think, yet something just didn't set right with me. So I proceeded to check my bank statements online, to determine if I had infact inadvertently recieved some sort of payday loan and was unaware, and I had not. This is the second scam call I've recieved, in like 2 weeks! The other was from some guy (again, thick indian accent) claiming that I was selected to recieve a government grant in the amount of $4, 500 dollars, just for paying my taxes on time! Lol

  • Pa
      7th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    yep, it was Cash Advance America for me as well! If they call back, I will definitely have a few choice and pointed words for em...

  • Na
      8th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Wow everyone! i just had to deal with something very similar. This "Cash Advance America" gang just called me claiminng that i recieved funds from them back in October! Now granted i did take a payday loan back in October but it was from a completely different company and the loan was paid for as well. I've never borrwoed any funds from this company, i went back and checked my bank records, nothing! I called my attorney and asked his advice, and he told me that they have to prove my guilt not the other way around. Ironically they were trying to make it seem like they have me in the whole and said that they will send my supboena to court. I'll keep you guys posted if I recieve anything, but I never accepted anything from this company. btw the phone numbers are exactly the same as the original post on this. I wonder if we can sue them for harrassment and false accusations? anyone on here a lawyer and would want to take a case for us?

  • Ma
      9th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    OMG I had the exact same phone calls. Scary part was that they had my employer information, my cell phone, my social security number and my address!! I had taken out a couple pay day loans in October and November of 2010. When I asked them when I "supposedly" borrowed this money, they said April 2010. I had no idea what a pay day loan was before October 2010. They said they were going to drag my employer into this and that if I would just pay over the phone we could avoid going to court. Because if I didn't pay up "they were going to hire all of the best lawyers in Michigan." I am filing a police report and closing all of my accounts. Why must people be so shady in this day and age??????

  • Ca
      30th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Ive been getting the calls and repeated texts and emails from these foriegn sounding guys with truly backwood common american names. LOL. They run the scam on me and couldnt get anything right as far as how I recieved money or anything else. They, (towards the end) said, " you took from computer", HELLO, what did I do reach in and grab it or what? "yea, you took from computer". I mean come on now, an India guy or some with a voice like from over there somewhere with a name like " I Jerry Kelso, I senior Attourney". Come on now, HERES YOUR SIGN, LMAO. So I played right back, I mean I checked my bank acct. even called my banker. NO DEPOSIT, Hello ###, take me to court and make a fool out of yourself. " OH NO, ME MAKE FOOL OUT YU." OK, bring it on bozo, "you make fun all want" he says and hangs up. Anyways, heres the law firms #360-326-2386 (Olmpia, Wa.) ( the law firm now knows their name is being used). The mans name there who actually left the message on my phone that I call back at my most soon convienence, is also foriegn with the name"Kevin Jefferson", who after talking and getting upset at this numbskull turns me over to another foriegn guy by the name, yea, Jerry Kelso. By the way, none of these people could even tell me their address, let alone where they were calling from, HHMMM. The first callers area code was 360, Washinton, The second, (which when you try to call was either otof service or not available)(come to find out, my # was blocked, but my phone service provider was able to put them on a three way, which he wouldnt talk, Imagine that, LMAO. ) His area code is a Pasedena Ca.. The people suing and prosecuting me and telling me that they were going to involve my employer and probation etc. were from Miami Fl.# 305-507-8825, Cash Advanced America, foriener John Smith. He was just as clue less as everybody else but in the same sense almost convincing. These guys knew I was on to them, but didnt give up. I said, "Being a senoir lawyer for a major company, HAHA, you must be pretty intelligent? "OH, me very smart". I said" come on Abdul, Jerry Smith" you got to be [censored] kidding me, your dumber than a seagull poop. Anyways, look people, all I did was click this add to see what the interest rates are and my god people, you cant save money applying for these loans. PRAY a little and things usaully work out. But anyways, i clicked the add and checked it out and left. For weeks the emails(50-300) a day would roll in and the phone calls and text messages came in non stop. This phone is my bussiness phone and Ill tell you what it was BEYOND [censored] IRRITATING. THE OTHER WOORRSSTT PART is they can get the other info just from your email, so be aware. Key West, Fl.

  • Kg
      6th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    WOW! I just had the indian guy call me now. I admitt I was a little intimidating but I have not had any loans since 2009 and I know that I paid what I borrowed. Anyway he gave me the same spill, you need a lawyer, need to pay right away, attorney fees of 8, 000 but if you want to avoid that pays us the 300.00 now, your going to jail, calling from NYC and my favorite "this is a serious financial matter." I didn't check my bank statements because I know exactly what I have been doing with my financials but I just thought it was awkward. If this has been going on so long, something has to be done. He called me from a 970-175-598 number and when I asked for a number to call back he gave me 520-265-3439 which is a Arizona area code which is where I live. Well, this article makes me feel much better.

  • Ju
      11th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Well I guess I am not alone, today I receive a phone call from Officer Richmond (with thick Indian accent) with the Financial Crimes Investagtive Divison informing me that Cash Advance of America filed a compliant against me for not paying an $800.00 loan on Nov. 10, 2010. I told me to hold on and check my bank account and told him that I did not receive any monies on that day or 10 days before or after that date and ask him to send me all the details regarding this loan. He also knew where I worked and SS# and said that if I did not resolve this issue he was sending an officer to my house to arrest me. I ask him for his # to call back at and the nuber he gave me was 206-801-5444. I did a reversed seach on the number and got (206) 801-5444 Type: Land Line Location: Richmond Beach, .WA. Phone carrier is MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. Isnt it funny Officer Richmond lives in Richmond WA. I called ATT and talk to the anonace department about the all numbers I have seen on this page and the one he called me on. I going to try my best to stop this harassment. and hope no one gets taken by this guy.

  • Sa
      12th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got the exact same phone call today. Except my guys name was Ronnie Cooper. He also had a heavy Indian accent.
    I am going to change my accounts tomorrow. This guy had way to much of my info. The number he called from was 315-285-9114. Careful everyone there are some weirdos out the threaenting people to pay up.

  • Ap
      27th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I spoke to an agent in homeland security from their michigan office this is a scam. If you have ever had a payday loan these companies sell your information to college kids in india that are calling from a magic jack number that is why the number continues to change. This is not a real debt the reason they have your info if from the payday loan company that you had a loan with. Also continue to check your credit report because they do have your info and will try and use it. I spoke with a representative from the loan company I did have a loan with and they did verify they sell the info to 3rd are you kidding me. Do not pay these guys and yes you can say anything you want back to them I did...they are a joke...and here is the number they called me from 205-417-2414

  • Me
      4th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    On 6/2/2011 at 7:36 PM a message was left on my voice mail: (The caller had a middle-eastern accent – maybe Indian or Pakistani)
    “My name is Alex Todd. I am with Brown Law Firm. This message is for Mr. XXX. Mr. XXX, the very first second you receive this message, I want you or your attorney to return my call as soon as possible before we go ahead and download a case against you as (??? ) you case paper with us.
    And we have one more name on the affidavit which is XXX as your guarantor and she also needs to be present in the court once we download this case. So please do not disregard this message and return my call as soon as possible. Our call back number is 909-243-1231. I will repeat: 909-243-1231.
    And if we don’t get any response from you then we have to send this court summons at your home address, your work address and your guarantor’s address.
    Thank you so much. You take care.”

    On 6/3/2011 I called the above number and a man with calling himself Gary Kelso answered. He sounded exactly like Alex Todd. He said he is representing Cash Advance America. He says his client says I took out a $300 payday loan and never repaid it. They tried to use the EFT function and were rejected because my account was closed or had insufficient funds.
    Alex (Kelso?) wants to sue me for $7, 682 and issue an arrest warrant. He also threatened me with 7 months and 20 days in jail.
    I told him that I never agreed to take a loan from his client. I admit that I did check out the process and enter the information they requested. When they told me what the terms were, I cancelled. I never clicked on the box signifying the electronic signature. He says that they made the $300 deposit into my bank account on May 8, 2011 at 12:11 PM. My bank shows no record of that transaction.
    He gave me this Case File number: CF786453243.
    He says he will download the summons into the Loudoun County Court on Monday (6/6/2011).
    At one point I asked for the address of his law firm and he gave me this:
    Brown Law Firm
    3055 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    I went to the website and that information was correct. The phone number on the site is (213) 487-8880.
    I called the number and a very professional sounding person answered. I asked for both Gary Kelso and Alex Todd and was told that he had never heard of either one. I explained why I was asking for them. He asked for the phone number and I gave it to him.

  • Is
      29th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have same thing from this company call America Payment,
    this guy have (thick Pakistant accent) call my job and my cell phone, and asked me, He say he is Ralph Stone from the lawyer firm, he got me upset, he say take a loan from this company for $500.00, if i don't paid on time they with charge me attorney fee, process fee, will come up to $810.00 or if they go to court i have to paid $8, 000.00 out of mu pocket. are they crazy, i call my bank about the statement they say their is no deposit of $500.00 in your account and they send me a copy of my statement and they are no figure on my account they are scam people, when u sign up for cash advance they got you, they used your information was on the
    form you fill out form for cash advance, please don't sign no cash advance online, there are scam in the systems. They will liar on you say you did sign agree with the money. WHAT OUT FOR SCAM (THICK ACCENT PEOPLE) West Indians or Pakistani. Thank you for listern and reading my comment

  • Cg
      2nd of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got a call today for my husband stating that we had taken out a payday loan from CASH ADVANCE AMERICA. I know that we hadnt so I asked the guy when this occured and the amount and he told me that until the papers downloaded and were ready to be served against my husband for the unpaid amount and attorney fees that he could not give me exact details . I kept pressing him for more information when he got pissed off and told me that I was an idiot and to get an attorney. These people have thick Indian accents and are very hard to understand. I immediatly got in the internet and did a search on Cash advance america and found out that many people have been scammed by these people. They had my husbands last four of his SSN and who we back with. When I tried to call the number back that they called me from 520-265-3439 it just says "God Bless America' and hangs up. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY ITS A SCAM!!

  • De
      17th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    Just received a call from guy who says his name is Eugene Baker stating my husband took a payday loan in February of this year (2011). He said the original amount was for $300 but with late fees and collection fees the cost is $997 and they were going to file a lawsuit and would cost us $4, 000. He refused to tell me what bank the money was supposedly deposited into. He said the lawfirm he works for was in the Miami, Florida area and the phone number is 786-275-5079. I know for a fact we didn't take a payday loan out in February this year. They had the last 4 digits of my husband's social security number and our address. He said the company name is Cash Advance America. Just like everyone else has posted here, very thick Indian accent that is incredibly hard to understand. I called the number back and it rang twice then went to a fast busy signal. This is the second time they have called our house. I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open. I didn't give them any money, account information, I wouldn't verify anything. If anything comes of it I will post more here, hopefully just like everyone else I'll never hear from them again.

  • Ta
      16th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    I too have gotten this call...many times. I will admit the first time I got the call I was frazzled. I couldn't believe that I had let a small $500 debt get so out of hand. They claimed i owed them $1187, due to the interest and fees over time since 2009. But the difference was that they told me i had this debt but it had been written off. Why then am i supposed to be paying you? I hung up. They kept calling for weeks...even though initially they were going to be at my door with the police the next day.
    Another situation occurred with the same company calling to offer me a loan. They are so dumb! How is it that i supposedly owe you money and you call me back within a week saying you want to give me a loan??!!! It was a $5000 loan and i apparently needed $240 to secure it. I dont care how you explain it. I am not giving you money to get money. Thats just ###ed!

  • Ra
      3rd of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    This is horrible to offer loans on this sites after reading what the customer went through. The company above in the initial statement is now all over the news. The worst part is that they are targeting Military families now. More than 300 military members or their families received high interest loans by Cash America payday loan companies. I would not be the one to mess with these members, they are tough and are not afraid to fight against these horrible employees who shredded information and made harassing calls.

  • Ws
      27th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have received many APPROVAL E-mails from Cash Advance America for $3000.00 in the last 4 months. I had applied for pay day loans in late December and realized that was a huge error on my part. I have received numerous collection attempts from loans I never took out; harassing e-mails and phone calls. The most recent is from a Rick Martin with Cash Advance America, phone number 213-283-9616. Please do not open the attachments. Unfortunately, there is no opt out of e-mails; the only thing to do is to call and request to be removed from call and mailing list, including reminding them you are will file a complaint with the FTC if they continue.

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