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I got an email from a Kevin Smith from Advance America Payday Loans. He told me I was approved for a payday loan and told me cuz of my credit score, I had to buy a green dot card and call them. Having done this before and I was scammed, I told them No. He then got very creepy and told me he was on my Facebook page. He described my cover picture and made sexual remarks about my two teenage boys and then hung up on me.

Very creepy, unprofessional and a scam. DO NOT ANSWER OR CALL them back

can not believe I actually got scammed this way

I got a call from priority payday loan from number [protected] from a Russell Jones who said I was approved for a loan of $2100 and I needed to send $190 which I knew in my gut that it wasn't right but I did it anyways and he assured me it wasn't a scam. After I sent that a man name Jim Davis called stating I needed to send more money in the amount of $300 to cover the international fees. Like a fool I sent that and I had to borrow that money because I was in need of the money, because I was out on maternity leave from work and its the first of the month bills are due. So I did it. Then another man Calvin Smith called and stated I need to send another $190 so he can transfer the money in my account that was my breaking point. I said NO and he cant assuring me its not a scam and that if I sent the money on Monday I will have the money in my account within 10 minutes. I will not be sending any more money. I am now in a HUGE hole with my friend trying to find a way to give her the money back by Monday. I woke up this morning knowing it wasnt right so I google the phone number and came across this site. I am not trying sick to my stomach and can not believe I actually got scammed this way. It is truly heartbreaking.

being sue by them

received a phone call today from a law firm from california asking too speak to my mother and ask what for...

1 comment La Follette Loans

fake pay day loan - harrasing calls

I havebeen recieving harrassing calls at work and on my cellphone regarding a loan I was supposed to have taken out with them and didnt pay. This is defintely a fraud as I have never taken out a loan with this company. These people have my SSN# address and name. Im not sure if my information was sold to this company. The persons calling have a heavy accent and are advising that a warrant has been taken out for my arrest. I am concerned as these people know my place of employment and are calling my job. This definitely a scam and I need to know who I should contact in order to stop these people from harassing me.

  • Aj
    ajohnson873 May 22, 2012

    The company that they allegedly represent, "Cash Advance America", has the following message when you click on "Contact Us"

    IMPORTANT (read before you submit any message):

    All phone calls requesting payments are not originating from Any phone call that you receive in the name of our website is not from us.

    So this scam has apparently been widespread, and the company does NOT call you to collect a debt. They do not even have a phone number to call them to apply for a loan.

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  • Mi
    mizzpamela Jan 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the.same is.happing to me by these people the number 214-702-5314

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they've stolen my information

I had never received a loan from this Internet cash advance loan, apparently i filled some information but never completed the application now they are calling me to get paid for a loan i never received, the person only states his first name, answers the phone no [protected] with hello instead with a company name i m afraid they’ve stolen my information.

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On Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011, I received from Steve (had an Asian accent), of Cash Advance America, tel. #...

bogus loan

I got a call on 10/24/2011 from a chris matthews who barely spoke english saying from what I could make out he was calling from internet crime compliant standard [protected]) to inform me of a legal compliant filed against me by cash advance america usa on a loan I never received from them...

stay away from this one

On 11/7/09 I took out a loan with Advance America during that time I was involved in a auto accident which took me out of work so I had no income coming in but my wifes social security check of $757 which had to last us the entire month and pay our electric, phone insurance, supplies and food for 4 people(my car was rear ended) I received injuries to my left knee which required surgery and also a crack in my spine, my first payment came due on 12/4 and unable to make it, 12/31/09 my wifes social security check went into the bank early due to the hoilday my wife and I have a joint checking account, on 12/31/09 Advance America tapped into my wifes money of $651 so now I can't afford to go to therapy, doctor appointments let along tri to feed 4 people and now their telling me their going take out another $149 due to lack of payment, all I have wanted is to get better so I can return to work so much for that I can thank Advance America of that, I have filed a formal complaint with the Attorney Generals office.

never owe money to this company

i have treatning call that i owe money to cash advance america. but i never borrow money from them. and told me im going to jail with 3 felony count . AND THEY WILL ARREST FROM MY JOB where they get my imformation to call me in my home.

fraudulent attempt to collect

Several weeks ago there was a message on my answering machine. The thick Indian accent was barely comprehensible. My husband and I had to listen to it several times and still could not make out all of it. We ignored it. I received another call today and these people claim that I owe them money, which I do not. I asked to speak to an American, and was transferred to "Richard Williams, " who was obviously an Indian with the same thick accent. When I asked him if he was an American, he said "Yes." I continued to insist that I be allowed to speak to someone with an American accent, and he eventually hung up on me, claiming that he would "see me at the courthouse." I called the number back and asked for the name of the company attorney and his address so that I could have contact information, as I intended to file a lawsuit myself. I was told that the name of the company attorney is "John Doe." I was not given contact information, but was eventually hung up on again. I called back a third time and got just an answering system, so I left a phone number insisting that they stop calling me, as I do not owe any money to their company. I called a fourth time and once again got the answering machine. I intend to contact my bank today, and to send an official letter to Cash Advance America denying them any access to my bank account in case they try to withdraw funds.


Well I guess I am not alone, today I receive a phone call from Officer Richmond (with thick Indian accent) with the Financial Crimes Investagtive Divison informing me that Cash Advance of America filed a compliant against me for not paying an $800.00 loan on Nov. 10, 2010. I told me to hold on and check my bank account and told him that I did not receive any monies on that day or 10 days before or after that date and ask him to send me all the details regarding this loan. He also knew where I worked and SS# and said that if I did not resolve this issue he was sending an officer to my house to arrest me. I ask him for his # to call back at and the nuber he gave me was [protected]. I did a reversed seach on the number and got [protected] Type: Land Line Location: Richmond Beach, .WA. Phone carrier is MCIMETRO, ATS, INC. Isnt it funny Officer Richmond lives in Richmond WA. I called ATT and talk to the anonace department about the all numbers I have seen on this page and the one he called me on. I going to try my best to stop this harassment. and hope no one gets taken by this guy.

  • Kf
    k. findley Jun 27, 2012

    I have been receiving the strangest calls from people with uncomprehending Indian accents. At first I thought they were telemarketers and ignored the calls as I could not even understand what they were saying on the message. I then received a call at MY JOB! I asked what it was in regards to but they wouldn't tell me! I then returned the call out of curiosity, when another Indian man named "john" said was I violating all these crazy laws and committing fraud regarding a payday loan. I asked for the details and he said he "can't" give them to me, but if I don't pay by 3:00 they would continue with the Affidavit (?) and they would notify my employer of my illegal actions. I tried to get more information out of him on when and how much this loan was for and he said $640.99 but if I paid western union or prepaid card by 3:00 then I could settle for 450.00. I told him there would be no reason why he can't give me the name or number to the alleged cash advance america or dates of loans or anything to that effect then I wasn't paying anything that I would call him later, he got very belligerent with me, threaten me with all kinds of crazy stuff. I am glad I researched this and am a little relieved to find out it's a scam, however I haven't taken out payday advances it caught me off guard so much as I was almost willing to pay the money to avoid furthur issue's. I'm glad I trusted my gut instinct!

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bogus debt collection

I was contacted by a Kevin Lloyd, who had a middle eastern or indian accent on a friday using the number [protected]. The message was left on my cell phone which is used for emergencies only. I check messages periodically. On Saturday, I called the number back. The answering message was for King's County Supreme Court Criminal Term. So I left a message for Kevin Lloyd since in his message he expressed it was a legal concern and important that myself or my attorney call back or legal actions would be taken against me. Monday morning I received a call. I let him speak until he started talking about court and blah, blah. He got upset when I asked him what was the nature of the account, what was the company, the amount, and when was I supposedly received this loan, and how I applied for it. I disputed it and said it was not me because he gave a recent date. I can remember clearly if I received money from a loan. Besides I am not working so how would I get a payday loan? He hung up on me. I called back until someone else answered. I asked the same questions and told them the same thing except I got rude this time. I told them do not call my mf phone again cause I am not stupid--you are trying to scam me and you will not get anything. I also told them to go back to their own country and scam them. I even followed up with calling the court house to make a complaint. The complaint office receptionist checked the number while I was on hold. When she returned she informed me that it was not a number in the court or did an attorney Kevin Lloyd work there. She advised me not to send any money cause if it were a court matter I would not receive a phone call or be demanded to send money. I let her know that the number even has a message box that announces them as King's County Supreme Court Criminal Term. Also that others have done like I did and followed up by calling the court house. Take my advice and cuss them out and don't send them a dime.


i have got many calls from [protected] they said they were from american law firm calling about a payday...


For the past 2 mths people with Indian(from India) accents have been calling me at least 6 times a day saying I owe $500.00 for a cash advance loan or either a pre-paid visa. I have been threating with jail, they are gonna call my employer, and report me to the credit bureaus. I have ask for proof of the debt and they hang up on me and and then a different person will call back.

payday loan

I recived a call from [protected] last night about 7:30 pm telling me they were some investagations company for cash advance america and that I took out a payday loan in august of last year. These people had my e-mail, my home address, my telphone for my cell and home. They told me that I needed an lawyer and that they were going to file charges against me. I told them to send me the paper work and I would get a lawer. I looked up this number on the internet and found several post of this same company calling other people telling them the same thing. I do belive this is a scam, but I am going to contact my local police department and get myself a lawyer just in case.

  • Fl
    Flowerpower81 Jan 24, 2011

    My brother received the same phone call from # 408-905-0911, the so called "officer" refused to give him a address or provide written info, and gave my brother a fax # to fax all of his payment information. He was told if he didnt pay the debt he would be arrested tomorrow. I work in a collection agency and with Insufficient checks and never have i heard of this kind of behavior or process to collect a debt. Please be aware of those who call to collect, always get as much info as you can while you have them on the phone. My brother did say the man calling him had a hard accent, (overseas) in other words.

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  • Os
    Osiris11 Feb 05, 2011

    I received a call yesterday about these guys too.. saying I took out a payday loan and that when they attempted to collect it it bounced. They claimed to be from a law agency but refused to give a physical address, bar associate number, or even a date of transaction. They called my work and told a random person that I owed them money and was refusing to pay. I called my bank, they researched and found no deposits in the amount they indicated, or any withdraws that resulted in NSFs in over a year. I never even applied for a pay day loan so how they got my info I don't know but they had my SSN, bank information, work information and home information. I put a fraud alert on my SSN with the credit reporting agencies, had all accounts closed and reopened under new numbers, and filed a report with the local police department for threatening me (their voicemail said "You better call us today if you know what's good for you. If you don't, well... good luck"). I talked to the "law firm" (347 321 9063), all thick accents (sounded Indian to me).. they gave me a number to "Cash Advance America" (347 286 7407) and the guy refused to give me any other information. When I asked him for the bank info, he told me to hold on and then called the name of the girl who I was just talking to from the "law firm" as if she was sitting right next to him and I heard her in the background. These guys are fraud... plain and simple. I got a lawyer who is ready to counter sue if they really do try and file.

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  • Na
    N. Allen Feb 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received the same call on 2/22/2011 from 347-286-7407, saying my name came up in a fraud investigation with "Cash Advance America" ... These people had my name, address, place of employment and even knew who i banked with. I gave up no information and told them that i wasn't the right person they were looking for. I notified the police in my area and they told me that i wasn't the only one that received that call. Numerous people have received the same call and that it was a scam. I changed my banking information and put my s.s.# on fraud alert to be on the safe side. I advise everyone to do the same.

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  • Jr
    JRock23 Jun 12, 2011

    I received a call from this "Attorney's Office" supposedly representing the company (Cash Advance America). They called from 518-712-409 and left me voice mail stating that their call was urgent and that if I didn't return the call, they wish me the best of luck with the proceedings. I returned the call and got someone by the name of "Ronnie Anderson" on the line who supposedly worked for this lawyers office who was representing the company. They asked if I had an attorney, I told them that I didn't and they said that they could only forward the legal documentation for which I was being charged to my job and to my attorney, but I was not able to be provided a copy of the documents or the charges. They claimed that I took out a loan and when they went to my account to retrieve the funds, the payment were returned. I never took out a loan with this company, in fact this company doesn't even serve the area in which I live. They said that they would settle the debt for 350.00 and provided me with the information that I need to make a payment to them. If I do not make a payment, then they would proceed with the original charges they were going to file against me. Needless to say, I feel victim to this once before, but I will not again. I put my SS# on fraud alert and these ### are not getting a single dime of my money.

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  • Ra
    Rachael1 Dec 03, 2013

    Cash America employees in Ohio improperly stamped management’s signature on loan collection affidavits for almost five years without anyone prior review or approval. Don’t these people have morals, how could you go to work everyday knowing you are doing something wrong, the sad thing is this is how many of these companies are run. Caring is not their strong suit.

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unpaid payday loan

I had been receiving calls from an "unknown" number on my cell phone for a week or so, with someone with a...


Like many others that I read on this website received a call on my cell phone and my place of employment. I...


I received call from Tom Davis with American Legal Process, also India accent #[protected], also stated I got a loan in default for 786.00 and I needed to pay, court dock #248375 for freud, from cash advance american 21 days ago. He knew my SS# and my Bank, I told him I have every legal right to request documentation in writing and they have 15 business days to comply and that he can do nothing to me or my account without legal remifications to himself and his company he represents. I requested his phone number, fax number and address, so I can submitt to my attorney to sue him for Deformation of Character. He hung up. I tried to call back and got some other person who told me not to call again as soon as I made the same request to him as i did the first guy, but this guy wouldn't give me his name and hung up.

The number is in Metuchen, NJ and it is a cell phone number.

I have also submitted a complaint to the FTC, Federal Trade Commision for Debt Collection Frued. Also, submitted a complaint to the attorney general for IL and NJ.

I do not even have a loan with Cash Advance America or have ever.

I contacted NJ court house, there were several so I went to the Attorney Generals Office and that Dock number does not exist.

  • Mi
    Mike79 Dec 11, 2010

    I recieved a call from the same Alex Dedcosta. about a payday loan that I did not pay on. It is legitimate. The already had my full name social security number and all the references that I had put on my application along with their phone numbers.

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not a complaint

Advance America is not taking anybody's money from a debit card. Now if you think you are paying too much money back then pay it all off at once. When you go in there and just pay the interest you are not doing anything but giving away money. They are not taking advantage of you because you were explained how things worked with you signed all those papers to get the loan. I bet you were happy when you got the money so stop your complaining. That's what wrong with people, don't appreciate when people help you. Could you have went to the bank and got that loan. Hell No!!! So shut up and pay back the money you owe. Nothing is free in this world. Oh, and I currently manage a Advance America in Texas.

  • Ch
    Chris Stephens Jan 17, 2011

    AMEN!!! People need to be held accountable for their actions- "Bring me your poor, your unwashed, your dirty(and from my experience your nasty and smelly) and make them responsible for their actions. INCLUDING TAKING OUT PERSONAL LOANS. Don't borrow if you can't pay back!! Especially if your only income is a "securty" check.

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  • Ur
    ura*^$# Feb 03, 2011

    Spelling "security" You are the A*%# Now.

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  • Tr
    trishahilton422 Feb 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to work at Advance America in Austin TX. They are not scammers to their customers because everything is fully explained at the beginning. But I refuse to EVER work for that company again. They are nothing but money driven. Their expectations of their managers and assistant managers are outrageous. I was actually told by my supervisor to NOT feel empathy for the customers and to get them in the location on their due date no exceptions. In the end, we could not hold these peoples' hands and walk them through the door...but if they did not show up we got in trouble for it.

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took all of my income

My wife and I went to Advance America for a loan, shortly after we took the loan out I was involved in a serious auto accident which took me out of work due to my injury at this time I am recieving no income, the only income my wife and I had to live on was her social security money of $715 dollars which had to be used for bills food, etc. for the whole month. My wifes money went into the bank early due to the holiday on Dec.31st Advance America tapped into our account and took out over $650 dollars, so now I don't have any money to get me back and forth to doctor, theraphy appointments, all I wanted to do is get better so I could return to work, so much for that.

  • Uo
    u owe me Feb 16, 2011

    we took our money..not yours. all you had to do was call and set up some kind of arrangement to pay back.

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