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She has no clue how to do her job. Her staff even does her paperwork and she gets credit.customers have complained about hearing her gossip about here employees with other ones, then she lectuers on gossiping. She blames it on other employees and gets them not liking each other. She is not at her store much. Employees call and text her she tells them to leave her alone. Messed up pay for one employee twice.keeps saying it will get fixed and doesnt. A hungry little boy came in with pennies. He rode his bike in the heat because he had no food at home. He asked to buyva slice of pizza with his pennies. The manager got mad and told employeecto just get him the [censored] out of there. When she was overheard and asked how she could get mad at that. She told worked to buy the slice and get him out. Store, parking lot always dirty. Prices are too high.people will leave and go to wendys across the street. Regulars are complaining and not coming in. She even made fun of one employee for a reason she hadnt worked in awhile. Horrabile. Sorry for moorseville in.

May 30, 2018
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  • Em
      Jun 24, 2018

    Let me guess...the store on 144? That store is a joke. The new manager is useless, I think her name is Ali...seems to be on her personal phone a lot...I'm pretty sure Casey's has store phones to conduct business on.

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