Casey’s General Stores / employee lorna mccracken

Chillicothe, IL, United States

I went to the north Casey's in Chillicothe, Mo and bought Starbucks protein coffee. There was an ad stating the coffee was on sale 2 for $3. When I arrived at the cashier the coffee was ringing up $3.69 a piece. The lady working the register was very nice about it and was attempting to correct the problem but could not. Lorna was stacking cigarettes and the cashier attempted to ask her how to fix it. At first it appeared that Lorna was ignoring the cashier so the cashier continued to try to figure it out, when she could not she asked Lorna again, at this point Lorna appeared aggravated because the cashier kept asking questions, she yelled at her to just do a price override and then shook her head and huffed. She was very unprofessional and wasted an extra 5 minutes of my time because she would not assist the cashier when she first asked. As a long time customer of Casey's and with the amount of people that were in the store at the time of the incident it is a bad image for Casey's.

Sep 15, 2017

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