Casey’s General Storescashier employee

Lone tree, Iowa
Employee name-Nancy
Rudest unprofessional name calling, bullying employee I've ever seen. Will be calling corporate as well as speaking with manager at store..
tonight I went in there (she's bullied my 16 yr old nephew and his friends since she started) (remind you does not know these kids personally) well I went in there tonight bought cigarettes and told my nephew to pay for my gas and handed him the money and walked out, him n my son was in store looking at what they wanted to buy, I went to pump gas and he was in process of prepaying, I didn't realize he was at counter already. She told him to tell his clown friend to hang up the nozzle, I'm usually pretty nice and laugh things off well I know she harasses my nephew n his friends every time they walk in the store. So I went back in and waiied for customers to leave and asked her what was your comment to my nephew. At first she looked surprised that it was an adult n not one of his friends and then she told me the same thing he had said that she said. Well I got rude and told her I am an adult I know she has been making remarks to my nephew and his friends when they come into store and I'm reporting her. This time she made a big mistake because I am an adult she said it too. And I nor my family and I will tell the community of lone tree on Facebook twitter and newspaper ect about this mishap if nothing is done. I was just telling my nephew earlier today to start recording on his phone from time they enter store till they walk out. They shouldn't have to do that. Workin in public you should be patient and respectful towards any customers, I have worked at Casey's and I never have seen in my life a rude customer like that let alone an employee. I'm disquested at why she was hired she has no public manners or retail service skills.

Jul 31, 2018

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