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Casey's General Store / employee

1 Excelsior Springs, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 8166379975

i have worked for this company for 5+years, i took the positon of 2nd assistant manager over a year ago, guaranteed workng every other saturdays doing b0oks, untill 10AM, with sundays off. and working every other mondays, doing the books. monday books are like tuesday b0oks thru saturdays. they are HELL, excuse my language. now, this corporation is trying to tell me i have to work everyother sunday. then they tell me they can not force me to, but my manager, LOUISE COURTNEY, tells me that if do not work sundays i have to do mondays books EVERY monday, what the hell? to me this sounds like briabry.. i was guarnteed something and now they are going back on their word. what if we did this as an emloyee, we would be FIRED!<br />
<br />
not only that, today i found out that if you call in on a weekend, friday-sunday, even if you have a doctors excuse or the flu, or HN1N, YOU ARE FIRED!! what compassion you have for your employees.<br />
<br />
To be honest, I worked 9 hours today without eating, or even a break. I had to begg to go the bathroom, this corportion would make more money if they treated their employees like human beings, not like animanls. <br />
<br />
<br />
in the store i work at we are not allowed any type of break, bathroom, eating, etc. for 4- hours, get a grip, WE ARE NOT ANIMALS. when we do get that break, our manager, LOUISE COURTNEY, gets mad if we are gone more than 1-minute. and that is NO LIE!!!.. i have been here for over five (5) years I shoud know.

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  • Jg
      26th of Sep, 2009
    -2 Votes

    The fact is employees don't run the corporations. And things change over time. In a lot of places one person is now doing the job of 3 people and you have the choice of keeping the job and doing, or quitting. There's lots of people waiting in line for work.

    Not much you can do - this isn't specific to the company you work for, it's happening everywhere. Cutbacks in staff to save money, putting more work onto remaining staff. This is nothing new, it's being going on for years and years.

    At least you have a job.

  • Be
      12th of Sep, 2018
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    @JGraceyStinson You know what...OF COURSE WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR A JOB BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN CASEYS GENERAL STORES CAN make up their own laws to make their bottom look better for shareholders! This is about my 6th screw up they made with me and I have been with Co 5 years.

    They can't just say something and then and then change it and affect our payroll and our livelihood because they're trying to make the bottom line look better

  • Dr
      19th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i have to agree with hunter, i've been working for casey's for almost five years now and have only received maybe three of my raises (90 day raise, the $.25 raise that came with uping starting wage, which they up $.50 but only give us $.25, and maybe MAYBE my 1 year raise) my first manager said that it was because our (mine and his) comments to the company weren't long enough even though i filled all THREE lines given to me PLUS one that i added my self. well a year ago he was fired/quite/let-go-early and so we were left with our assistant mngr as the manager, all the sudden things started running better all-around and ppl were happy. then we received our current mngr, TONI RICHARDSON. at first things seemed to be okay, but then she went and started pissing (pardon my language) people off. it started off with her telling one person one thing then a second person a completely different thing along with denying everything she said to the first (even if we had somebody else who knew what she said) then it was promising to help people out with their work problems and then denying those promises, and finally it came to the scheduling (which she refused to do for the longest time because "i don't know what hours everyone works" (not that hard to find out just look at the past schedules and/or ASK US.) so for me it was promise me a set schedule...LIE, told people that when she called me she told me to come in 3 hours earlier then what i was scheduled so i could help with truck...LIE (she called to ask if i knew i was scheduled to come in at 5pm-8pm THAT'S IT), then i told and showed her how much i was making ($8.25 STILL AM MAKING THAT MUCH) her jaw just about hit the floor and she started apologizing for that and said that she would get those sent through IMMEDIATELY(a whole year later...nothing) then came the promise to make a meeting with me to come in and do my evaluations, even included her writing a note to her self to remind her to call me, that was over a month ago during the week of Iowa State Fare because the note said any day but Tuesday because i was gonna be out of town that day...the note is still hanging in the office taped right next to the computer screen for all to see...still...nothing!!! now she's cut my hours back dramatically without telling me why, but from the general consensus that i was given, from other employee's she's told, is because i was sitting in "HER OFFICE" doing nothing my entire shift accept txting, ok yes i admit it i was sitting down everynow-andthen for a break because,
    A.) i have a bad back so when i stand for to long i start to loose felling in my legs and feet
    B.) like hunter breaks are a rare thing for register ppl unless there is a second register person or your TONY(WHO IS CONSTANTLY SITTING IN THE OFFICE DOING NOTHING WHILE WE RUN HER REGISTER OR WHILE SHE IS ONE HER CELL PHONE)
    and C.) i had a customer coming in every 20 minutes and i had already face shelfs wiped counters and PUT UP THE NEW MONTHS SIGN'S (WHICH NOBODY ASKED ME TO DO THAT LAST ONE I W THOUGHT I"D BE NICE AND DO IT)
    so i find out that another employee told our mngr to watch the tapes(which she clames that she doesn't know how to work) because i wasn't doing any thing, ok this same employee works with a person who listens to there mp3 during there shift (which i was given a verbal warning not to do) and yet she doesn't say anything about that person, pretty frick-in ethical don't you think?!! so now she was given both of my normal shifts for one week leaving me hourless for a second week in one month (not sure of the reason for the first week) leaving me unable to pay my car payment and insurance payments. but as i was first told after i first started that if there was ever a problem with me the order went as followed
    1. verbal warning
    2. second verbal warning hinting at a write-up
    3.write up with warning that a continue of what-ever would result in hour loss
    4. loss of hours
    5. if you're still being an idiot then your fired/ put on temporary suspension without pay

    ok so she has skipped steps 1-3 and has somewhat combined steps 4 and 5

    didn't casey's kinda get sued over something like this before...?
    along with being told that if we have more the two drive off''s in one month we are to be written up for it, ok i've seen at least AT LEAST three drive off tickets for TONY and write-up, which brings me to ask, why are the employees punished for the actions of somebody that we have no control over, so its naturally our fault if the person decides they don't want to pay for their gas??!!! they tell us to use the intercom to tell the ppl that we are watching them get gas and that they are to pay inside after getting, but think about it...our store has 8 pumps total are we supposed to remember what kind of car was at each along with what the person looked like. not sure about you but i don't have a photographic memory nor is my head the national encyclopedia for automobile makes and models i'm sorry. if your that worried about the gas then install cameras at the pumps so you can see the driver and their plates, instead the store i work at installed 8(count'em 8) camera's inside because they're more worried about catching the kid stealing the candy bar instead of the guys stealing the gas. doesn't quite make sense

  • Dm
      16th of Nov, 2009
    -2 Votes

    I have worked for Casey's for almost seven years in the Paullina, Iowa store, now being the manager, and nothing like these situations have never happened in my store. I think that you guys are gong overboard on these comments. Number one, Casey's has to pay you minimum wage. I have ten employees working under me and every single one has always gotten their raise. From my standpoint, number one, assistant managers are to work every other weekend Saturday and the handbook. The books are not that hard...they are the same every day of the week so I don't know why you think they are different on Sundays...As for the gas drive offs...pretty sure you are supposed to be writing down a description of the car and the employee...again read the handbook...Casey's allows breaks as long as all your work is done and the customer's needs are met. As for this crap you guys are putting on this site...its ridiculous...grow up...if you don't want to do what you are supposed to be doing...then quit...the company doesn't need people like you working for them anyways. Like I said, I have worked for Casey's almost seven years and none of this stuff has ever happened in my store.

  • Ju
      22nd of Jul, 2017
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    @Dmchenry That's [censor] maybe if you go from a great manager to one that does absolutely nothing youd change ur mind manager get 50000 a year an 4 what he's worked for Caseys for 9 [censor]ing months you deal with that then say grow sucks balls

  • Je
      11th of Jan, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I just recently got fired from my job at Casey's in Nebraska as a asst. mgr. My manager fired me because i would not go along with unfair treatment to employees including myself. As a asst. mgr i was scheduled 35- 37 hours a week with 2 days off in that week. On my days off i would get called into work to cover someone, go down and fix something or just plain stupid stuff. You would think that if i was scheduled 35- 37 hrs and i would work at least a 6 hour shift that would put me at 40 hrs or more and i would have overtime. Not hardly... In a six month span of me doing this, going in on my days off..i got paid for overtime twice... Then the overtime would even be short... What the hell!!!
    Not only that But my mgr. would call her employee's ###'s if they did something wrong that she did not like. I told her that i have ADD after that she started to call me stupid and ### if i made a mistake. She only had two employees that she really liked and that who she favored. They could do no wrong.. They could go outside for a smoke a hundred times in a shift, they did not have to stock cooler and when they did they would only stock water that was right at the front of the cooler. They always got to do truck and as an asst. mgr i never learned truck. I asked i got put on truck once and then never again. The whole time they do truck the manager and her two favorites just stand around and talking to each other even if there are a line of customers at the counter and only one cashier they will not come and help. The manager breaks the rule of management confidentiality by telling her two favorites everything about the other employees. Now i have no job because I stood up for myself and the other employees . This is not the way to be a manager and run a business. Now i'm waiting on my last check hoping that i get paid for all my hours.

  • Sh
      26th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Casey's...what a joke! I worked 2 years as an assistant store manager in Bellevue, Illinois and when we were short staffed I was asked my my manager if I would work whatever overtime nessasary to keep her from having to work it. I was happy to oblige. Not only for the purpose of team work but it would add to my bank account as well. This is where the problems began! After working my first 2 weeks of overtime and paychecks came out, I did not recieve overtime on my paycheck. My paystub reflected a mere 35 hours. I approached my manager about my concern and she happily agreed to fix the problem at next pay period. ANOTHER 2 weeks of working overtime...and payroll was submitted. mmmmm.. NO overtime from the pay period prior nor the paycheck now recieved. ONCE again I approached my manager with this now...PROBLEM and she agreed to fix it. ANOTHER 2 weeks of overtime worked and NO overtime pay. Now this is 3 pay periods of overtime with NO overtime pay. I then requested a meeting with district supervisors and asked for resolve or I would contact the department of labor. I was then TERMINATED on the spot. I fought for unemployment and naturally won. However, my friendship with regular customers and my job stability could not be replaced so quickly and I suffered a great deal. When I report my time at Caseys as a job reference I have to take extreme caution as to who I name as a job contact because I run the risk of getting blackballed 50%of the time. My discharge papers read...I was terminated due to being unreliable. How is that possible when the official cause of my being fired was overtime worked but not paid. ? But thats the result of complaining of a manager that ultimately writes your discharge papers and district managers that felt threatened and allowed the discharge papers to follow through to Caseys corporation. After carefully analyzing my errors in Judgement I should have not accepted employment. Price gouging customers after 9/11 was bad enough. That doesnt say so much for Caseys! Shame on them!!!

  • Kc
      27th of Jul, 2010
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    This isnt really a complaint, but I had an interview for a new store they are opening in Prophetstown Il, and i had the interview and a couple hours later i got a call and they were offering me a job, they said that they would call within the next two weeks to let me know when i will start traing. Well its been almost two weeks and i havent heard anything. What should I do?

  • Yo
      1st of Oct, 2010
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    I would like to know what the average assistant manager's salary is at Casey's.

  • 07
      4th of Mar, 2017
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    @youthtoantique In the Ankeny, IA district, I was making $12.00 as a 1st Asst. and same when I took a lateral move into Kitchen Manager.

  • Mr
      8th of Oct, 2010
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  • Up
      3rd of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Casey's is the worst company to work for i have been the assistant manager for 5 months for a store that has no manager so i took on all the responsabilities only to be told i wasn't good enough to be a manager and they were hiring someone i went along with that then they fired my dm and brought in someone from another store who told me she could do what she wanted with my schedule even though when i was hired it was on certin terms and that i would be demoted with out reason then they went on to tell me they are hiring new people tommorrow and the gaurantee half if not all the employees would leave when i called the hr department they told me they didn't see how it was any form of harrassment. Am i wrong to feel disrespected and harrased

  • Co
      28th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Mrs. Jones,
    Thank you as you just helped me with legal matters against this company lol. I was an employee for three years and got terminated over a customer complaint. I was not givin a warning the first customer complaint after two years of working there, I was wrote up so step one was skipped and the second and last complaint I had I was terminated over...they clearly dont follow the rules and regulations thereselves and all I needed was the steps and the post you made about how we are ALLOWED 20 minutes in break every 7.25 hours as proof to my attorney to win this suit. I think its a joke that people like you stick up for this company because when you work in management you are just as bad as the ones that work higher up. I look forward to seeing this company fail miserably because they treat employees like crap. I am a full time student maintained a set schedule since day one and then they want to go and schedule me hours they know I cant work due to school and then want to get mad when I say that school is more important, they were just finding a legitt reason to terminate me when it wasnt legitt because I never got the verbal warning it was two written warnings therefore they failed miserably in folling company policy. Also I would like to point out to you that at caseys we have the right to refuse service to anyone especially if they are intoxicated whether they want beer or watn to order food we have the right to refuse service it is public intoxication and I could have gotten the men arrested for being in there and instead I refused to make them food and that is when I got my customer complaint. What happened to protecting your long term employees for the sake of the company especially since the guy was a illegaly in the store and could have gotten me in trouble for allowing him to be in their drunk. Company is a joke and wish people the ability to wise up and seek employment elsewhere...No this does not occur in every store but corporate works one way and one way only!

  • At
      22nd of Mar, 2011
    -2 Votes

    Very immature to use an individuals name in these posts. Not to mention illegal. FYI Assistant Managers at Casey's get paid hourly and overtime. They quiet often make more than the Manager and this is including commissions. One of my wifes second keys which is a step below an assistant manager made 2, 000 less one year than my wife. My wife who was mentioned in this post works an average of 60 hours a week she is paid for 50 and required to work 55. She works extra because of all the people who don't want to come to work. Yet they want a check. She has ran 2 stores at the same time for over one quarter never got an increase in pay for it or the commission of the second store. She has done this numerous times while working for people who didn't want to come in or begging others to come in to work for those who don't show up. She has been employed by Casey's for 15 years was managing the store as a part time employee for hourly pay within 2 years of starting there. No commission either. She was on medical leave for a fractured wrist with 2 pins in it and still had to go in to take care of problems and those employees who didn't show up and was never paid for it. She does not get paid mileage for doing bank runs and price checks she does not get paid mileage to come in to do shift audits because employees have drive offs or can't keep there drawer straight. As far as the drive offs go that is Corporates fault not the managers. If the city the store is in does not have an ordinance requiring prepay caseys does not do it. This is just one example of the incompitence of those in Ankey. When fuel gets high people are going to steal it. They won't even put up cameras which they could write off 100% on their taxes due to the Homeland Security Act. Casey's is preparing to go 24 hours at many stores and things are going to get bad at them I will bet 50 of the store managers quit in the first month. There are no plans to pay them more for the added hours to run a 24 hour store and there are no plans to goto prepay at pm hours. Drive Offs will go through the roof. You people think you are the only one that has it bad My wife and I see each other about 1 hour a day because of all the call ins and the thefts and the other bs like for example one woman called in and said she couldn't come in becaust it was that time of the month. Yet the rest of her female employees show up at that time. My wife is in bed at 7pm every night and up at 2am to be at work by 3am and then off at 1pm or 2pm you people have it easy. FYI she grossed 38, 000 as a store manager last year working over 55 hours a week. Go cry to someone who gives a crap. Hey did Instant Karma get ya??

  • Me
      25th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Maybe your wife should find a different job instead of having her husband complain about how badly she's being treated. Or maybe she should stand up for her rights instead of complain about those who actually care about getting their full paychecks. She's been dealing with this poor treatment for 15 years? Really? Couldn't find a new job in 15 years? Give me break. If her job is as bad as you say and she hasn't done anything to fix the situation (In the whole 15 years she's been there) then I have no sympathy for her or you.

  • At
      30th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Who was asking for sympathy? I was firing back for the slander that was posted on here by Julie Coleman aka Huntermunster. She smokes and takes breaks so why didn't she use the restroom then. FYI the company policy doesn't allow for extra breaks for smokers they get no more than anyone who doesn't smoke. Missouri law does not require breaks. Caseys allows breaks when it does not effect the service of the customers. Nothing was guaranteed to her as she states. Missouri law allows the employer to make any work schedule they want to period. Also Missouri law allows an employer to terminate employment for any reason or no reason for that matter at any time period. And as for the full paycheck crap she gets her paycheck so I don't know what the hell you are talking about. And if you want to go to the why don't she find another job why doesn't Julie find a new job she still works there. She could be fired for the simple posting on here per the employee conduct agreement. Not to mention the slander suit that could follow against the website and the poster.

  • Da
      17th of Jun, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Actually it is the federal regulations stay you must get a break, and federal law over sees state law...the guy whose wife works 55 hours. she should go get a job at a better gas station...simple as that, in Minnesota...there are a few that give sick pay, gas discounts, food and retail discounts...maybe she would like to work for Super America, or Holiday station stores in Minnesota...Then she would make more...My wife does work for Casey's, she asks for days off several months in advance but yet since her boss likes someone else in the store she gets it off and not my wife...she gets screwed on pay...I have looked at her pay...25 cents does not even cover cost of living adjustments...nor does she get bad evals...but yet she does not even get the 25 cent raise...nor will they back pay when it is there mistake...or there managers mistake to process it. Hey sir slander is part of the job, your wife should have treated the employees better, went against the rules and made time to give the employees what they needed...we both know that corporate tell there managers in an unwritten rule that you are to watch there employees more than drive offs, cause that a 5 cent piece of food is more important a 50 or 70 dollar drive off. What kind of cracked up process is that...the 25 dollar bonus is a slap in the face too...where is the employee compensation in all that? did you write in there about your wives bonus? or take for account of that? try me in how much hate I have for that company...why not get on the band wagon and hate the company as much as I do...why not all of us bring up another class action law suit...It would drive change in a company that care more about profit that the employees that do try to work for them, but instead it drives them off. If you drive your own vehicle to do things for the company you can write that off for taxes because that is considered stuff you did for the company part of your job. everyday she does it, the mileage should all be tracked. For the woman that says you have never had trouble, well then your store must be on cloud nine because the rest of Casey's seems to have problems, or you just do not want to admit you have problems all around you? or you just fire people for no true reason, because they had a problem with you, cause you hated what they said so you wanted the problem to go away.. I think in a good company they need to provide you with as much compensation as another company to keep up with them...discounts in gas for employees would be a great one...discounts for employees even if their not working that day could be nice, even a free meal for working 8 hours or more would be many fast food companies do that? cause what you make at a gas station is fast food! ever place i have worked for fast food offered half off or free meal after 5 hours working there...and even discounts when i was not working. So for you managers or bosses, you can cause change in a good way, treat the employees the same way you would like to be know the thing your parents used to tell you growing up. you should try to work with compassion, not complain about how bad your wife has it, cause i am not trying to complain for my wife, i see it everyday as a whole how this company treats its employees and not just my wife...nothing is ever good said about working for Casey's...We together must create change, rewrite the handbook, rewrite attitudes, and such. So please see the complaints as a reason to change, not a way to strike back at those less than your wife or the next person...together rise against the man, the monster, and create change together. Only as a united front can you all create it, lock hands, walk together and feel good at what your doing. Feel the brilliance of what your doing together. No one but you all can do this call corporate tell them they have another law suit by all the employees, just cause a state does not say they should do something that makes it right? class action law suit for you caseys cause you do not treat us like people, and you treat us like criminals and not the person that drives off. so what if your suppose to write it down how much time do you have for every car that drives in to write it down to keep up with customers, do your others obligations changing trash, fillings coffee, because second till is not always open, and there is not always a manager on duty. think about it before you say it because for every one thing you say back to person that complains there is always something you know you did wrong to someone that you know was wrong that will haunt you, or your not willing to except that. for now just think class action law suit all of you, it will be good for all in the end...

  • Re
      11th of Sep, 2012
    +2 Votes

    I am doing research and is there anyway that ANYONE on here could get me a copy of the the Casey's employee handbook, that you are given when hired. This would be very helpful..

  • Sp
      4th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Dear research, you don't get a copy of the employee handbook. You can read the one they have in the store, but that's it. I worked for Caseys for 7 years. I had a really bad store, in a bad area, where they had been unable to keep a manager.Of course my supervisor, Sara, has that problem everywhere! My supervisor made numerous comments about my weight gain, and my appearance, and how it would effect the new store they were building. They didn't want a fat person taking over that store. I couldn't go to Sue Allyn, as she is Sara's best buddy. Then I hurt my back on grand opening morning, had to go to the hospital, and my assistant said I quit. That was just what Caseys needed to get rid of me! Sara left me a screaming message about me quitting and when was my last day, no compassion what-so-ever! I was so shocked, and heavily medicated, and thought if they were going to ask for it, I wouldn't be able to keep the job anyway. Funny thing, 6 months later, they fired my assistant!!! Store is on the bottom of the list, customers have gone elsewhere, customer service is in the toilet---and I have had to start my life all over!! Caseys doesn't care, and are quickly becoming the 'crap' convenient store to work for. If you let me know what research you are doing, maybe I can help

  • Sp
      4th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I have no idea why there is &, #039;t all the way through this post.. it was nothing I typed!!

  • Ca
      15th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Casey's Is an absolute joke of a place to work for, Hillbillies that made some money selling gas. Nothing more.

  • Ca
      15th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    You get no handbook

  • Ca
      15th of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Even the schedule is made of crayon and pencil sharpened with a dull knife.

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