Carson's / Carson Pirie ScottUnethical behaviour

My name is Irina Grossman, I bought a ring in Carson Prerie scott, and when I came home, I found it had a difect. Today, [protected] i came back to the store on Randhust mall, and the saleperson told me that only one store has it on Woodfield mall. The salesperson explained that i simply can exchange the ring or pick up different one for the same price and again exchange for my carson charge without any problem. I came to Shcamburg Carson prerie scott and met Fine Jewerly Manager Nisha Harshavat and the story began. Ring was with the same defect and i chose a different one, price of which was one dollar 20 cents different, she said I need to return my previous ring, then come back in a few days to get another one. I asked her to call credit department and make my credit line avalabale immedetaly beause it wasnt my fall that ring had a defect and i've been a loyal costuner for the years, she said who cares. Finally credit department representative told her and me that I can simply exchange with credit store credit but Nisha Harshavat said she is not going to do it for me. I asked to invite store manager who came immedetly and helped to get a different ring in 5 minutes in the way which salesperson of Randhrust mall advised and representive person of credit department. Thirty minutes Nasha Harshavat spent of arguing with me, made me cry in front of her, it was gift for my 20 Aniversarry. I been loyal client of your store for the years and it was first time of meeting such a rude and unproffetional person. She must be fired and i must get credit store of price of my ring. My attorney will be involved.
My phone number [protected] Irina Grossman,
email [protected]

Jan 17, 2017

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