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Carson Pirie Scott / Unfair customer service

1 IL, United States Review updated:

I am really disappointed with Carson Pirie Scott, especially with a recent visit to this location. This is usually my favorite location because of the area, and selection. Typically I shop more in the women’s clothes and shoes, and once in awhile I will purchase jewelry from the fine jewelry department’s Effie Collection and clearance when I want to treat myself and can afford it! Usually my mother spends more time and money in the fine jewelry department in this location and Woodfield’s than I do.

In this visit a couple of days ago at York Town Mall, Lombard IL it was my mother who actually was just browsing and she told me how she had a horrible time with the sales associate Dawn, and felt like she was being discriminated against because of our Indian ethnicity. My mother explained to me how she felt as if this associate neglected her and treated other customers much more kindly because they had purchased something right away and my mother was just only looking because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to purchase what she was looking at. My mother described this associate as giving her rude looks and rolling her eyes when my mother would “call for help” or ask to see a piece of jewelry, my mother describes “calling for help” because my mother said the sales associate would walk away right after showing something from a case instead of staying with her in one spot at a time. She had to literally call out to the lady just to get her attention to come back. Ultimately my mother did not even want to look anymore because the associate rushed to the next customer that “was just looking”. I never waste my time to scold or report- if a sales associate at some store was tired and lazy, however when my mother explained to me the better customer service Dawn treated to the other customers “that were just looking” and did not even purchase something and were also white ……………..this situation bothers me and makes me not want to visit this Carson’s location again if that really is the case…
I do not want any “I demand a freebie or some sort of special coupon” I want to notify you how unfair the service you provide really is. I had jobs in retail stores when I was in high school and going through college and I was taught to treat customers equally no matter what color or size or sex they were even if they don’t purchase something, even if they are a hassle. I completely understand when you have a terrible customer who is ###, takes almost an hour, and then after her whole tangent does not even purchase anything from you-that is the most stressful situation, I know I worked at T.J Max throughout high school and college which has far less customer service interaction, intimacy and building customer relationships however, if you know you are going to do things like this why did you even bother applying for a job there?. If I was with my mom that day I would have told off this old lady. How dare you roll your eyes at my mother just because you think she is not going to purchase anything that exact day-I don’t think anyone in this day and age would even take out their wallet the same day they just saw something they wanted to buy. Don’t we have a right to look anyways? My mother and I have spent a lot of money just at Carson Pirie Scott, not just with the jewelry but with the cosmetics, fragrance, shoes, kids’ clothes, kitchen aids, men’s clothes, EVERTHING. Carson Pirie Scott is usually the store we think of first to go shopping or purchase gifts just because it is right by my parents’ home-----And this is the kind of customer service that is given?????? I advise this location to re-train their employees or maybe even hire better ones. How are you going to make repeat customers if your employees do not even want to show what the store is selling? What if my mother wants to come back for the item she was looking at? I hate to think and even bring up that this bad service is a race discrimination however it really resonated with my mother and made her that upset to call me and vent to me about it. Also-with the preferential customer treatments, are we suppose to somehow spend a fortune at this department just to get kind and fair service? I know I have probably only spent $400 so far in fine jewelry with multiple sales clerks helping me so I do not have a specific go to person, but my mother has probably spent at least almost $2, 000 or more by now so she should have been treated like a god damn queen.

I know this associate did not say anything directly to my mother but actions speak much louder than words.

I would personally go to this location to speak to someone in charge of the store about this situation but I live and work in the city and travel, and my mother doesn’t even want me to say anything and to leave it alone and move on.

All in all I will most likely still shop here just because of the great prices, however I will always think about this situation and be hesitant towards asking sales associates for help.

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