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Dragom Mart, United Arab Emirates

Dear Carrefour Team,
I was one of ur most loyal customer, but my last interaction with ur staff (Varun - Electronic Section) and Duty Manager (Issam), in Dragon Mart 2, International city, Dubai, made me decide, to never go back to Carrefour again in my Life. Not only me, I vl b sharing this incident with my entire family and friend circle and let them decide if they want to visit carrefour again.
I had purchased a Grinder on 15th Feb'19 around 6pm.
After going home, I tried to start grinder, it was only then, I realized that my house electrical socket and supply watt was not supporting the Grinder.
The very next day within 24 hrs, I went to return the Grinder with its original packaging without any damage with the original bill.
Your staff Varun came not to help but only to fight that it will not be refunded claiming that it has been opened and used. He was nt ready to listen a word anything and started to raise his voice.
Later he called his manager (Issam - Arabic) who was even more rude and arrogant and started to raise his voice too.
When I asked them to show the return policy, they yelled saying we are nt suppose to show u.
If I am writing such a long complaint, u can imagine to what level I have been disturbed mentally by such behaviour.
Customers being treated like nothing.
If u Carrefour care abt its customers, pls let me know what action have u guys taken for such incident.
Incident Date: 16th Feb'19
Incident Time: 19:00
My Mobile: [protected]

Feb 16, 2019

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