Carrefourmisleading sales condition

M Nov 16, 2017

Last week I went to Carrefour Al-Shandagha (dubai) to buy my appliances for my new apartment in dubai. I am new here for just few weeks.
I bought a cooker (Ariston) from there. Yesterday it was delivered to my home. The owner of my house warned me today that it is not safe to use the electric cooker here in dubai because of different loading types of electricity (i mean amperes and volts are not matching) and that the cooker is considered a big load.
Actually, all the people I know here agreed with that opinion.
Today, I requested to exchange my cooker (it is not used) and I made a complaint. However, Carrefour customer service refused to exchange my cooker !!!
The cooker was just received yesterday. It is not used. It was not my fault and the sales man should warn me against it from the start.

My case number of complaint in Carrefour customer service: [protected]

Invoice attached

My first few weeks here in dubai and I had this sad experience with Carrefour :(


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