Carrefour / customer service performed by sylwia wójcik, january 22nd, 2016

Wrocław, Poland
Contact information:

Dear sir or madam,

I would like to voice a complaint against the behaviour of one of the employees in your chain that I experienced yesterday (January 22nd, carrefour, ch borek, poland, 50-984 wrocław, al. Gen j. Hallera 52, print no. 1032278, purchase evidence no. 1137605).

At 8:40 pm cet I entered the supermarket as I wanted to do some necessary shopping before the week starts. At 9:02 pm cet when my basket was almost full and I was missing only 2 last items your employee approached me and told that I have to finish immediately and go to the cash desk. When I informed her that I just need 2 mote items she said “i don’t care what you want, you must go to cash desk right now, I will not be late home because of you”. When I tried to reason that I just need one or two more minutes she threatened me “i can make that you will leave without any shopping at all”. She did not affer me any help in finding the remaining products whatsoever. She wasn’t wearing any badge but she was easy to recognise due to long dreadlocks and when I asked she said her name was sylwia wójcik, she also wished me good luck with contacting her manager about this.

I must admit I have never been humiliated like this in any institution. My main complaint is about how rude, aggressive and dismissive her behaviour was towards me. For the last couple of years I was doing the shopping in this supermarket every few days, leaving between 250 pln to 350 pln (Appr. 80 eur) every time. Recently I sometimes have to do shopping at late hours as my wife can’t drive and we have a little baby which needs constant supply of baby milk and jar dinners, and I don’t always have possibility to do the shopping during the day.
After leaving the supermarket I had to finish the shopping in another chain, which, to my surprise, did not want to kick me out of their supermarket.

I think I deserve an apology at the very least.
Is it possible for you to arrange a personal meeting on friday january 27th, at 6 pm cet in the premises of carrefour, ch borek, 50-984 wrocław, al. Gen j. Hallera 52, with me, madam wójcik and her supervisor, so that this situation is resolved in person?

Best regards,
Marek daniel
Marek. [protected]@o2. Pl

Jan 23, 2017

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