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Carmax / It's a den of ###s

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We took my immaculate 2003 Ford F250 Diesel Crew Cab Pickup truck to get a "fair evaluation and a great price» for it. The pushy Asian kid talked our ears off with all of the "feel good" CarMax BS for a good 15 minutes before he finally took the keys and had his appraisal guy look it over. He drove it for 3 minutes, looked around it, and disappeared for 20 minutes.

Then Asian kid came back. (Keep in mind that this truck Blue Books for trade in value of $21, 000.00 low to $23, 000.00 high!) He held up the appraisal sheet showing $8, 000.00! We laughed and left. Took it across the street to Ken Grody Ford, where they bought it for $21, 500.00!

The cars we saw on the CarMax lot as we were looking around, cost more used that you can buy a new car for. Example, a Hyundai was 2 years old for $16, 788.00, Hyundai of Garden Grove has a new 2008 with all options for $15, 350.00! Avoid this place-rip off!

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  • Li
      25th of May, 2010
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    Harrison's full of BS - I have never seen a vehicle at Carmax priced with a sticker ending in "788", nor will you find any Hyundai on their site going for more than MSRP. Even now, I see every vehicle ending with "x97", "x98", "000", or "500". If anything, I'm going to assume selective memory strikes again and someone is confusing the comparison price that Carmax affixes to their stickers with an actual asking price.

    Will - that "minor" dimple in your frame rail would deter some other buyer, which is probably why your appraisal offer was so low. If they won't put it on the lot, then they will wholesale the car and offer you what they think another dealer might pay for it at auction. Just because another Subaru dealership purchased your car for 14k means they ripped you off and intended to rip off the next person who bought your car. Additionally, good luck getting $20k on a 3 yr old WRX - I never see anyone actually getting that price on NASIOC, and you'll hear cries of bloody ripoff if anyone tries asking that much. KBB is not fair market value and is nothing more than a feel good tool for people who don't understand the entire auto industry runs on wholesale values.

  • Wh
      2nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yeah, thanks for your business sir. I am the finance Manager here at Ken Grody Ford. I couldnt help myself, I added 2% to your finance rate just for the hell of it. You got so excited about the trade in allowance that I decided to [censored] you! Thanks for the $200 bonus I made today!

  • Be
      28th of Sep, 2008
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    I sold my wrecked car at Carmax. They gave me a good deal. It was worth $20, 000 bluebook. It had $10, 000+ of damage. They gave me $5000. And so they made some profit but that's why they're in business.

  • Mi
      27th of Sep, 2008
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    I just took my 2004 Saturn to CarMax for a free appraisal. I still have a loan on the car and I thought it would be easier to sell it to CarMax rather than try to sell it and have the buyer wait for the title. I bought the Saturn NEW, as the first and only owner. I have never been in a real accident with the car (with the exception of hitting a concrete poll with the passenger front panel, whoops). Imagine my surprise when the appraisal came back stating "frame damage to the floor pan". The salesman asked how long we had owned the vehicle, and tried to tell us that the car had been rear-ended. He insinuated that the Saturn dealer had repaired and welded the floor pan before we bought it. This was the second new Saturn we had bought from the Saturn dealer in question, and we had always had good service. I can't take it back to the dealer for an inspection as the Saturn dealership is 900 miles away. I will inspect for damage myself and probably have it checked out by a mechanic if I can't find anything. At first we were mad at Saturn, but now we suspect CarMax lies.

  • Km
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    Racist Jerk.

  • Wi
      30th of May, 2008
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    I absolutely agree with your complaint and share your disgust and shock at CarMax's brazenly deceitful "appraisals." Almost exactly the same thing just happened to me! Even the next-door part!

    I was the first and only owner of a 2005 Subaru WRX with roughly 40k miles, and I never had any accidents in that car. Except for minor door dings, it was in excellent shape, with almost-new tires plenty of brake-pad left, well-maintained fluids, etc. Trade-in blue-book value for excellent condition was $14, 200, and private party value was $16, 790. Blue-book certified-pre-owned retail price was $19, 480.

    I first took it to CarMax of Plano, TX, where they said that there was frame damage that clearly indicated an accident, so they appraised the car at $10, 000. Anticipating my shock (understandably), the CarMax salesman said, "Now, I'm not trying to scam you or anything, so let me get the mechanic to show you what he showed me. Are you sure you've never been in an accident?" I told him absolutely not. He asked me again, more sternly, as if willing me to say, "uh, wait, sorry, I was wrong, I must've forgotten or lied about a frame-bending accident": "Let me ask you again -- have you ever been in an accident?" Sheesh! I'm not a little kid who needs to be taught not to fib. That's certainly no way to treat a customer, let alone the irony of essentially accusing the customer of lying to the salesman, who is himself a lying con artist.

    The CarMax mechanic pointed to a golf-ball sized dent/dimple in the middle of the passenger-side sheet-metal rail that runs the length of the underbody. It's clearly a dent from either running over debris or possibly from when I tried jacking the car up to change a flat. In any case, it's hardly a defect significant enough to knock $4, 000 off the value of the car. The small dent in that side rail had no impact whatsoever on the structural rigidity and/or crash-worthiness of the car (IMO, obviously), and at any rate, it certainly wasn't noticeable from the interior of the car.

    So off I went to the Subaru dealership in Plano, which is literally next door to CarMax on the same street, W. Plano Parkway. You'd think that Subaru mechanics should know what they're looking for in a Subaru, and whaddyaknow -- they really liked the condition of my WRX. And so they appraised it at (and I therefore sold it for) $14, 000. That's a whopping 40% more than CarMax's "appraisal, " if you can call it that.

  • Yo
      18th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    It sounds like the only thing greater than you racist attitude is you stupidity. What does it matter is the person evaluating your vehicle was Asian, Indian or African American, that had nothing to do with the value of your diesel sucking vehicle. Why would you want to get rid of such a wonderful truck when the price of diesel is headed to $5.00 a gallon and beyond. Your former truck is not worth anywhere close to $21, 000 and I know we did not give you anywhere close to that for your truck. LOOK AT YOUR PAPERWORK...Yes you were fooled again...Yes you bought a vehicle from that us and we played the pricing game with you. We inflated the price of your trade and jacked up the price you paid for your vehicle. Thanks for being so ignorant and helping me and everyone else here at Ken Grody Ford fed our familes this month. Please come again and tell your friends.

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