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Av Cranbury, NJ Review updated: cast of characters -

1) ryan gronlie - supposedly the top guy, just as much as an uncooperative crook as anyone else I dealt with;
2) john frattini ext 833 - sounded genuine in wanting to resolve my stress and problems after spending many hours and days on the phone; ultimately, he did nothing;
3) nick, another idiot manager whom promised me a full refund, even e-mailed me as much, but the company took $170 out of the total, basically strong arm robbery, and refused to give it back; I called nick at ext. 829 over and over and over after I found out that i'd been short-changed, and he never answered nor returned my call
4) sandra ext 824 - offered no help, but talked a good game.
5) ivan - support rep whom tried to help, passed the buck and transferred me all around; got nothing done;
6) shane - support rep, one the rudest, passive-aggressive reps there. On 6/8, extremely tired after spending and wasting many days and hours on the phone with these people, reached him to determine who ryan gronlie reports to after ryan basically told me to my face that he was not going to give me my rightfully owed full refund. I told shane I didn't want to go into detail about the order because i'd spoken ad-nauseum to dozens of other reps to no avail, he bullied me into giving him my info to begin the account retrieval process. What happened afterwards was typical; he placed me on hold for up to twenty minutes, coming back on the line after 5 minute intervals, where I repeatedly asked for ryan's supervisor's information. He assured me he'd help after he did 'research'. I knew he was lying, but I decided to give this guy one last try. Afterwards, he came back on the line and told me what I already knew about the account, and I told him this initially. I asked again, for the fifth time for ryan's supervisor's info. He said, 'hang on', then proceeded to transfer me to ryan, and not his supervisor. I couldn't believe this idiot.
7) other reps whom were just as unhelpful, ineffective, and unprofessional, whose names I was not able to record.

My experience:
Pain, anger, frustration, arguing, stress, disrespect, having to repeat yourself over to incompetent people, when you ask for management, their smooth-talking crooks who want to keep your money, high blood pressure, wasted hours, wasted days, extreme indifference and ambivalence to your very real and serious problem and money spent... This is what I experienced in dealing with and their incompetent team of sales, service, and support people. A complete and utterly frustrating nightmare.

Imagine waking up every morning, for two weeks straight, this after having to wait one and one half month for your product that never arrived, only to be faced with staying on the phone all day and having to explain over and over, battle with, and become frustrated by employees to the point that you develop headaches because no one seems to be able to understand your dilemma nor provide you with a quick resolution.

This is what I endured when refused to give me full refund on a product that I canceled and was entitled to received a full refund on! Returning an item and receiving a refund is a simple process anywhere else, but these east-coast crooks want to keep your money, delay you, not return calls, and ultimately frustrate you to the point that you don't feel like calling back, all in order to keep money that is rightfully yours! They lie to your face, but also tell you to your face that you won't be getting your money back. The experience will make you want to scream. It was one of the worst experiences in an online transaction i've ever endured.

I was in an accident on 4/15 wherein my front bumper was destroyed. I placed an order with on 4/23 (transaction posted on 4/25) for a new body kit (consisting of a front bumper & chin
Spoiler, and a rear bumper). I paid $435 for the rear and $1204 for the front. The order was split into two pieces, one for the rear bumper and one for the front.

The deal that was offered to me by salesperson jay schwartz was that he’d waive the shipping charge for the rear bumper, and charge me for it on the order for the front bumper. Typically, shipping is $170
Per part, and since I was purchasing a body kit that contained both pieces, I was only to be charged a single shipping fee of $170 instead of $340. I agreed and paid accordingly. I received the rear bumper about 1 ½ weeks thereafter and will be keeping this needed part.

I was promised that the front bumper would be shipped within two weeks of the order placement as the product was on back-order and had to be made from scratch, which is why the order was split in two. Well, two weeks turned into three, then into four, and now over one and half month later I still do not have my product. As it turns out, the manufacturer is no longer making the front bumper & spoiler and has been giving me the run-around all along. I canceled the order on 6/1 with the promise that it takes 3-5 business days to contact the manufacturer ( and confirm the cancellation.

Ultimately, the 3-5 business day time-frame has now elapsed and is continuing to delay me in returning my refund. On 6/7, they gave additional insult to injury by suggesting that they’re only going to refund me $1034 ($1204 minus $170), which is unacceptable. I paid $1204, and they need to give
Me $1204 in return, period.

I complained about this discrepancy with sales manager ryan gronlie, and he then said that he could only give me $85 of the $170 that is owed to me because he feels that should’ve collected half of the shipping fee ($170) from me on the rear bumper shipment. That is unacceptable as well. He cannot decide to change the terms of a deal after a deal and purchases have been made because he feels that his company was short-changed on the cost of shipping me the rear bumper. The deal give me by mr. Schwartz waived the shipping fee on the rear-bumper. This is another example of the shady business tactics and personalities that i’ve had to deal with.

Ryan is basically cyber strong-arming me out of my money. He is flat out saying to my face that I will not be given a full refund, meaning they're stealing money from me. I paid a certain amount and i'm entitled to the full refund of that amount.

Lastly, the folks at refuse to let you speak or communicate in any way with anyone above the management team at the call center where orders are placed. They apparently have a corporate headquarters where upper-management is located, but they refuse to give you the number to that location nor will they let you speak, e-mail, or reach out to anyone there! It's unreal. They're a very secretive company with something to hide. What they're hiding from their senior management is that they're stealing from customers whom they know cannot take a quick 15 trip to their offices to speak personally with said management. Once you pay and they take your money, knows they've got you by the balls and will then thereafter treat you with extreme disrespect and indifference.

Avoid them at all costs!!!

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  • Ma
      Mar 30, 2011 - Garbage parts, no backing of product
    United States

    Garbage parts, no backing of product...Stay away from carid. High prices for cheap parts...e-bay is a much better choice. Run around from day 1. I wish I would of looked at reviews of carid first. Live & learn!

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  • Ca
      Apr 29, 2011

    Hello Makenzy,
    We work for many years with car accessories and upgrade our own cars using items that can be purchased at carid. I personally have a dash kit, air intake, nerf bars, chrome accessories that I have put on my Tundra 5.7L. We guarantee the lowest price at the web and that is why we are even price matching if you manage to find a better price. We are more then glad to provide additional discounts for our returned customers. We only work with reliable american manufacturers and are always ready to assist over the phone, mail and live chat. I wish I knew the product that you have posted review about.
    Please contact me at [protected] (attention Gary)

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  • Ke
      Mar 24, 2012

    I bought an escalade conversion kit for a 1996 chev carid said all you needed was headlights and profetional install recomended. They charged me 1250 to start added 300 bucks for shipping after duty brokerage etc ... cost me almost 2500 bucks for a crappy grill cover a hood with no latch and fender covers . Carid said kit includes hood fenders grill&bumper . 100% ripped me off they are a scam

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  • St
      Mar 06, 2015

    Carid is the most unprofessional company i ever done business with. They took my order and then screwed it up and then would not give me my refund, its been 73 days and i just recieved part of my refund. There people that work there are COMPLETE IDIOTS and could not tell the truth if there lives depended on it. Stay clear of these bunch of crooks, everyone that i talked to there LIED and then would never return a phone call or email til i told them i would seek legal action. Just dont do business with them very DISHONEST.

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