Carid / 4 delays in order... customer service is bad

NJ, United States
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Bought 2 dash kits for 2 of our cars for a total of over $540.00 website said will ship in 3-5 days and also got an email shortly after saying the same. I waited for a confimation number to be sent on the 5th day so I could track with ups and instead got another ship delay of another week.

That week went by and the day it was estimated to ship I got another delay sent to me. This time I emailed back and got a response 3 days later?? Saying that they were very sorry for the delay and that it normally doesnt take that long and will arrive sooner than it should. I explained that I am about to move in a few weeks and I need to know what the status is on the order and that they should be giving me some sort of free shipping or something for what I paid for it if they arent going to get it to me in a timely matter... I also said its a bit ridiculous to have to take over 3 weeks to manufacture a part when it was shown on their site to be in stock and shipping in 3 to 5 days! I would not have gotten mad if it would have said takes 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture - dont lie and say its in stock and will ship!!!

Waited once more and thought everything was fine since I was a day past the time they said it would ship out - but the next day I get another email from someone else at carid — it was not formatted in a text way as the others - this one had html/graphics and contact info at the bottom (it looked more "official" for lack of a better term). I figured if this item was back ordered from the beginning then why did I not get the same email explaining that it was back ordered from the manufacturer (in big red letters). All I had gotten before was estimated ship date would be *insert this many days/weeks*.

So naturally, I emailed back explaining that it is fine if it will be late but this is ridiculous that it would be delayed for the 4th time and that I am moving and need to know what is going on so that ups doesnt ship it here if I am not living here. No response to that. I was in my email yesterday and started to get a bit mad. I googled a lot on their company and wish I did before I had ordered - a lot of unhappy people out there!

After I started to get a bit mad about the ridiculous delay times, I hit reply to the last email they sent me where they did not write back to from a week ago. I did not write any choice words but my wording was right to the point of how I about 5 to 10 mins, I got a reply saying - its out of their hands and nothing they can do. Literally a one line reply.

Now... I will give them a bit more time. I am not happy and I will never buy from them again nor recommend this site... These items we bought are for both of our cars and my fiance is getting quite antsy since his card was charged immediately for over $540.00... Trust me, they dont want him getting on the phone (my fiance will get what he wants - he does not bs around) or even going up there since I used to live in the town next to where they are located - and guess what, we are in the process of moving back up to nj too.

I just hope that we get our items soon.. Thought it was a bit odd to be charged so quickly when they dont even have the parts — normally you are charged when its shipped.


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