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Dw Dec 04, 2015 Cranbury, NJ Review updated:

The product I received was as described. The ordering experience was a bad beyond belief and it is still going on. I ordered one item, approved the charges then they told me my order was incomplete. I went in and they had increased the quantity/shipping charges to 2. I changed it back to 1 and thought I was done. They again told me my order was incomplete. I thought since I had changed the quantity from 2 to 1 the ordering software wanted to re-confirm the charges. Wrong it ordered another set. I called right after correcting the quantity problem to insure I only had one set on order, they confirmed that.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cranbury, NJ They shipped 2 and are now not responding to phone calls, etc. When the 2nd order arrived I refused it. 2 days later I got another e-mail saying my order was incomplete. They say they checked their phone records and there is no record that I called them but yet in my recent call log there it is on the day I say I called them. They made no notes in my file when I called and they have ask me for copies of e-mails they should have in their correspondence with me files. Completely unprofessional and I would caution anyone who is thinking of ordering from them to reconsider, there are a lot of companies that sell on line. This is for a set of truck steps so we are talking about $619.00 each time.

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      Jan 06, 2016

    Sounds just like my experience. I ordered one item. A while later I checked my credit card statement on the internet and it showed that they had charged me for two. I called them up. They assured me that I had only ordered one. They told me to contact my credit card company. I did, and Wells Fargo showed that CARID had charged me TWICE. I called them back, and, again, they told me there was only one order.
    About a week later, UPS delivers 2 of the same order. I refused one, so it went back to Carid. It was for $127.90. I watched the UPS tracking info, and when I saw that it had been returned, I checked my credit card statement. They had reimbursed me $90.90, short $36. I called them and asked why. First they told me that I had used two different names on my order. I told them that they asked for my name on one section, and the name on the credit card on another. I go by 'Bill', but my legal name is 'William', which is on the credit card. They said they would do some more checking.
    Later, they said I had sent two different addresses, so they thought it was two different orders. I told them that on the order form, they asked for TWO different addresses. One for the billing address, and one for the shipping address. As it now stands, I have not gotten paid the other $36 I'm still owed, and I will NEVER do business with them again. I hope everyone that reads this will think twice about doing business with them. In my opinion, CARID is a RIPOFF!!

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