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I ordered an item from this company while on vacation. My cousin was a distributor and informed me that I had 30 days to return the item. I am no fluent in Spanish so my sister had to Translate it for me. I always ask about warranties and policies as I am a Avon Distributor.

Since I was still going to be on vacation while the item was being prepared for shipment I called Carico to tell them NOT TO SHIP until AFTER 8/10. They failed to do this.

When I arrived home 8/10 I saw the box was already delivered to my home.

Already upset that the company did not listen, I never opened it.

I called Carico about this, no apologies. I told them I wanted to return the unopened item because I was not able to pay the amounts on the bill any longer.

They said I would not be able to return it for a refund. They mentioned picking out an item I would be able to afford (an exchange). BUT and this is what pissed me off: if the item is of lesser value they will NOT reduce the BILL! So I am paying for the previous item even though it is not what I have!

I told them I wanted to have nothing to do with the company due to it's policies, they will not issue an RMA. They will not refund the balance of a lesser item that I can afford.

Damage Resulting = I am stuck with a brand new item still in it's original packaging that I NEED TO RETURN. I am stuck with a $500.00 bill I cannot afford.

Willing to take them up on their LIFETIME Guarantee for something cheaper but they will not refund the balance of the higher priced item.

They are very unwilling to help me. Whether it is a return, refund or exchange!

What happened to their LIFETIME GUARANTEE?

If you look closely at their site (wish this was available when I was away) they don't have a proper answer under Return policy.

How do they even pass as a legit business?!

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  • Ny
      Nov 05, 2009

    This person might want to read their own complaint. She claims she is stuck with a $500 bill she could not afford. If she could not afford it from the beginning then why place the order.
    Second - Her cousin told her she had 30 days to return it! It should be the cousin she should be mad at, the contract clearly states 3 DAYS to cancel any order.

    Third - Lifetime warranty does not mean if you can't afford it they will take it back for lifetime. It means if anything happens to the item they will replace it for life. Not take it back.

    Carico has awesome products and I swear by their air purification systems. My father who is elderly and suffers from chronic asthma and allergies has a unit and ever since he has not had to use his inhalers nor the nebuliezer. No allergy flare ups.
    I have a unit in my 2 story home and I suffer from asthma also. The air in my house is crisp and clean and you can feel the difference in your breathing.

    Their cookware is simply amazing, I can cook a meal for my family in 15 minutes that is healthy and balanced and know that they are getting their nutrients.

    If people are unhappy is because they get into bills that then they can't afford and want to place the blame on everyone but themselves.

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  • Pe
      May 31, 2011

    Almost an identical thing happened to me. Two of the handles on the pans started detaching after only using them for a couple weeks, not even a month! When i called to ask about the "lifetime guarantee" i was told about originally, i couldn't ever get anyone on the phone. When i finally did, i was just sent through a maze of managers and other telephone associates. Now im stuck with a bunch of useless products, that are WAYY overpriced for the quality, and i get to pay for them over the next 10 years of my life. These people ruin lives...its just not can none of them have any heart or desire to do the right thing?? I wish i found all these sites about carico a long time ago...

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  • Ss
      Dec 20, 2011

    I spent (actually wasted) thee summer of my 17the birtheday working for Carico. I answered an ad in thee paper for one of theose "can earn up to" companies. I was given a 3 day seminar, made to pay of a "bonding fee" and told to push Carico garbage to my family and friends. None of my family and friends bought it and most told me theat thee same quality merchandise is available retail for a lot less money.

    We had thee same scams such as thee vacation drawing, thee presentation, and thee "training" demonstration. This was in Chicago. The year was 1986. The only thing theat changed as far as I can tell is theat they offer a wider variety of useless or mediocre merchandise.

    I met one of my fellow Carico enthusiasts a few years later working nights in the post office. Like me, he was never able to sell any of the product and left the company. Actually, left is the wrong word, more like walked away. You see, you aren't really an employee of an MLM company if you are a representative. That is, they have no investment in you and you have none of thee usual guarantees like benefits or a salary. They might pay taxes on your income, however since most of these are set up as independent distributors they probably just 1099 you if you make any commission.

    Unfortunately theere are many people out theere who will be suckered by MLMs. My Carico experience taught me a lot. By 17 I was able to spot the same tactics a mile away theat caused many others to lose a small fortune in either time or money. My advice to anyone reading this is to not only avoid this company (and ones like it) but to spread the word and immediately call out any of these hucksters.

    MLM enthusiasts are easy to spot. They are glassy eyed, have prepared answers to everytheing, use lots of logical fallacies and will not ever realize theey are part of a ponzi scheme. Even when theey leave an MLM company they go to another one that they think is better.

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  • Ca
      Feb 03, 2012

    i knew it!!! today was my last day of the training and since day one i knew it had to be a scam i came in for the first day of training and asked me for $60 for a training package and company suitcase which wasnt professional at all to me before i gave the money i made sure i got a receipt that said i would get my money refunded and it did say i would get the cash back once i started work or if i turned back the suitcase and training paperwork the whole first day meeting was filled with brainwashing people that sat there reading off brochures and bragging about what car they drive in and how its so easy to be wealthy like them selling this stuff once i was home i realized this wasnt rightand after talking to my family i knew it wouldnt be a right choice and decided to not go to the next day of training and go in the afternoon and get my money back and return the training package and suitcase i actually went i and the manager talked his ### off to me and pleaded they werent any scam and how much money i could make and how i havent even tried selling to a home yet to think this business is not for me how he could give me clients etc...all this great stuff and i actually decided to give it a try today was my third day i sat through a meeting with all the sales ppl in the company from our district the people hosting the meeting were talking about having the money they have and how to push yourself into someones house and brain! they advised us we had to recruit more sales people and could earn a percentage of all sales on each person we got hired and handed us out flyers to go hand out which talked about a job opportunity and etc..there was a spaceon the bottom of the flyer for a phone number they told us to write OUR cell phones and to set an appointment for an interview with these people and to not give out any information on what the job is about WHAT THE [censored]?! thats when i walked out and looked for the manager i paid my money too he wasnt in today and the receptionist told me i had to come tmrw and strictly talk to him for my refund im going in early in the morning for my money!! these people are SCAM ARTISTS! i can tell there products are too as well as the salary and benefits promised i should have listened to my instinct yesterday and just got my money and walked away


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  • To
      May 25, 2012

    The post on November 5, 2009 is definitely a Carico employee. What she fails to tell you is, that the salespersons are trained to make the product sound cheap and affordable. NEVER is the customer told how many payments they are going to make and the full price of the order. Its all a scam and by the time the customer realizes, its much too late and the salesman is long gone! Also, the salesman are told to tell the customers that they get 30 days to return the product, and anyone who knows anything about making a sale knows that most people do not read contracts and takes the salesman's word! Yes this is negligence on the customer, however, the salesman has absolutely no value if he/she is willing to lie to someone and ruin their lives just for a pay check!
    Secondly, the post on February 2012 is 100% accurate. The only difference now is, the $60 is only refundable up until the last day of training! Make sure you read that receipt! The manager who hires you will NOT tell you about that! They're probably getting a commission from hiring you! Believe me, this company is all about scamming people to become rich. If you happen to make sales, then you'll be awarded the opportunity to scam more people in order to be able to drive the luxury cars as well. Money isn't everything, so please go to the training with your common sense!

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  • Ch
      Jul 11, 2012

    Scams and scams, I am glad I took the time to search on the internet about Carico International. I was called a couple of days ago for an interview, which I thought was great since I need a job. During the phone call I asked what company was calling me (since they did not identify themselves) because have applied for several jobs. The girl on the phone told me that it was for a job I applied through classifieds online. She also gave me a name of the person who was supposed to interview me. So I went to the interview place just to see what it’s all about. We are seated in a classroom with a large screen and about 40-50 applicants. We were all handed paper applications to fill out asking for personal information, which many of us did not fill out – if you are going to hire me, an interview should be one on one – and why do you need my social security number if I am not even on the payroll. Anyway, a spokesperson enters and you can tell that she is a trained recruiter. I was a recruiter in the military and although she is a novice, she tried to sell us the company. She also showed us a video that was clearly a lie. So after the video, we were called one by one to the interviewers. SO now I am thinking, good I can ask them what this company is all about. Well when I was called to the interviewer, I was not even sent to the person whom was supposed to interview me. It was a young guy, early 20’s – and once I started talking to him, he asked me what my experience was. I informed him of the time I served in the military and when I was a recruiter in the military. He asked me again what my experience was. I told him again the time I served in the military – he looked as if he could not understand what I am saying. I told him I had two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan with two years of recruiter experience – and I wanted a break into the civilian world. He still looked at me with a blank look. This is when I thought to myself, this is not for me. I was offered to go to the training tomorrow, but after a great deal of searching online Carico International, I am not impressed. I have ethics and would not like to sell expensive, not so great products to my family and friends. I just do not think it’s ethically correct. Heck, when I recruited for the military – I loved it – but never lied to my applicants. To this day I still talk to the soldiers I recruited. But Carico does not seem like an ethically correct job – beware – I smell scam.

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  • To
      Sep 29, 2013

    This site saved me thousands of dollars purchasing way way way overpriced items. It was just a common sense to me, I would never buy a piece of mediocre cookware for $2, 000 when you can get a similar item from Walmart or Amazon for less than $100. At least, retail items you can see the reviews from legit customers and you can also return them with no hassle. Carico, never heard and not even visible in the internet, looks like they operate underground or in the alley. All I see are complaints when i searched the keyword. Now I understand why they don't post the prices of their products online. Only fools will fall for their tricks.

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  • Si
      Jan 13, 2016

    FOR NyzPrincess, 5th of November 2009... I want to know what product that NyzPrincess is talking about "the air cleaner system" please, can you comeback with that on this website Please? I am interested in buying one, and I want your feedback now that it is 2016. Is it still working, do you need filters to be replaced, what brand, model, and price did you pay THEN??? I haven't read all the complaints yet, but I did go to one of the seminars, and You have to do all the work, and you pay out of your pocket to do that... So if you are not rich or well off, or even yet a good salesman... forget even trying. I knew the minute that they wanted YOU to purchase something to be able to do the job that you are an independent salesman/person on the end of a lateral pay scale, with quotas to meet that makes it almost impossible, and this job is only a hobby type job that you must really like to be able to make it work for you. BUT in todays economy no one can afford to do that except people who need this type of job to meet people or have some fun, or to get out of the house... people who are looking for an extra income to get paid for their time. Smart people do this as a hobby. Its good for bored housewives, or single people with no children. ANd to post this a box comes up with wanting your SS#? really... who in their rite mind wants to give you their SS#?

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  • Si
      Jan 13, 2016

    Regarding the employee review website, like I said you have to be a positive person, willing to put in the time, and be a good saleman. If you cannot sell easily to people, cannot read people, and don't know how to get personal info from people on the spot to help you sell, then forget it. YOU have to be the right person. They go through a lot of people, it is a good experience but it should happen with very young people that are still living at home cause unless you are a spontaneous person with a great personality, and love doing sales, you will not make it. Some people can fall right in... most cannot. ALSO you have to have a stash of money to make it with driving around out of your own pocket gas, lunch, etc... So think about that first. Some of the products, I know to be pretty dam good.

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  • Mb
      Apr 25, 2016

    I found this job on classifides. First off it read "Manager/Marketing positions" I thought ok, I studied business so I'm gonna go for it. I got called for an interview, when I got there it was like a classroom filled with 50 people filling out a paper with personal info. I found that weird since I havent even gone through interview why are they even asking for SSN# (first red flag). We waited for the recruiter to arrive, and they had a tv with funny videos... The recruiter comes with such a drug based enthusiasm, he looks cray cray. He starts explaining the job very superficially, basically its promotions and pushing sales, nothing involved with marketing and management. First off the job they posted on classifieds was misleading, basically a lie. The recruiter is painting and jabbering about how wonderful and lucrative it can be for you, of coarse if you let it be. The hours went by and he was explaining the same thing over and over again, talking about the money and the trips. That ticked me off, especially when I googled the founders name and the search came out blank. If this company has been around for years and the owner supposedly has his own bank, and owns the company's factory why couldn't I find not even one single article of him on the internet. Wasn't he so business savy? Not even ONE article of him, sketchy. Then he played this weird lsd 80's recruitment video, seriously it was insane, at one time there was a lady showering with money, what the heck is that. That was just the first day, I decided to explore what I smelled as a scam even farther the second day. Alas! The recruiter repeated the exact same thing he said from the first day, over and over again. He didn't explain the company's values, products he was just selling us the job. He had also said that we had been the lucky few out of hundreds, of the very selective process. Then he said that if we brought in a friend we would have royalties, I was dying of laughter inside, wasn't the selection process hard and isn't the company selective (BS)? Then he handed out the contract, I read every single part and didn't sign, I noticed there was a $80 fee for materials. At one time he mentioned the professional package, not saying a single word about the fee, I brought it up and he said it was because people had broken it in the past (mjm...) From the package he mentioned an excerpt of strategy, that was when I figured every single thing that he was vaguely repeating over and over was a sales tactic from those brochures. First they try to build trust by introducing you to their Grade A from the BBB, (if you ask me I don't know how in hell they got an A the internet is splattered with rigorous, persistent customer complaints). Then they get you on the sweet spot: stability, good income, work your way up, trips, luxury, money rain ect. Followed by a little bit of brainwashing, telling you to be positive at all times, this way you don't call them at their BS. The way this company works, you are an independent salesperson, they call it something else that sounds prettier, but it sales, nothing more, so you're actually not part of the company. They say you choose your own hours, but to reach a good income you need to sell like a maniac, I figured one may end up working more than 8hrs to meet the goal. The independent salesperon ends up doing everything, customer service, sales, looking for clients ect. Since they present money as the ultimate goal for working there, customer service is not valued. People only want to sell, sell, sell, and recruit other people for the means of money, and in such manner they sell mediocre overpriced items with poor customer service. It is a horrible, shady company with no business ethics, no product pride, where the ultimate goal is money and it doesn't matter who ends up damaged in the end, whether it's the customer or employee. (Btw anyone who responds like a brainwashed person defending every detail of the company works for Carico)

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  • 12
      Jan 16, 2019

    @MBA Ganoush In 1965 i answered an ad just like all of these people. I knew that to make it in the business world or to be a good teacher or parent whatever you had to have people experience. So i joined up to a direct selling company just like this. My life has been wonderfull ever since. These people that wrote some of these articles never gave the program a chance and were obviously not sold on the great products that this company has. It's not easy to be in direct sales but there is no better training for the business world or teaching, or running your own business. No one said it would be easy, but many great people have got a super start in direct sales. It builds self confidence and self reliance. Once you worked hard and did it you will find it is the best thing you could have done when being interviewed for a future job position. So here i am in 2019 and have a nice home and a lake home and get to travel a lot. Guess what im selling there products and some others and loving it. better yet my whole business is recieved from Happy customers sending me their friends. The trouble is most of these people must be doubting Thomas's and never really followed what they were tought. Most of them don't know a good pan from a piece of real cookware or to them a knife is just a knife. But being a cook and teaching health in hospitals and schools i can tell you that Carico handles some terific products. I should know i use them every day. Their air cleaning equipment has to be the very best in the industry. buy one and you will agree. So in closing i hope you realize that out of the thousands of good folks that have joined this great company that you will always get a few that might blame someone else for their failure.. Be well,

    Denny M Over 50 years in a real Free Enterprising Business..

    Don't just try it. Go at it 100% just like you would in highschool athletics. You could make some real honest money
    but even if you don't the experience will make you a much more marketable and better person.

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  • 12
      Jan 16, 2019

    50 years in this business and it has been the greatest. Like some of these i had lots of negative thoughts at first. But unlike these i stuck with it and found out my customers loved their products and started sending me their friends. Thats what happens when you truly have superior products. I read some of these peoples coments and was shocked. Carico's products are fantastic or i would not be in business today. Direct selling has allowed me to put my two daughters threw 20 years of school(thats each). In fact one will be a dr. this may. We have a great home on 2 acres of land and a nice lake home in northern MN. The difference is this. I didn't go into the group interview looking for negative. I went in looking for opportunity. Wow i found out that the harder and smarter i worked i could earn more. So i worked hard and smart and i must say it was hard at first but then it got rather easy after i got my confidence up threw sales. Well i guess this is getting a little long so i'd better wrap it up so i'll just say this. Carico gives you an oppurtunity to grow as a person and learn business. I don't care what you want to grow up to be but if you can't sell you will be a poor teacher or whatever. The skills you will learn here will help you the rest of your life. In looking back over some of these coments and i know that for every 10 that complain there are way more that will tell you that the experience was more than worth the effort. Be a get it done type person not a blame everyone else person--become a leader. Last thought i teach healthy living in schools and hospitols and a big part of that is clean air, water and nutrition. You will find that Carico's products are not cheap but they are great and thats why thousands of people have sent me their friends to invest in them.
    Be well Denny M form Minnesota. You get out of life what you put into it. Don't complain just go to work!!!

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