Careem Networksrobbery case - investigation and support required

Date of the incident : 4- Dec - 2018
Reference ID # : [protected]

04:30 PM
Efu Life Karachi West - PECHS - Karachi - Sindh
06:02 PM
Rehmateshereen - - - Tariq Road - Karachi

This incident took place on our way to the designated location. My friend and I were mugged on gun point. The entire blame goes on the rick driver as he was riding the rick as if it was a donkey cart. We requested him several times to ride little faster but he completely ignored. And then this incident took place were this man stopped our rick and robbed us but he did not harm the rick driver neither was he robbed.

While we were still in the trauma he dialed someone's number and told us that he had lounged a complain at the careem compliant center. If the complaint was placed then why there was no action taken (we were charged for this trip).

The very next day we received a call from [protected] saying that we found your stuff so please guide so that it can be delivered, but then this guy came with the items that did not belong to us. So i wanted to confirm if this number is registered with you'll so that nobody gets trapped like us.

For your satisfaction you can judge this incident by measuring the pickup and drop-off point. The distance was of max 15 min but it took more than an hour.

I am a frequent user of careem and such negligence was never expected off careem.

Dec 12, 2018

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