Careem / careem captain scammed me with the fare

Pioneers Outsourcing RMZ AlYasmin king salman road, Saudi Arabia
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Last night on 5//2/17 I booked Careem to my destination which is from Al-Yasmin to Assir street. I payed via my debit card and the fare was estimated around 39 Riyals. The issue isn't there yet but when we got on the road, he acted as if he had an emergency situation and told me that he has to drop me off because of some issue he's having all of a sudden without notice. I was nice enough to tell him that he can drop me off Immediately and I will make another booking.Notice that he took a different way and started suggesting me good areas so i can order careem from and that I won't need to wait long for the booking which he was basically keeping me far from my distance. He dropped me in an inconvenience way and I asked him whether CAREEM would deduct the whole 39 riyals but he lied and said only 10-15 riyals will be deducted and I told him to end the trip now so I can see how much will be deducted then he said he's really rushing and can't show me how much money will be cut from my card. As soon as I got out of the vehicle, 32 riyals was deducted from my account and he played me really good. I hope you take serious actions about this or I will report this case to the ministry justice.


Feb 6, 2017

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