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Took my car to them with an engine misfire. After a week I was told that the cause is low compression on a single cylinder. I went in and proved the so-called 'mechanic' wrong and he went away to try again. Another week later I was told that the problem is electrical and they cannot fix it, I need to take the car to an auto electrician. I was given a report about some sensor fault and low compression. I was done debating with idiots so I told them that I will prove to their chief mechanic that they are lying when I went to fetch the car the next day. Surprisingly he did show up and I again explained to him why their report is wrong. Later the day they managed to eventual fix the car by replacing the fault coil stick. This is how incompetent their staff is!!! And never did they take responsibility for lying. If I was less technically savvy I might have told them to rebuild the engine to fix the low compression!!! This place should not be in business, FULL STOP!

Aug 02, 2018

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