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I sign on internet my policy for my car(where i fill up all the fields whit all that ask for whitout no mistake).After 1 week i start to receive many call from bewiser where i was informed mya insurance it will be no longer 70 pounds per will be 120pounds because i fill up wrong i dont know what requiered field(which is not true, i was assisted by one of my friends who have insurance policy and he knows very well how to do it).After many argue via phone i didnt find any compromise i cancelled the policy and i lost 65 pounds.What piss me off hard it is;they should call me BEFORE take my deposit ammount 186 pounds, not AFTER.I try several other insurance company but i didnt find anything suitable for me.I came back to Bewiser, i sign other policy whit other deposit...untill now everything wright.In all this time they request a prove of no claim bonus(i provide the single prove which i have, a letter from previous insurance company from Romania which atest the fact in 1 year I didnt have any accident and conviction).I send this proof via email at [protected] MANY times, including the photocopy which i send it via postmail.After I sign it the second policy, after 1 week i start once again to receive a lot of phone calls and eamill where i was announce it we have to review the policy because in their sistem appears i have buy it the car(citroen c3 1, 4 petrol reg, nt 52bya)on 20.08.2008 or something like that but i sad and prove it the car i buy it on 19, 11.2014.This prove was made it whit the V5 form receive it from dvla.They keep me stress me saying in their sistem appears 20.08 and thats it, thats all they have in sistem and what the sistem sais thats it...this prove was send it via postmail including once AGAIN the letter from previous insurance company and photocopy to my driving licence).ONCE again argue and negotiation...we find it a compromise...i pay it some extra deposit...bla bla bla...i thought was over.After few weeks my citroen is broken, i seel the car i buy it other(rover 45 1, 6 petrol reg.ad02 jvc)i call they, i let they know i have other car, we renew the policy...ok.After a while i change the town, change the adress...i call they, i let them know...renew the car insurance(a little bit less which was ok).Few days ago i receive an emaill like strting when i receive the emaill my car insurance policy will stop because i didnt send it to their office a prove for my no claim bonus.I wonder know they are real stupid, a bunch of amateurs or this a part of phishing plan, a terror war...or wtf I supose to believe as long I SEND IT this letter MANY MANY TIMES?

Feb 05, 2015

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