Anchor General Insurance Agency Complaints & Reviews

Anchor General Insurance Agency / Automobile Insurance

Dec 28, 2015

I'm contacting you on behalf of a relative, Gloria Borchard, who lives in Riverside, and is currently out of town, and does not have her phone with her. She recently rolled her car. It was virtually destroyed, including a bent frame. The police towed it to their lot, and sent me to the...

Anchor General Insurance Agency, Inc. / Car insurance hit and run

Oct 26, 2015

Deaf couple hit by Anchor General pokicy holder. Used his license plate to track him and his insurance down. When our ins tracked them down, the adjuster was rude demeaning combative and argumentative. Thr adjuster asked leading questions and made assumptions, she also made ridiculou...

Anchor General / Terrible Service- Evading the Claim


I ran over a curb and destroyed the underneath- as if that was not a bad enough day, then I got to deal with these idiots. John Gonzalez was my adjustor- and he is awful. Never returns calls, never does what he says he is going to do. I filed my claim over 4 weeks ago and after I myself...

Anchor General Insurance / can't get any responses


I was involved in an accident with an individual insured by anchor general. The other driver was at fault, so after not hearing from their insurance carrier for two days after the accident I started trying to contact them. The agent, Donna Jones, eventually took my statement and was beyond...

Anchor General Insurance / Non-Responsive to Claim


My daughter was rear-ended by a driver with Anchor Insurance Agency. A claim was submitted the day after the wreck with a claim number and claims adjuster assigned. For over a month myself and a body shop have both tried regularly to contact the claims adjuster and have NEVER been...

Anchor General Insurance Of Texas, Inc. / Insurance claim


Their insurer hit my car. I filed my claim same day. They took responsibility for it, and had their field appraisal guy come survey the damages to my car. It then took over 2 weeks of me calling every day, to get a status update on what was going on. They NEVER will return your phone...