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CAQH systems / Enrollment as a provider for eft services, non responsiveness

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I am a sole professional who recently started accepting Anthem BCBSNH insurance. I am trying to set up EFt payments as I have with other insurance. Those took 2 days...I filled out info, they sent trial pay'ts to my CU, and I am receiving payments.
Anthem uses CAQH, with which I am already registered as a provider. To get EFT payments, I not only have to set up EFT but ENROLL! This has been a disaster. Because my "professional' name is slightly different (uses my middle initial) than my CU acct. the name the CU officer wrote was slightly different. It took some time to get htem to jive.
Now, they have been calling me (once at 7AM! and another in the evening...when I see clients) and told me that I must respond by PHONE within a business day to verify info!!!
I have tried for TWO days to call and just get a recording for over ONE HOUR each time!!! I have emailed them and get back a canned response that I must verify by phone. Today they sent an email saying my verification FAILED!!
They just contacted me again and they continue to give me the same phone number where NO ONE actually answers, but the recording for over 1 hour with 'we have an unusually high number of al"/
I can find no MAIN number to call, as when I do, everyone says they have nothing to do with enrollment. This is an impossible NO WIn and should be looked into. and I want this resolved
I have given them a time window in which to calll me, but I have no hope of them doing so

  • Updated by kaylaartist1954, Oct 09, 2018

    This is now 2 years later, and all finally was ok with collecting from Anthem. Now, however, again there are problems. Since BCBSVT has decided to work through enrollhub (although BCBSVT still sends me payments directly through EFT), I decided I may have to add them. that was over 1 month ago. Last week, I received a call, overnight!, and a message was left, barely understandable, that I now had 24 hours to respond and confirm my information. Since I could not understand who it was because the outsourced (!) accent was so thick, I googled the number to verify it wasn't a scam and called. That person, again outsourced, kept asking me for MY information. I stated that I was not comfortable with that, and any bank/cU information was already on my account and he could tell me so I could verify yes or no. He refused! Since I did not know I NEEDED this to receive EFT payments from Anthem, I was so aggravated that I asked for that to be canceled. Now I live in rural Vt and receiving and depositing paper checks is highly inconvenient. So I tried to call again to re-activate. And I asked to speak to a person in US. I have also emailed. That was last week, and although I was assured on Thursday that someone named Karen Knox would contact me from the US via email to state when she would call to help (because, as previously stated, I am a sole professional with various hours and I do not sit by my phone to answer, and I do not answer with a caller ID I do not recognize!), It is now Tuesday of the next week and I still have not heard from anyone here in the US. AGAIN, the customer service is HORRIBLE!!! There is NO effort made to accommodate a sole professional such as myself and I am disgusted. Your excuses, such as above, are not helpful. I expect a call within the next 24 hours from YOU!

Nov 11, 2016
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      14th of Nov, 2016
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    Dear [name],
    Dear kaylaartist1954,

    On behalf of CAQH, we am very sorry that you experienced difficulties using EnrollHub. First, some background information: our non-profit alliance created EnrollHub several years ago to help healthcare providers such as yourself more easily enroll in EFT with multiple health plans. Once you set up an EnrollHub account, you can easily enroll in EFT with all participating health plans by simply selecting them in EnrollHub – no more separate forms to fill out for each health plan. And, if your banking information changes in the future, you make those updates in one place, and all participating plans receive that new content automatically.

    For security reasons, our support staff places a phone call to speak directly with each practice Billing Manager or Office Manager (or sole practitioner) to confirm that they are aware that an account has been created in EnrollHub and the user is authorized to do so. Even small discrepancies – such as the use of your middle initial – can indicate the potential for fraud, so we must ensure that all information is completely accurate. Our support center only makes those outbound calls between 8 AM and 5 PM, so you certainly should not have received a call outside of normal business hours.

    For the past few weeks, the wait times for the EnrollHub support center have been unacceptably high because an unusually large number of new healthcare providers are enrolling in EFT through EnrollHub. We are working very hard to remedy this situation and we apologize that you had to wait so long on hold. Our records show that your issues have been resolved and your account is now fully verified and you should be receiving electronic payments from Anthem BCBS New Hampshire soon.

    Thank you,
    The EnrollHub Team at CAQH

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      11th of Dec, 2018
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    This is the same excuse I am receiving over 2 years later "wait times for EnrollHub support center have been high because of an unusually large number of providers enrolling"... It has taken me 3 months to get ERA verification processed EVEN THOUGH we have completed the EFT verification process.

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